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A “weatherproof” breed, the Finnish Lapphund is a tricky and durable dog hailing from north of the Arctic Circle. Though historically used for herding reindeer, the Finnish Lapphund is a compassionate, pleasant breed that makes a faithful and loving family companion.


The Sami people indigenous to Scandinavia and neighboring areas of Russia developed a number of dog breeds from the traditional Spitzes that originated in central Europe over many centuries, with the Finnish and Swedish Lapphunds being important.

Both canines have been initially used for looking, however their make use of developed over time because the Sami grew to become more concerned with reindeer farming as a sustainable lifestyle.

The Finnish Lapphund proved to be notably adept within the function of a reindeer herder, and it stays by far the more well-liked of those two Lapphund breeds at present.

This is regardless of a dramatic decline in demand for herding dogs, as farmers within the area have relied on snowmobiles, fairly than dogs, to maintain their herds in a test over the previous a number of a long time.

Although the Finns developed a breed normally and controlled the breeding of Lapphunds as early because the 1940s, it was solely within the late 1980s that the breed was launched in the United Kingdom and the United States, and it remained comparatively unknown till lately.

However, the variety of Finnish Lapphunds being registered with the Kennel Club every year is growing noticeably, and if the breed’s recognition within the Nordic states is something to go by, it’s more likely to develop into a far more acquainted sight on this nation within the years to return.

Finnish Lapphund Appearance

The Finnish Lapphund is a sexy, solidly constructed Spitz, of small to medium size, with an especially thick fluffy coat. Its personality and intelligence are clearly seen in its cheerful facial features.

There are marked gender variations, with males wanting far more masculine and fewer refined than feminine Lapphunds. The triangular ears are set high and effectively aside throughout the marginally convex cranium, they usually could also be both absolutely or semi-erect, with rounded ideas.

The Lapphund’s darkish eyes are oval-shaped and medium in size, neither recessed nor protruding. The muzzle is broad and strong and barely tapers alongside its size.

The breed has a thick, quick neck and robust back which are typical of the Spitz family. The withers usually are not outstanding, and can’t be seen due to the thick hair that overlies them.

Its chest is deep and long, extending effectively back, however, it’s not broad or well-sprung, and the road of the stomach is comparatively flat, with little tuck. The tail is about high, profusely lined in hair, and sometimes carried in a curl over the back, though it could hold down at relaxation.

The Lapphund’s limbs are straight and highly effective, with sturdy boning and huge paws with well-developed interdigital webbing to permit them to act like snowshoes. The breed has an easy, energetic gait, and has the power to speed up to a gallop straight away.

The stand-off coat consists of an outer layer of long, harsh hairs with a dense, comfortable undercoat. A mane is fashioned across the neck, a characteristic that’s a lot more pronounced in males.

The coat might be any color, with some uncommon facial markings typically being seen; for instance, some Finnish Lapphunds have distinct “spectacles” that type across the eyes.

However, one color ought to predominate, with secondary colors being seen across the perineum and limbs, in addition to the face. Males are sometimes 46 to 52 cm in the top, and weigh 18 to 24 kg, whereas females measure 41 to 47 cm and weigh 16 to 22 kg.

Character & Temperament

The Finnish Lapphund is a lively and really clever breed, at all times alert and curious. Though it’s an especially pleasant dog, it’s fast to bark at something unfamiliar, and thus makes an excellent watchdog. This barking was in all probability useful within the breed’s history in permitting herders to tell apart their dogs from wolves.

It can have an impartial streak, however shouldn’t be cussed or headstrong, as an alternative is very submissive to its house owners. Lapphunds are great with kids and are mild and intelligent sufficient to be good firm for the aged.

They combine effectively with different dogs, however do have a fairly sturdy prey drive, and must be watched intently when uncovered to cats or different small animals.

Finnish Lapphund Care

The Finnish Lapphund’s thick double coat (an outer coat over a dense undercoat) would require brushing each week—and even each day throughout their shedding season—so as to take away grime and unfastened hair.

These dogs have a straight and clean (typically wavy) outer coat and a comfortable, thick undercoat accompanied by fringes or feathering on the back of their legs, underbelly, and tail.

Males will are likely to have a fuller coat than females. Fortunately, they don’t require more than an occasional bathtub. As with all dogs, their nails must be trimmed usually, tooth brushed usually, and ears checked usually for indicators of an infection.

Though Lappies are usually pleasant and sometimes naturally submissive dogs, they’re suspicious of strangers and make wonderful watchdogs. They are mild, affectionate dogs and make great pets for households with kids (though kids should be taught to be sort and mild to the dog).

Owners of a Finnish Lapphund should perceive that this breed strongly craves companionship, and will be unable to tolerate being left alone for long durations of time—so they could not make ideally suited pets for individuals who spend most of their days working exterior of the house.

Finnish Lapphunds are typically more relaxed, easy-going dogs, and thus solely have average train wants. One longer stroll daily is often ample, and this breed can even thrive on each day’s play session with their proprietor or one other dog.

A fenced-in yard is crucial as a result of their “herding” instincts will kick in and Lappies are more likely to chase something that strikes, together with small animals like squirrels and different wildlife.

Because it’s a herding breed, Lappies excel in herding trials, in addition to different canine sports and competitions, together with obedience, monitoring, and agility.

Potential Finnish Lapphund house owners ought to know that this can be a dog that does are likely to shed they usually additionally bark more than most, as they’re an alert herding breed that can need to let their house owners know after they see or hear something suspicious. As such, socialization and pet coaching courses are strongly really useful.

Like different herding breeds, the Finnish Lapphund is a pointy, quick learner, however in addition they are likely to have impartial, strong-willed personalities. They are great “all-around” dogs because of being exceptionally clever and desperate to please their people.

The breed can be a pack dog, which is why Lappies will at all times need to be with their households—they could develop into damaging or develop different undesirable behaviors in the event that they really feel uncared for.

Among the distinctive traits of a Finnish Lapphund is a robust startle reflex, which is a result of this breed having to always keep away from the antlers of reindeer.

Finnish Lapphund


The Finnish Lapphund is commonly described as a “soft” breed. This shouldn’t be meant in any derogatory manner, however fairly to indicate that it’s conscious of instruction and correction.

It is comparatively straightforward to coach and desperate to please, and these traits mix with its athleticism to make it ideally suited to obedience, agility, or different competitive activities.

Diet and Nutrition

The Finnish Lapphund ought to carry out effectively with high-quality commercially or home-prepared (underneath veterinary supervision) dog meals. Fresh, clean water must be out there always.

Because they aren’t a very energetic breed, treats must be given carefully and their diet must be managed so as to keep away from weight achievement or obesity-related points.

Finnish Lapphund Grooming

Finnish Lapphunds have extraordinarily heavy coats, however usually are not troublesome to groom.

The nature of the coarse hair is such that it’s proof against knotting, so a single weekly brushing session must be more than sufficient to maintain most Lapphunds wanting their greatest.

Likewise, the coat is sluggish to develop into soiled or smelly, and may hardly ever be washed, as it could take a number of days to completely dry.

The downside to all of that is that the Finnish Lapphund sheds closely year-round, particularly if it spends time indoors. This could also be exhausting for a house-proud proprietor to stay with.

The hard-wearing nails need to be clipped every few weeks, and Lapphund pups must be launched to each day tooth brushing as early as possible to make sure an excellent dental hygiene routine might be established for all times.

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Exercise and Activity Levels

The Lapphund is a great companion for anybody that lives an out of doors, energetic way of life, as it’s tireless, enthusiastic, and impervious to chilly, although it does need to be shielded from overheating in heat climate.

For centuries, it was used for round-the-clock herding, and it’ll, fortunately, spend hours exercising with an owner who enjoys mountain climbing, biking, or working. Without a minimum of an hour of vigorous exercise daily, this can be a breed that has the potential to develop into very stressed, noisy, and damaging.


Whether you’re considering buying a pet or breeding out of your dog, it’s important that you realize what health points could also be present in your breed.

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