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finnish spitz

The Finnish Spitz is an energetic, decided little dog with lovely pink coloring. It was initially used to hunt all kinds of sport and barks to distract its prey to permit the hunter to strategy extra simply. It’s the nationwide dog of Finland.

Finnish Spitz profile

The breed is clever however strong-minded so have to be stored busy, requiring loads of train and strolling so it doesn’t change into mischievous.

The Finnish Spitz might be cautious of strangers however is exceptionally good with youngsters and doesn’t typically endure from separation anxiousness.

The breed has a brief dense coat that ought to by no means be clipped or trimmed and requires little grooming aside from occasional brushing.

There are some diseases that may have an effect on the Finnish Spitz however it’s a comparatively wholesome breed and has a life expectancy of around 12 years. The breed additionally makes a superb guard dog, as it’s inherently courageous.


The Finnish Spitz or Suomenpystykorva as it’s identified in Finnish is the nationwide dog of Finland.

The breed normal was first established in 1812 however stays of dogs from 1000’s of years in the past have been present in Finland, which carefully resembles the Finnish Spitz, making it a really previous breed.

The breed as we all know it right now was established from dogs that lived in central Russia. The Finnish Spitz was initially bred as a searching dog, used for every type of sport. Its job was to bark and sign the situation of the prey permitting the hunter to get nearer unnoticed.

The breed is affectionately referred to as ‘King of the Barkers’ and in some nations barking competitions are held.

Though it belongs to the hound group within the UK Kennel Membership the breed combines traits of breeds extra generally used as gun dogs and is assessed as a Nordic searching dog underneath the Spitz and primitive kind class by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

In the direction of the top of the 1800s, the breed practically grew to become extinct because of crossbreeding with different forms of dog.

Nevertheless, two huntsmen referred to as Hugo Roos and Hugo Sandberg realized this and had the foresight to attempt to revive the breed and the fascinating qualities it possesses.

After a period of cautious breeding, they achieved this intention and the trendy Finnish Spitz was fashioned and the breed normal was up to date.

The breed is now well-established in Finland and the inhabitants are giant sufficient to keep up the breed. The Finnish Spitz first arrived in Great Britain after Sir Edward Chichester visited Finland in 1920 and determined to import them, after which they regularly gained in reputation.

In the present day, the Finnish Spitz continues for use as a searching dog and can be typically stored as a companion dog, making household pets as they’re nice with youngsters.

Their athletic physique means they will additionally excel at trendy dog sports activities, akin to agility, in addition to making good guard dogs.


The UK Kennel Membership permits registration of the Finnish Spitz in two completely different colors:

The Finnish Spitz has a rough outer coat that’s longer across the shoulders, thighs, and tail, and stiffer on the again and neck. The undercoat is lighter in color and tender and dense, offering insulation.

The breed has a compact sq. look. Male dogs are bigger, standing at 43 to 50 cm on the withers, and will seem distinctly extra masculine than feminine dogs, which stand between 39 to 45 cm on the withers.

The perfect weight for the breed is 14 to 16 kg. The Finnish Spitz ought to be well-balanced and proportions are essential; the peak on the withers ought to be the identical because the size of the physique and the depth of the chest ought to be slightly below half the entire peak to the withers.

The neck ought to be sturdy and of medium size with no further pores and skin, resulting in muscular, straight entrance legs and a square wanting physique with a flat sturdy again. The chest ought to be deep. The legs also need to be sturdy and the tail ought to be coated with loads of hair and arch forwards.

The Finnish Spitz has a particular fox-like head, which is medium-sized and narrower than it’s the length.

The muzzle ought to be slender and tapered resulting in a reasonably small black nostril, with sturdy jaws and tooth forming a scissor chunk.

The breed’s eyes ought to be almond formed, darkish, and of medium measurement with an energetic expression.

Their ears are excessive set, small and pointy, and all the time alert and cell. The breed is athletic and agile with a light-weight, springy gait, giving a swish look when shifting, showing to maneuver effortlessly with loads of energy. When wanted, the breed is able to reach excessive speeds for brief bursts of sprinting.

Character & Temperament

The Finnish Spitz is an energetic, courageous, and decided breed, which is usually a little bit suspicious of strangers however ought to by no means be aggressive.

The breed is rare to please however might be delicate and is clever and should due to this fact be stored stimulated to keep up its cooperation. Regardless of this, they’re very trustworthy and identified for being glorious with youngsters.

They don’t sometimes endure separation anxiousness and are sufficiently small to reside in a home, serving as distinctive guard dogs.

They do, nevertheless, have a powerful character so profit from the agency and constant, however, form dealing whereas they’re puppies, so they don’t take over the family.


The Finnish Spitz may be very clever and learns shortly however because of this they simply change into bored, so it’s important that there’s loads of variation to maintain them entertained and guarantee they don’t change into disobedient.

Their means to study shortly signifies that coaching recall will not be an issue however they need to all the time be rewarded for doing as they’re informed to bolster obedience.

The breed wants consistency in its coaching and optimistic reinforcement strategies ought to be used.

Because the breed may be very clear, home coaching will not be usually a problem, particularly when dogs are given loads of entry to outdoor areas.

The Finnish Spitz does get pleasure from barking as this has fashioned part of its job prior to now so it can be crucial that barking will not be inspired from a younger age, in any other case this may be extraordinarily annoying if it turns into behavior in family surroundings, particularly in case you have shut neighbors.

The Finnish Spitz is a pure hunter so whether it is anticipated to reside with different animals, it ought to be well-socialized from a younger age.

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Train and Activity Ranges

The Finnish Spitz is an energetic, alert breed that wants various trains, with a minimum of an hour and a half of strolling a day.

It’s important that a few of this time is spent off the lead in order that they can run and discover and burn up extra vitality.

As younger dogs, the breed might be fairly rowdy and will resort to barking, digging, or chewing if allowed to change into bored. This means that the breed will not be nicely suited to city environments and is rather a lot happier within the countryside.


The Finnish Spitz has a life expectancy of around 12 years. It has predominantly been a working breed and due to this fact suffers from a few health issues.

It’s classed as a Class 1 breed by the UK Kennel Membership with no particular factors of concern or obligatory assessments for health situations that breeding dogs should bear.

That mentioned there are nonetheless some health issues that may have an effect on the breed. A number of the most typical ones embrace:

Hip Dysplasia (HD)

This irregular improvement of the hip joints can embody varied completely different developmental issues and abnormalities that always result in joint situations later in life. dogs over a yr previous have their hips x-rayed and scored by specialists utilizing particular standards.

The utmost rating for each hip is 106 and the decrease in the rating the fewer indicators of hip dysplasia are current. Hip dysplasia is transmitted genetically however can be influenced by environmental elements.

Elbow Dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia is the place where irregular improvement of the elbow joint finally results in osteoarthritis. There’s a giant genetic element concerned with this situation. Just like hip scoring dogs are x-rayed and assigned a rating relying on findings. Ideally, solely dogs with a rating of zero ought to be used for breeding.


Epilepsy is an illness affecting the nervous system that causes seizures. Seizures can fluctuate in severity and frequency and figuring out the set-off is commonly troublesome. Typically, the remedy can be utilized to regulate epilepsy successfully.

Patellar Luxation

This situation impacts the kneecap within the stifle or knee of the hind legs. The kneecap turns into dislocated, inflicting ache and discomfort. In extreme instances, surgical procedure could also be wanted to deal with the situation.


The Finnish Spitz has a dense, double-layered coat which ought to be shiny and wholesome and their coat ought to by no means be clipped or trimmed.

Nevertheless, common brushing is important because the breed can shed closely and depart giant quantities of hair around the home, particularly when the seasons are altering.

Apart from this, the breed is extraordinarily clear and doesn’t require any specialist grooming or care.

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