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The Eurohound dog additionally referred to as the Scandinavian Hound, is a hybrid species from Scandinavia. Eurohound dogs are created by crossing Alaskan Huskies with Pointers. They had been developed particularly for competitive sled-dog racing through which they excel. Huskies have been used for sledding for hundreds of years.

However, when it grew to become a competitive sport, there was a need for a more particular breed. The Eurohound dog was the outcome, combining the Husky’s hardy sledding means with the keenness and pace of the Pointer.

Eurohound Dog Overview

A cautious crossbreeding program has produced a formidable sporting dog that’s utilized in competitions internationally. The Eurohound dog is a real hybrid, being a cross of two established breeds with completely impartial gene swimming pools.

There is frequent “backbreeding” through which first technology (50:50) crosses are put with one of many unique parent breeds to boost particular traits. The gene ratio of the next litter will, subsequently, be completely different. This results in great variation between dogs which can be chosen relying on the kind of racing they’re to do.


Sled dog racers needed one thing distinctive and hardy of their dogs and the Eurohound dog gave the impression to be the dog that fitted the bill.

It was within the 1980s that Norway and Sweden began crossing the Husky and the Pointer for the first time.

The Eurohound dog, recognized additionally because the Scandinavian hound is a cross between a German Shorthaired Pointer and an Alaskan Husky in addition to different Pointer dogs.

Hailing from Norway, Scandinavia, it isn’t a purebred dog however a cross-breed, and the time period ‘Eurohound dog’ comes from a sure Ivana Nolke in order to tell apart the European racing canine imported into Alaska.

Eurohound Dog Description

The Eurohound dog is a rigorously bred dog thought of to be a big dog standing as much as 72 cm on top and weighting within the area of 18-24 kg.

With its mission being to be a sled dog, it’s continuously being crossbred with different crossbreeds to supply dogs to swimsuit the pulling of sleds. Because each the Husky and Pointers has been utilized in its breeding, who is aware of actually how its look shall be as it could actually differ fairly a bit.

There are nonetheless, some frequent options within the dogs such because of the half-dropped ears. More Eurohound dogs have black ears with white markings. The dog is a slender breed with a longish face and a long muzzle. Certainly, it’s recognized for being a robust sled dog. The brief, shiny dog may be in various colors equivalent to cream, beige white, red, black, noticed, or patched.

Eurohound Dog Characteristics

Full of bounce, social and extroverted, whereas additionally being impartial and cussed, the Eurohound dog simply loves being around his human family, bonding strongly with them, whether or not they’re adults, youngsters, and even different pets within the dwelling.

You’ll discover that your Eurohound dog is an intelligent dog too and that he may be simply educated. He likes to be lively, so to place him in your yard and all however neglect about him could be merciless. They are loyal, loving dogs who need to be a part of all of your activities, being able to stroll and run with you every time the chance arises.

Eurohound Dog Temperament

Social, extrovert, and energetic, the Eurohound dog additionally likes to be busy. It’s a dog that forms a powerful relationship with its house owners, being affectionate and dependable. While he’s fairly capable of dwelling within the city or the nation, he primarily wants massive premises as he likes to run and be free.

Being energetic and extroverted in nature in addition they like to be engaged in work. They bond strongly with people and infrequently depend on their masters for leadership. They are very loyal, affectionate, and clever.

The Eurohound dog doesn’t like closed indoors or flats and likes to stroll, roam, and run in open environments. They can dig a gap in just some minutes, and have a powerful intuition to hunt, additionally indulging in occasional chasing.

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He most actually isn’t a working dog breed who may be left on his personal property within the yard till you need him to tug a sled as he craves your companionship. He is an impartial and cussed dog and subsequently coaching and socialization will be glorious for him because it makes him perceive who’s boss within the dwelling.

He is a dog who will get on properly with different pets within the dwelling in addition to youngsters.

Eurohound Dog Coat and weight

The coat of a first technology Eurohound dog is brief and customarily black with white blazing. The dog is of medium top and around 20kg (45lbs) in weight. The construct is light and athletic.

These traits make the dog appropriate for dash racing. However, dogs with a decreased proportion of Pointer genes are more like Huskies and higher suited to endurance races.

The retention of some Pointer traits ensures that the dog nonetheless has the pace to energy it over the end line.


Around half of the Eurohound dogs have dropped black ears with white circles or strong patches of spots, whereas a few of them may be seen with quite a few spots everywhere in the body. The ratio of Pointer and Husky appearances on this breed is inversely proportional to one another.

Caring Eurohound Dog

The Eurohound dog is a brisk dog who will require a high-quality nutritious meal. Homemade dog meals are fantastic however within the occasion that it isn’t all the time possible, be sure to purchase top high-quality commercially manufactured meals.

Your vet can advise you on the kind of meals to make use of for your pet in case you are uncertain. Certainly, if you feed your dog kibble, take a great look at the ingredient label on the pet meal packaging.

If you have an interest in your dog’s health when it comes to meals, you’ll study the protein/fats ratio and the way a lot of moisture is within the meals, and what nutritional vitamins are included.

Remember to often embrace cooked brown rice, greens, and rooster in addition to some uncooked meat now and again.


Eurohound dogs need high-quality calorie-dense nutritious meals identical to each different sled-dog.


Eurohound dogs have a powerful liking for pace, and this may be witnessed firstly of each race or coaching run. They are fairly keen on taking part in with people in addition to working at the entrance of the sled.

They have a chiseled and muscular body, and the bodily improvement takes around three years, i.e., a bit longer than basic sled-dogs. The Eurohound dogs are well-disciplined socially and are straightforward to deal with.

They are all the time ready for a free run even in massive teams, although they don’t seem to be a lot into particular person hunts. They derive endurance from the genes that come from Huskies, whereas their fierce rushing means is contributed by the Pointer genes.


The Eurohound dog isn’t a giant shedder however you’ll nonetheless need to make sure that you sweep his brief coat twice per week to maintain it in a tip-top situation.

These are dogs that bond intently with their human family so this grooming interval shall be therapeutic to him.

Check his ears in and out for the event of ear infections and brush his enamel twice per week with a particular dog toothbrush and toothpaste. Dental illness may cause a number of great diseases and also you need to keep away from this together with your dog,

Health Problems

Considered as a wholesome dog breed and capable of dwell as much as 10 – 15 years of age, simply among the commonest reported health issues you may discover together with your Eurohound dog are hip and elbow dysplasia.

Hip dysplasia is the place the joint – the ball and socket – is malformed in order that as an alternative to working easily it grinds. It is among the commonest skeletal illnesses in dogs and enormous breeds are principally affected. Hip dysplasia can result in osteoarthritis, ache, and lameness.

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