Miniature English Bulldog Facts, Temperament, Puppies

Miniature English Bulldog

Miniature English Bulldog is popular for its look and temperament. Mini does not always mean minuscule – especially when it comes to the English Bulldog. Miniature English Bulldog is also named as Toy Bulldog which is an extinct dog breed that once existed in England during the 18th and early 19th centuries. Breeders were researching in two different ways to recreate this rare and popular breed. The breeders focused on downsizing the Bulldog in size and shape.

The mini bulldog is a mix of a purebred English bulldog and a pug.

You should not confuse this hybrid with the English Miniature Bulldog or the Toy Bulldog (which is just a select few English bulldog).

This cross-breed is just one of many, hybrid results from designer dog trends; Where many dogs of the breed were crossed with each other to create different mixes for different purposes, appearance and characteristics.

In this particular case, the puppy’s characteristics are calm and loyal pets who admire human companionship.

Miniature English Bulldog size

A full-grown mini English bulldog still weighs between 25 – 40 pounds (11 – 18 kg). Carrying them all day would be a serious exercise.

Males reach 14 inches (35.5 cm) in shoulders, while females reach 13 inches (33 cm).

This breed looks like your standard English bulldog, with a deep chest, round ribs, wide shoulders, and short tension. The only significant physical difference is size.

The average English bulldog height is 16 inches (40 cm) high and 55 pounds (25 kg) maximum.

A toy bulldog coat may be white, white, ribbon or two or more colored spots.

Mini English bulldog in living room setting with mint green wall background

How do they make the English Bulldog so small?

With today’s advanced science, you can combine almost any dog ​​gene. This is impressive but extremely controversial.

Miniature English Bulldog

In the 1980s, breeders crossed a pug and an English bulldog to create a mix of these designer dogs.

They wanted to design a healthy English bulldog (literally) … but did they succeed? From my experience, I can say right now that this breed of parents brings health problems.

Miniature English Bulldog facts

Both Pug and the English Bulldog have history with their families. The Pugs were favored by the Chinese, especially the Shang Dynasty, who ruled from 1600 to 1046 BC.

The English Bulldogs were praised … by the English! What a surprise! Queen Victoria and King III William each had their own pack.


One common mistake people make when shopping for a bulldog is to confuse an American for an Englishman – even for a Frenchman!

Most people think the toy bulldog has some American gin, but this is not true. Only the English Bulldog can be “mini”.

The American Bulldog is in many ways analogous to the Pitbull Terrier. They are active and alert, not unlike the mini English bulldogs who sleep all day.

Of all the bulldog varieties, the American largest is 130 pounds (59 kg) and the largest cm smallest bulldog at 28 inches (71 cm) high is French.

One of the things that is similar to all Bulldogs is that they require friendship and positive attention. (Even the Bulldog mixes like Beaumble, and the Valley Bulldog, especially with kids, has great sweetness.

Standard English Bulldogs

Mini English Bulldogot To Be honest, the Miniature English Bulldog is not the most practical dog.

They can’t walk or run long distances, they can’t hunt, they can’t do police work, they can’t sail, swim, or pull heavy stuff – the list goes on.

The Teacup Bulldog was initially born to be a great companion. It will be you sitting on the couch all day until you are watching TV and watching TV.

As I mentioned briefly earlier, both Pugs and the English Bulldogs are at risk for their health and many health problems to sacrifice.

Health concerns

The most obvious problem for Pugs and the English Bulldogs is breathing. This is why they are always frustrated and give a shit.

English bulldogs are at risk of overheating (so keep your dog indoors in the summer), cherry ey (eyelids), hip dysplasia, and have signs of injury to the joint.

Pugs have similar health issues. However, as they are younger, they may experience shortness of breath, comfortable patella, and nasal congestion.

With this, we can assume that any toy bulldog can experience all this anxiety. Be prepared to spend a lot of money on veterinary visits, especially in their old age.

Known health problems

The Miniature Bulldog’s lifespan starts at 9-13 years.

There are several medical conditions that are at risk of breeding this dog; Because of their parents’ descent:

Breathing Problems – Due to their brachycephalic-shaped skulls and excess skin, miniature bulldogs may suffer from respiratory problems as it is very common in both parents. Care should be taken not to give too much heat or too much heat to the dog.
Birth issue – They are probably born through cesarean section (which is usually the case with their purebred parents) as there is usually no mismatch between the size of the puppy and the size of the puppy’s birth canal

Skin Problems – Excessive folding skin is not only a risk factor for overheating, it can also cause sensitive skin that can become irritating. A mini bulldog should be observed for additional itching and irritation.

The good news is that a healthy mini bulldog can survive up to 12 years! This is a long time for dogs with shortness of breath.

You will never be alone with this breed by your side. The nature of an English bulldog is stylish, friendly, and intentional.

A Pug’s personality is casual, clever, charming, and social. They carry a lot of stubbornness.

Combining these features makes for a very outgoing and sweet mini English bulldog. They’re dog-friendly, cat-friendly (because they’re too lazy to chase anything), and kid-friendly.

Overall, the Toys Bulldog is a great family pet.

When it comes to sound, Bull-Pug has two layers. They seldom run out … but they do snail-like crazy! Consider sleeping with your dog in another room.

Miniature English Bulldog

Miniature Bulldog is a compact small hybrid dog born from an English bulldog and a pug.

Known for being small, but full of loyalty and affection, they have a lower body, wide shoulders, and a big head.

They are also a brachycephalic variety, which refers to the shape of their skulls.

This, in addition to their extra skin, is at risk of some health problems they may want potential owners to be aware of (all of which will be discussed later).

For the last hundred years or so, both parents of the Mini Bulldog breed for companionship; Makes them ideal family pets.

Their small size, affectionate nature, and low maintenance practice requirements make them suitable for young families and newborn first-time owners.

Kennel Club Recognition and Descent

Because of their calm nature and strong attachment to human owners, these small to medium-sized hybrids are generally kept as companion pets.

They are not, as a cross-breed, registered by the Miniature Bulldog American Kennel Club or the Kennel Club (UK), but the following companies are recognized as a mix:

American Cline Hybrid Club

The Miniature Bulldog is a recent dog breed, with no breed-specific rescue agency for them.

However, there are many small and sweet-natured crossbreeds and authentic varieties at the local animal shelter alike.

Similarly, since they haven’t been around for a long time, there is still no official breed club for the Miniature Bulldog. An instant search on social media pages will return quick parties for other like-minded lovers.

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog was first mentioned in England in 1631 as a breed where they were used in the game of bullbiting.

This is where visitors bet on the ‘Bulldog’, which must first be pinned to the floor with a stained bull through the nose; Other breeds such as pitbulls were also used for this sport.

It was an extremely dangerous game, and as a result of the injury and death of many Cainines, it was banned in 1835 under the Cruelty to Animal Law.

As a result, the Bulldogs were no longer used in England for these national events but continued to be kept as family pets.

In the United States, in the mid-1800s, the Bulldogs were trained to hold a bull near the nose (long enough to catch the bull with a rope).

They were first recognized in 1886 by the American Kennel Club.
The footprint of the beast

Painting the pug

They later spread to other parts of the world, including Europe (where they continued to be companion dogs to high ranking elites and princes during the 16th and 17th centuries).

Eventually they were seen in nineteenth-century America.

They were first recognized in 1885 by the American Kennel Club.

Miniature English Bulldog breeding

Both parents have a detailed pedigree and history, while the Mini Bulldog is a recent cross-breed with a very limited history.

Like many designer dog breeds, the very first litter can rarely be established.

Miniature Bulldogs are a new dog breed, so they are rare as a result.

Pugs produce an average of 4-6 puppies on average, though they can actually be anywhere from 1-9 puppies (both are considered healthy litter sizes).

The average pu per liter of the English Bulldogs has a slightly larger liter on average, but it starts at 3-12 puppies.

Therefore, depending on the size of the mother, a common anesthetic may possibly be between 5-7 puppies.


You can spend about $ 1,000 USD on a Miniature Bulldog puppy.

Pugs usually reach full maturity at 18 months of age but the English Bulldogs are much slower to develop.

The English Bulldogs usually reach full maturity when they are about three years old; Much later than other dog breeds

Thus, a Miniature Bulldog can reach maturity anywhere between 18-36 months.

Below is a growth chart for this puppy from 8 weeks to 12 months. It should be noted that, due to the heavyweight between the English Bulldogs and Pugs, there can be a wide variation:

Social trends

The behavior of a dog is greatly influenced by environmental factors as well as genetics, and with mixed breed dogs, it becomes even more jarring.

There are no guarantees as to the mood of the Mini Bulldog, but there are a few indicators you can look for:

Both breeds of parents are primarily bred as companion pets, and therefore they are very likely to have a strong prey drive.

Despite the English bulldog’s past, their levels of aggression toward other animals are likely to be completely damp.

Their strong attachment to their human owner means they are somewhat lacking. It can be a bit overwhelming or jarring to pay attention.

A potential owner should have no worries that their tiny bulldog will be aggressive towards humans or other animals if they are properly socialized as a puppy.

Overall, the Miniature Bulldog is genetically set as a friendly dog, confident in itself and capable of distinguishing between safe and threatening situations.

Consistency with families

Both breeds are born as companion pets for a long time, and so they form a very social bond with humans, often with their owners.

Both the English Bulldogs and Pugs thoroughly enjoy being with people and are very affectionate to kids of all ages.

It has put the Miniature Bulldog is a good place to inherit these values, and their small size means they are perfectly suited for young children as well.

With strangers, the pugs are usually very friendly, though the Bulldogs can be a bit more cautious and then probably ignorant.

Either way, strangers have little chance of aggression or protection.

Mini English Bulldog

Compatibility with pets

Learning how to interact with a new puppy is an important concept for a young bulldog puppy to learn at a young age; This will help prevent a shy or horrible fight with a strange dog as you grow up.

Neither of the new dogs of the paternal line is a special precaution, however, when a puppy becomes a puppy all-important socialization is required.

It helps them learn how to interact with other dogs as they grow older.

Of course, each individual dog is different and their compatibility is often influenced by their experience, so providing your bulldog is unfamiliar to other dogs and other family pets, but they are a puppy, you will have no problem raising a friendly and loving dog.


It’s very difficult to be sure of the personality of a miniature bulldog.

This is because, as a hybrid mix, they can inherit different traits from the parent varieties – good and bad!

Generally speaking, the mini bulldogs are likely to be friendly little dogs, forming a strong bond with their owners, however, they can behave aggressively toward new kinesin friends.

They are at risk of becoming a bit stubborn in the training department, but perhaps they can get your heart back with their love and loyalty.

Size and appearance of the mini bulldog


Since the Miniature Bulldog is a cross between a Pug and an English Bulldog, their size can vary greatly.

Both men and women can be in the 20-45 pound range; It depends on the size and genes of each parent.

Amazingly, their height is also variable, standing between 12-16 inches for both men and women to dry.

They will probably fall under the category of a small breed of dog, or if it becomes more than 40 square medium.


The Miniature Bulldog has a very muscular body, with broad shoulders and a bright round head.

Having small legs and round bodies, often gives them a ‘stibby’ appearance.

They have small floppy ears and a crooked face.

Their brachycephalic skulls give them the appearance of nails adorned with nails.

Occasionally, the mini bulldog may also have an underbite where the lower jaw and teeth come out in front of the upper set of teeth.


Typically, a Miniature Bulldog will be a combination of two combinations of the following characters:

  • White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Pictorial
  • Catch up
  • Red


The Miniature Bulldog has a short, smooth coat that is quite thick.

These are not overly shaded but are low to medium shaders. Because of this, they don’t need a lot of grunting.

A rubber mat can be used once a week to remove any excess hair and keep their coat healthy and clean.

They do not require a full groom with clipping or trimming because their clothes rarely need to be worn

Instead, a weekly brush will be enough to keep the coat healthy and a good bath will also be appropriate when needed.

Miniature English Bulldog tips

Sometimes their wrinkled skin means that they become somewhat deodorant, in which case a decent bath with some sensitive skin puppy shampoo will be ideal to disperse them and get a nice smell again.

Nail clipping can cause them to lengthen and cause dog pain when needed

Tooth brushing can be introduced as a puppy, otherwise, it can be difficult to train an older puppy – especially in their stubborn continuum!

Alternatively, abrasive dental chews can be used as part of their diet to reduce tartar buildup and reduce the risk of measles disease.

Taking care of a miniature bulldog

Mini Bulldog Parents

The Miniature Bulldogs don’t require a lot of practice, nor do they have a particularly rigorous decoration.

Because of their small size and low maintenance care, they are good for new owners and people living in apartments or small homes.
Food and dietary requirements
Daily food intake
Guide 800 calories

Twice a day (once in the morning and evening) a good bulldog is perfect for a mini bulldog.

Some dry food companies make breeds specific to pugs or English bulldogs.

These varieties of kibble may also be suitable for your Miniature Bulldog as they often use additives to address the common health problems of the breed (more on this later).

Sweet eaters can enjoy a bit of wet food with a dry kibble to make the meal more fun.
Practice the requirements
Everyday practice requirements
30 to 45 minutes minutes
Activity Level This is a low activity dog ​​breed

Unlike other high-exercise dogs, walking your Miniature Bulldog is not exactly a tough task.

These dogs require about 30 minutes of walking every day or a short walk with some interactive playtime.

Their movements should be daily, but not too much, as they are at risk of over-heating due to the size of the brachycephalic skull, if they are oversteer than themselves, have difficulty breathing.

For this mix, a quiet walk in the park (they are exciting if on top of the Leaf) is best so they can explore at their own pace.

Training a Bulldog

The Miniature Bulldogs might be known as a little stubborn; This can make training a bit more complicated.

The key to this is consistency and patience.

When training your dog (rewarding positive behaviors and redirecting undesirable behaviors) the only training method is positive reinforcement.

These cross-bridges form a very attachment to their owners, so the weighing matter should be ignored … Otherwise, they will soon learn that the second they play, they will get attention from their mind.

Smaller Bulldogs still need emotional stimulation, especially in a small home but not an activity that requires a lot of practice and movement.

Kong chews and puzzle feeders are a great way to keep your dog away and entertained

Miniature English Bulldog Info, Temperament, Puppies, Pictures

Take away

The Miniature Bulldog is a breed of dog suitable for novice owners, young families or people living in small houses or apartments.

This mini bulldog is a love compact and compact bundle of love.

They are a very loving and affectionate species that can be had by the needy!

Although their decoration and practice requirements are very low maintenance, staying in the apartment to prevent boredom requires emotional stimulation.

Training can be a bit of a challenge, because of their stubborn persistence, positive reinforcement and continuity in training will make a well-rounded loyal dog perfect for all families.

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