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Central Asian Shepherd Dog

The Central Asian Shepherd dog is an ancient breed of livestock guardian dog. The breed is historically used for guarding sheep and goat herds, in addition to safeguarding and guarding responsibility. It can be recognized by many different names comparable to Alabai, Central Asian Ovtcharka, CAO, and Aziat.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog  Profile

An ancient breed of dog that has many functions, the Central Asian Shepherd has been prized and bred by nomadic people for 1000’s years.

Traditionally used to protect livestock and battle off predators, this dog has more lately been utilized by the federal government and the navy, who’ve capitalized on its intimidating size and spectacular power.

Their massive and well-muscled bodies are sure that they’re well-equipped for his or her job, whereas their thick, heavy coat presents them safety from the tough climate.

Known for his or her potential aggression, in addition to for his or her dominance and cussed nature, this isn’t a breed for the novice owner, and great care ought to be taken to make sure that they turn into a well-adjusted, assured dog who is just not a hazard to society.

The Central Asian Shepherd dogs are massive in size with a really stunning look. This breed truly presents a sturdy dog of better than average size with great power and energy.

They are impartial, curious, and alert, but imperturbable. The breed is as long as it’s tall on the withers or barely longer than its height.

The hair is brief or reasonably long with a heavy undercoat. The ears are cropped very short, and the tail is docked reasonably long.

The head could be very strong, without pronounced cease or sculls. The neck is low set, brief, with dewlap. The body is pretty broad, proportionate, muscular tissues slightly flat.

The ribcage seems very long due to developed false ribs. The legs are straight, with heavy boning and reasonable but outlined angulation. Leg bones should be in proportion, and shall by no means give the impression that any bone is brief. The rump is broad.

The commonest colors of the Central Asian Shepherd dog are black/white, fawn of various shades, from nearly white to deep red, brindle, and a few have a black mask.

The Central Asian Shepherd dogs are massive in size. The average height of the mature dogs is between 28 and 37 inches on the withers for males, and between 26 and 31 inches for the females.

The average reside body weight of mature dogs is between 60 and 100 kg for males, and between 45 and 65 kg for females.


Central Asia Shepherd Dog (CASD) is, without doubt, one of the most ancient breeds of dogs. They had been fashioned as a breed from natural choice throughout more than 4 thousand years within the huge territory, which spreads these days from the Caspian Sea to China and from Southern Ural to Afghanistan.

Its heritage is from probably the most ancient dogs of Tibet, Cattle Dogs from varied nomad tribes’ dogs which can be intently associated with the Mongolian Shepherd Dog and the Tibetan Mastiff.

The CASD was primarily used to guard cattle, caravans, and the owner’s dwellings, and being uncovered to inflexible natural choice.

Hard residing circumstances and fixed wrestle in opposition to predators have had an effect on the form in addition to the dog’s character and it has made it robust, fearless, and taught it to avoid wasting its energy.

In the locations of primordial habitation, the CASD was used primarily to guard herds against predators and likewise to guard dogs. The work with the breed began in us within the 1930s.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Central Asian Shepherd Dog Appearance

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is of harmonious construct and enormous stature, reasonably long (neither long nor brief within the body).

Robust, muscular body, voluminous, however not with seen muscular tissues. Sexual dimorphism is clearly outlined. The males are more large and brave than females with more pronounced withers and a bigger head. Full maturity is reached by the age of three years.

Any coat is brief or reasonably long with a heavy undercoat and it may be any coloration, ‘except genetic blue and genetic brown in any combination and black mantel on tan.’

The commonest colors are black/white; fawn of various shades, from nearly white to deep red; brindle. Some have a black mask.

While there’s a great deal of variance inside the inhabitants, all members of the breed share sure traits. Large and imposing, the male Central Asian Shepherd reaches heights of 78cms, whereas the feminine stands not a lot shorter, at as much as 69cms. While males can weigh between 50kg and 80kg, the feminine of the breed tends to weigh about 20% much less – often 40kg to 65kg.

Their head is extensive and bear-like, and their neck is thick and brief with an outstanding dewlap. Their darkish eyes are deep-set inside their head, whereas their ears are small and can flop over (although are historically cropped).

Their broad, muscular body is sturdy, ending in a broad rump. They are typically barely longer than they’re tall. They naturally have a long tail, although that is cropped inside the working populations in lots of countries.

They possess a double coat that consists of a harsh outer layer and a smooth, dense undercoat for insulation. Breed members might have both a brief coat or a long coat (which won’t sometimes develop any longer than 7cm).

Bred for his or her bodily traits slightly than uniform look, nearly any pattern and coloration is accepted, together with:


Dark-colored ‘masks’ on their faces are frequent.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog Character

As a normal rule, the Central Asian Shepherd dogs are impartial, strong-willed, loyal, and probably aggressive. Depending on which breeding line they’ve come from, their attribute traits might differ significantly.

They will commit themselves to their owner and don’t are inclined to bond with any new people or animals. Due to their raw power, and at occasions unpredictable nature, they shouldn’t be homed with youngsters or different animals.

Dog-on-dog aggression is frequent and males don’t are inclined to tolerate one another.

It is just not beneficial that first-time house owners select this breed of dog. Without enough, early socialization and agency coaching, the Central Asian Shepherd will nearly actually display aggression with strangers.

Naturally suspicious of them, they won’t hesitate to assault. Humans don’t stand a lot of an opportunity in opposition to an animal that has fought off tigers and bears efficiently.


Height on the withers:
Males: Minimum 70 cms.
Females: Minimum 65 cms.
Large size fascinating, however, the proportional structure should stay.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog


Males: Minimum 50 kgs.
Females: Minimum 40 kgs.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog Temperament

The Central Asian Shepherd dogs are described as proud, assured, and impartial. They are typically brave if a predator approaches, and never recognized for backing down. They are territorial and can be sure that their lands are critter and predator-free.

The breed is loyal and protecting of their family members. They are aloof with strangers however might be affectionate in relation to their family. They are very robust and hardy and may tolerate chilly local weather.

The Central Asian Shepherd dogs are typically thought-about to be fairly quiet dogs however will sound the alarm when strangers method. They are typically very lively open air, however mellow and observant indoors.

Self-assured, balanced quiet, proud, and impartial. The dogs are very brave and have a high working capability, endurance, and natural intuition of territory. Fearlessness in the direction of massive predators is an attribute function.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog Trainability

Unless an owner has appreciable experience in dog coaching, they need to not personal a Central Asian Shepherd, who, within the improper fingers, generally is a deadly weapon.

Stubborn and at occasions decided, this dog lives to please nobody, and can possibly not carry out a process until it sees the profit for itself. A dominant, constant coach is crucial as this breed of dog will continually try to fill the position of ‘top dog’ within the pack.

The capacity to assume for themselves was important when surviving on the barren mountains of Central Asia, so these dogs are undeniably intelligent and resourceful.

A gifted coach will be capable of use this trait to its benefit, fairly than permitting the dog to control the scenario and get its personal approach.

Exercise and Activity Levels

Naturally bred for stamina, this dog is ideally suited to strolling and patrolling, hardly ever taking breaks. A big fenced-in backyard is important to permit the Central Asian Shepherd to maintain livelily.

While not notably energetic, as a result of their size, an each-day stroll of a minimum of one hour is usually recommended.

Failure to offer satisfactory train will result in a dissatisfied dog that can seemingly use its energy for nuisance behaviors, comparable to barking and destructiveness. As with any rising large-breed dog, juveniles shouldn’t be over-exercised, as this danger damaging their growing joints.


While these dogs can shed profusely throughout their shedding season, many of the year they solely require brushing just a few occasions per week.

It is vitally necessary to introduce all routine grooming necessities, comparable to coat brushing, tooth brushing, and claw clipping, as early within the dog’s life as possible. Failure to take action will seemingly lead to an adult dog that’s illiberal of even probably the most primary duties.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Central Asian Shepherd Dog Feeding

How a lot a mature dog eats is dependent upon its size, age, construct, metabolism, and exercise level. Dogs are people, similar to people, they usually don’t all need the identical quantity of meals.

The Central Asian Shepherd dogs are giant in size and are reasonably lively. So, their diet needs to be formulated for a larger-sized breed with average train wants. You may also seek the advice of a vet in your space for higher suggestions.


Due to the dilution of the gene pool with the blending of different breeds into the inhabitants, genetic ailments are usually not as widespread as in different purebreds.

Despite their giant size, they have a tendency to stay an excellent high quality of life and have a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. Diseases that are likely more prevalent in this population include: Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, and GDV (Bloat)

Central Asian Shepherd Dog care

Taking excellent care of the animals is essential for elevating Central Asian Shepherd dogs. You ought to sustain along with your dog’s regular veterinary checkups to detect any health issues early.

The Central Asian Shepherd dogs will not be categorized as a high-energy breed, however, they’ve numerous endurance. They need about an hour of train every single day (working or mountain climbing is right).

Clip their nails as wanted, before they get too long–often a few times per 30 days. They shouldn’t be clicking in opposition to the ground. Your groomer or vet can assist with this.


The giant Central Asian Shepherd Dog could spend a substantial period of time-shifting around in its native lands, and this type of sluggish however regular train is what it likes finest.

a job to do and a chunk of property to guard, it should discover the very best spot and regulate all that occurs.

The real-life take a look at for the Central Asian is just to be a farm dog, or herd safety dog, in any nation.

Neither the longhaired nor shorthaired coat require numerous grooming, however, the thick undercoat ends in heavy seasonal shedding twice a year.

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