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The weatherproof Finnish Lapphund puppy is a tricky and substantial reindeer herder from north of the Arctic Circle. This remarkably empathetic breed is among the many friendliest of all dogs—as soon as he’s happy that you just aren’t a reindeer rustler.

Finnish Lapphund Puppy profile

Finnish Lapphund puppies, with their luscious coat, candy spitz-like face, and a profusely coated tail that curves over the back, is immediately recognizable as Nordic dogs.

Lappies stand about 20 inches on the shoulder and are surprisingly muscular and substantial for his or her inches. Quick and agile, they transfer effortlessly and might go from a trot to a full gallop in a second flat.

The Finnish Lapphund puppy is a medium-sized dog with the look of a northern breed and the temperament of a herding breed. Bred to work exterior, north of the Arctic Circle, they’re strongly constructed and thickly coated.

The breed has a higher substance than its size would counsel. Their bone is substantial and muscular tissues are effectively developed. The coat is thick and profuse, with a straight, long outer coat that could be very harsh and water-repellant.

The undercoat, which is important for insulation, is comfortable, very dense, and plentiful. Finnish Lapphund puppies have to be agile and able to sudden bursts of pace. They have a medium however powerful-appearing stride.

Lappies are pleasant and submissive companions, although a bit cautious of strangers. They crave companionship and shall be depressing when uncared for.

A particular breed trait is a robust “startle reflex,” the results of centuries spent ducking the antlers of ornery reindeer. Despite their propensity for shedding and barking, Lappies are well-liked pets of their homeland.


Lapland is an area north of the Arctic Circle that takes in elements of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and northwestern Russia. It is called for the Sami, or Lapp, people, who’ve sparsely inhabited the area for a number of thousand years.

In historic instances, the Sami developed a profusely coated spitz-type dog (the “Lapps’ dog,” or Lapphund) used for looking reindeer over expanses of barren tundra.

Sami history is commonly obscure, however, just a few centuries ago they shifted from hunter-gathering to full-scale nomadism. The Sami turned reindeer herders, shifting massive herds seeking pasture land.

One authority tells us, “The Sami lived in tents or turf huts and migrated with their herds in units of five or six families, supplementing their diet along the way by hunting and fishing.”

As Sami society advanced, the Lapphund advanced with it. Like their masters, they went from looking reindeer to herding them, whereas retaining their duties as looking canine, garters, and shut companions to their people.

Lapphunds are among the many Arctic breeds that spent 1000’s years huddled collectively for heat with their people and different dogs on ferociously chilly nights. This is a technique of explaining the innate sociability of those canines.

Unlike the lovely cartoon characters who pull Santa’s sleigh each December, precise reindeer are cussed, cantankerous beasts whose antlers can do severe harm. Controlling reindeer requires a canine of great braveness, quickness, and intelligence, qualities that also outline the Lapphund.

Reindeer herding was the bedrock of Sami society till very not too long ago. Lapland remains to be residence to a number of hundred thousand reindeer, and although modernity has encroached upon conventional reindeer territory, it’s nonetheless possible to see the Finnish Lapphund puppy, and its sister breed, the Swedish Lapphund, shifting herds throughout the huge frozen north.

Finnish Lapphund Puppy Temperament

Lappies are light and devoted companions. The study shortly however can be unbiased and strong-willed. They are usually submissive towards people. The breed has gained many obedience awards in their fatherland.

They typically get alongside effectively with different dogs and pets. Befitting their herding heritage, they bark when excited however, typically, not in any other case. They are very alert and conscious of their environment.

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As a breed developed to be on the transfer, the Lapphund enjoys a lively life-style. They take pleasure in a long hike or vigorous recreation, ideally on a daily basis. They thrive on psychological challenges, so coaching activities equivalent to agility or obedience are useful.

Although an active breed, they’re comparatively calm indoors even when they miss a day of exercise. Their coat is thick and requires brushing a few times per week— more throughout shedding season—to stop matting. They have a cool climate.

Finnish Lapphund Puppy Appearance

The Finnish Lapphund puppy is a medium-sized breed that mixes the look of the northern sort dog with the temperament of the herding dog. They are clever, alert, agile, pleasant, and eager to study. Developed to dwell and work exterior, north of the Arctic Circle, the breed is strongly constructed and thickly coated.

These dogs had been by no means supposed as guardians, and are notably submissive in the direction of people. Despite its power, the Finnish Lapphund puppy conveys a sure softness, notably in expression. Males are recognizably masculine and females female.

Finnish Lapphund Puppy Nutrition

A high-quality dog meal applicable to the dog’s age (pet, grownup, or senior) can have all of the vitamins the Finnish Lapphund puppy wants. Treats might be an important support in coaching, but giving too many could cause weight problems.

Give desk scraps sparingly, if in any respect, particularly avoiding cooked bones. Learn about which human meals are secure for canine, and which aren’t. Check along with your vet you probably have any considerations about your dog’s weight or diet.

Finnish Lapphund Puppy Training

Early socialization and pet coaching courses are really useful. Gently exposing the pet to all kinds of people, locations, and conditions between the ages of about 7 weeks and four months helps to make sure that the Lappy grows right into a well-adjusted, well-mannered companion.

Like different herding breeds, the Finnish Lapphund puppy is clever and fast to study, however in addition they are usually unbiased and even strong-willed.

As a pack dog, Lappy desires to be along with his family, and undesirable behaviors may result if he’s recurrently left alone for long intervals of time.

Finnish Lapphund Puppy Exercise

Finnish Lapphund puppies are calm dogs with reasonable train necessities. A long, brisk stroll on a daily basis is often sufficient to maintain the breed wholesome and comfortable.

Lappies have a tendency to not train themselves, however, a half-hour play session with their proprietor and a ball, or with one other dog, may fulfill their train wants.

This is a herding breed, so many Lappies take pleasure in taking part in herding trials. Other canine sports activities during which they will excel embody agility, obedience, rally, and monitoring.

Finnish Lapphund Puppy Grooming

The Finnish Lapphund puppy has a double coat: a smooth outer coat over a comfortable, dense undercoat. Weekly brushing—day by day throughout the shedding season—will assist to take away dust and unfastened hair and preserve the dog’s trying his greatest.

Lappies don’t have a doggie odor, so an occasional bathtub is often enough. Lappies ought to by no means be shaved because it reduces their capacity to maintain cool in heat climate and heat in chilly climates.

As with all breeds, the nails must be trimmed recurrently, as overly long nails might be painful to the dog and trigger issues strolling and working.


Finnish Lapphund puppies are typically wholesome dogs, but there are just a few situations the breed is vulnerable to. Two of those are elbow and hip dysplasia, each of which might be detected with X-rays. Also present in some Lappies is progressive retinal atrophy, which causes vision loss.

Responsible breeders examine their breeding inventory for situations that may have an effect on the breed. As with all breeds, a Lappy’s ears must be checked recurrently for indicators of an infection, and the tooth must be brushed usually. Learn more about the Bulldog Baby.

Recommended Health Tests from the National Breed Club:

Hip Evaluation
Elbow Evaluation
Patella Evaluation
Ophthalmologist Evaluation
PRA Optigen DNA Test
Pompe’s Disease DNA Test
Degenerative Myelopathy DNA Test

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