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cavalier king charles spaniel blenheim

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blenheim is amongst one of many oldest toy breeds boasting an illustrious historical past that may be traced again to a number of centuries. In this article, I am going to talk about Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blenheim puppy, spot, markings, color, temperament, etc.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blenheim

The Kennel Membership solely recognized the Cavalier as a singular breed in 1944 and by the seventies, they have been to turn into probably the most fashionable dog within the UK.

Cavaliers are bigger than their King Charles cousins they usually boast an extended, much less snubbed nostril too.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blenheim breeds are identified to be easy-going dogs that simply adapted to many existences, whether or not it is residing in rustic surroundings or in a condo on the town.

They’re additionally identified to be excellent around kids of all ages and turn into valued members of a household. They’re additionally extremely loyal and devoted companions, by no means too demanding.

Normally, the cavalier King Charles spaniel Blenheim is unlikely to indicate any aggression in direction of individuals or different animals due to the ultra-kind and laid-back natures which is why they’ve constantly remained probably the most fashionable breeds not solely within the UK, however elsewhere on the earth too.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blenheim Look

Top on the withers: Males 30 – 33 cm, Females 30 – 33 cm
Common Weight: Males 5.9 – 8.2 kg, Females 5.9 – 8.2 kg

Bigger than their King Charles cousins, the Cavalier additionally boasts an extended, much less snubbed nostril.

The one factor about these dogs is their lovely, massive, and mild eyes that are a real indication of their candy natures.

A Cavalier’s head is properly proportioned in relation to their physique with a shallow cease and virtually flat cranium.

Their muzzles are tapered with well-developed black nostrils. Their ears are set excessively on their heads and are lengthy with a lot of feathering. A Cavalier’s jaw is powerful with an ideal chew.

They maintain their necks barely arched main all the way down to a well-proportioned chest with sturdy shoulders and straight entrance legs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blenheim breeds boast compact bodies with degree backs and well-formed hindquarters. Their toes are well-cushioned, feathered, and compact.

Their tails are nicely proportioned in size in relation to their bodies which they carry fairly excessive though by no means too excessive.

Cavalier King Charles spaniel Blenheim boasts beautiful coats that comprise silky, lengthy, and straight fur that’s curl-free.

They have an incredible quantity of feathering and their coats ought to by no means be trimmed.

They arrive in quite a lot of colors that are acceptable and recognized by the Kennel Membership colors that are as follows:

Black and tan – raven black with tan markings above a dog’s eyes, on their cheeks, inside their ears, on their chest and legs in addition to beneath a dog’s tail

Ruby – a wealthy pink color

Blenheim – evenly unfold chestnut markings on a white coat

Tricolour – black and white with tan markings over a dog’s eyes, on their cheeks, on the within of their ears, on the within of their legs and beneath their tails

Cavaliers boast lovely markings that usually contain some dog having an attribute spot on their foreheads, a really distinct trait that folks discover is very endearing.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blenheim Gait/motion

The cavalier king Charles spaniel Blenheim has a really elegant gait with quite a lot of drive coming from their hindquarters.

Once they transfer, they accomplish that freely with their back and front legs shifting in parallel when seen from both the entrance or from behind.


The Kennel Membership frowns on any exaggeration or departure from the breed customary with the seriousness of any fault being judged on how a lot it impacts a dog’s well being and health and the way it might stop a dog from finishing up any conventional work they have been bred to do.

Male Cavaliers ought to have each testicle totally descended from their scrotums.

It’s also worth noting that dogs could also be barely smaller or greater, they may weigh rather less or greater than acknowledged within the Kennel Membership breed customary which is about out as a tenet solely.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blenheim Temperament

Cavalier king Charles spaniel Blenheim have very candy natures. They’re undemanding little dogs that adapt nicely to all existence with little fuss in any respect.

They’re extraordinarily loyal and affectionate by nature in addition to being playful that are simply a few of the explanations why the breed has been so fashionable not solely right here within the UK, however elsewhere on the earth too for such a very long time.

Different causes embody the truth that Cavaliers are so mild by nature and would by no means present any form of aggression to individuals or different animals they might meet.

They’re clever dogs without the eager prey drive of different spaniels. Though barely more durable to coach, some Cavaliers excel in dog actions which incorporate agility.

They’re amongst one of many favorite breeds at reveals at all times discovering a spot on the podium.

Cavaliers like to romp round in a backyard and exit for a sedate stroll, however, they’re simply as joyful to cuddle up on a settee with their proprietor once they can which makes them the proper selection of “lap dog” one thing they excelled at within the 16th and 17th centuries once they saved the arms of noble girls heat once they traveled in carriages.

Cavaliers thrive on being round individuals and are by no means joyful once they discover themselves left on their very own.

As such, they’re best suited to households where at least one individual stays at home when everybody else is out so they typically at all times have a firm round.

Are they a sensible choice for first-time homeowners?

Cavaliers are a sensible choice for first-time dog homeowners as a result of they’re renowned for being so loyal, affectionate, and desperate to please.

They thrive on being in house surroundings and can, fortunately, snuggle as much as their homeowners at any time when they will.

As a result of they’re so amenable and clever, Cavs are usually straightforward to coach which incorporates housetraining.

Prey drive

Cavaliers, in contrast to many different spaniels, shouldn’t have an excessive prey drive and are usually good around different dogs, smaller animals, and pets as a result of they’re so social and non-aggressive by nature.


Cavaliers are fun-loving, playful dogs by nature and like to not solely be entertained, however, to entertain the individuals they love too.

As a result of they’re so clever, they rapidly know what pleases a proprietor and being quick on the subject of studying new issues, they excel in any respect types of dog sports activities which incorporate agility and obedience, totally having fun with all the eye they get when they’re being educated and when they’re competing at occasions or reveals.


Cavaliers are extraordinarily adaptable being simply as joyful residing on the town as they’re residing within the nation offering they’re given a lot of consideration, train and psychological stimulation that’s with the emphasis being positioned on being given sufficient day by day train to stop a dog from placing on an excessive amount of weight which they’re identified to do.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blenheim Barking

Cavaliers aren’t identified to be extreme barkers, extra particularly if they’ve been nicely socialized from a younger age which might contain them assembling a lot of new individuals, dogs, and different animals.

However, with this stated, they’re so social by nature that they have an inclination to get on with everybody and the whole lot though they might at all times let a proprietor know when there maybe somebody on the door.

Do cavalier king charles spaniel blenheims Like Water?

Some Cavaliers like water whereas others don’t and aren’t significantly keen on getting their toes moist.

Anybody sharing a house with a Cav that loves leaping in the water at any time when they will, ought to take nice care when strolling their dog off their leads wherever close to extra harmful watercourses simply in case they determine to leap in.

Are cavalier king Charles spaniel Blenheim good watchdogs?

The Cavs don’t make good watchdogs as a result of they love everybody they meet.

With this stated, a Cavalier can be fast to let a proprietor know if one thing they do not like is happening in their surroundings or when the doorbell rings as a result of they might be excited at assembling the individual on the door relatively than desirous to scare them.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blenheim Intelligence / Trainability

Cavaliers are undemanding and intensely affectionate dogs which makes them simpler to coach than many different spaniels and dogs on the whole.

They’re at all times eager and desperate to please and be taught new issues.

As beforehand talked about, these little dogs do very nicely once they participate in obedience and agility trials which are proof of how straightforward they’re to coach when they’re given the precise steering.

Nevertheless, some Cavs are determined to go up to now earlier than dropping out which makes all of them the extra endearing to have round.

With this stated, like different clever and amenable dogs, the Cavalier’s schooling should begin early; they usually must be nicely socialized from a younger age so that they develop as much as to be extra outgoing, assured grownup dogs it doesn’t matter what state of affairs they discover themselves in.

Cavalier puppies ought to be taught the bottom guidelines proper from the phrase go which may be arduous given they’re so cute, however it might be a mistake not set limits and bounds as a result of like all dog, if a Cav is aware of what an proprietor expects of them, the happier and extra settled they are usually once they first arrive of their new houses.

The primary instructions a Cav pet ought to be taught are as follows:


Youngsters and Different Pets

The cavalier king Charles spaniel Blenheim is thought to be ultra-good and even-tempered when they’re around kids of all ages and if they’ve been nicely socialized as puppies, they’re usually excellent round different pets and animals too because of their placid and social personalities.

They’re extremely candy natured and identified to be undemanding, tolerant characters in all types of conditions which is why the breed has been constantly probably the most fashionable decisions as household pets.

As with all breeds, Cavaliers ought to be nicely socialized from a younger age and launched to a lot of totally different conditions, individuals and animals as early as possible for them to turn into assured, well-rounded grownup dogs.

With this stated, any introductions to new animals must be executed slowly and thoroughly in order that issues go as easily as potential simply to be on the secure facet.

For additional recommendation please learn our article on Retaining Youngsters Protected round dog.

Cavalier king charles spaniel blenheim Health

The typical life expectancy of a cavalier king charles spaniel blenheim is between 10 and 16 years when correctly cared for and fed an acceptable good high-quality food plan to go well with their ages.

The cavalier king charles spaniel blenheim is thought to be a wholesome dog, however sadly, the breed is thought to have a historical past of coronary heart issues.

The excellent news is that Cavs can now be screened earlier than being utilized in a breeding program and all accountable breeders would observe the suggestions as acknowledged by the Kennel Membership to make sure any puppies they produce are as wholesome as they are often.

The principle of health considerations related to Cavaliers are as follows:

Mitral Valve Illness (MVD)
Syringomyelia (SM) – prognosis may be established by an MRI scan
Eye problems which incorporate Hereditary Cataracts (HC) and Multifocal Retinal Dysplasia (MRD) – Breeders ought to have stud dog examined
One other massive well being problem usually seen within the breed includes their weight. Weight problems can severely influence a dog’s life span, shortening it significantly. Carrying an excessive amount of weight can even result in a dog creating all types of different well being points which incorporate coronary heart illness.

What about vaccinations?

There have been fairly a number of stories about Cavaliers experiencing a response to sure vaccinations and extra particularly the Lepto vaccine.

As such, any homeowners having any considerations about having their Cavs vaccinated towards Lepto ought to focus on issues with a vet earlier than making an ultimate choice on whether or not to go forward or not.

All puppies would have been given their first vaccinations earlier than being offered, however, it’s the new homeowner’s accountability to have any future vaccinations executed. The vaccination schedule for puppies is as follows:

10 -12 weeks outdated, taking into account {that a} pet wouldn’t have full safety right away, however, can be totally protected 2 weeks after they’ve had their second vaccination

What about spaying and neutering?

A feminine Cav may be safely spayed when they’re 6 months outdated. A male may be neutered when they’re 6 months outdated too.

What about obesity issues?

As previously touched upon, one of many greatest health considerations seen in Cavs overcurrent years includes their weight with far too many dogss now being reported by many vets within the nation as being overweight.

Some Cavs are placed on weight after they’ve been spayed or neutered so it is vital to keep watch over a dog’s waistline and to regulate their calorie consumption in addition to their day by day train accordingly.

With this stated, Cavs all too simply will flip into sofa potatoes which is when the actual issues with their weight can begin and why it’s so vital to feed a dog appropriately and for them to be given sufficient day by day train.

Weight problems can shorten a Cav’s life by a number of years and places quite a lot of stress on their joints and inner organs together with their hearts.

What about allergic reactions?

Some Cavs develop pores and skin allergic reactions which might show arduous to clear up and why it’s so vital for a dog to see a vet as early as possible when issues flare-up.

There are a number of issues that may set off an allergic response considered one of which is surroundings. Different triggers might embody the next:

Seasonal pollen/grasses
Chemical generally discovered in lots of family cleansing merchandise
Mud mites

Fleas and ticks

Meals and extra particularly cereals that are discovered in lots of commercially produced dog meals
Auto-immune pores and skin problems

Taking part in health schemes

As we speak, it’s obligatory for all Kennel Membership Assured Breeders to have stud dog examined utilizing the next schemes:

Eye testing

The Kennel Membership additionally strongly recommends that each one breeder ought to take a look at their stud dog by the next schemes:
Breed Membership – Coronary heart testing (mitral valve dysplasia)
DNA take a look at – Episodic Falling
DNA take a look at – CC/DE

What about breed particular breeding restrictions?

It has now been genetically confirmed that 2 Blenheim Cavs would solely produce Blenheim puppies which is why solely Blenheim puppies which were produced by 2 Blenheim father or mother dogs can be eligible for registration with the Kennel Membership.

It’s subsequently important that any potential homeowners see each father or mother Cavs when fascinated with shopping for a Blenheim pet.

What about Assured Breeder Necessities?

As beforehand touched upon, it’s now obligatory for all Assured Breeders to have stud dog examined by the next schemes:

Eye testing

The Kennel Membership strongly advise all breeders to have stud dog examined till the next schemes:

Breed Membership – Coronary heart testing (mitral valve dysplasia)
DNA test – Episodic Falling
DNA test – CC/DE

Caring for a cavalier king charles spaniel blenheim

As with every different breed, Cavaliers must be groomed regularly to verify their coats and pores and skin are saved in tip-top situations.

Additionally, they profit from being professionally groomed at the least Three instances a yr.

Additionally, they must be given common day by day train so they continue to be match and wholesome. On top of this, cavalier king Charles spaniel Blenheim must be fed a great high-quality food plan all through their lives to make sure all their dietary wants are met.

Caring for an English Springer Spaniel pet

Like all puppies, the Springer Spaniel is adorably cute and it might be all too straightforward to spoil them once they first arrive at their new houses.

Springer puppies are clever and rapidly be taught new issues which makes their home coaching straightforward, however, the drawback to that is that they’re simply as quick to be taught a number of unhealthy habits too.

Their schooling should begin early with floor guidelines and bounds being set proper from the phrase go.

It will be a mistake to let a Cav pet get away with an excessive amount simply because they’re so cute as a result of a spoiled dog can usually flip into an unruly and wilful dog which is one thing to be prevented in any respect.

Earlier than a pet arrives, nevertheless, it is vital to set issues up so the surroundings are secure for them.

Pet-proofing a house and a backyard takes a little bit of time and planning as a result of it includes securing electrical wires out of attaining a pet taking into account that each one puppy prefers to gnaw on issues which might finish in a catastrophe.

Backyard instruments and different gadgets generally utilized in a backyard additionally must be put away out of harms’ means.

It is also vital to arrange a pleasant secure space for a pet which might both be executed by placing child gates on doorways which might restrict the quantity of area a pet can be allowed to roam in.

One other answer is to spend money on a playpen.

Limiting the realm can be nice on the subject of house training as a result of pet pads may be strategically positioned for the brand new arrival to do their enterprise.

A breeder would have supplied all-important paperwork for a Springer pet which would come with info on once they have been wormed and the product used together with different issues like their Kennel Membership registration papers, microchipping info, their pedigree, food plan sheet, and vaccination card. It’s important for puppies to be wormed once more conserving to a schedule which is as follows:

Puppies ought to be wormed at 6 months outdated
They must be wormed once more when they’re 8 months old
Puppies ought to be wormed when they’re 10 months outdated
They must be wormed when they’re 12 months outdated

Springer puppies play arduously and they are often fairly boisterous at instances, however, their playtime could also be quick and livid for a short while as a result of they should take a lot of naps which frequently see puppies napping for as much as 21 hours a day.

Stuff you’ll want to your pet

There are specific gadgets wanted for a pet which also needs to be bought nicely in front of their arrival and that is important for his or her well-being and care. These are as follows:
Meals and water bowls ensuring they aren’t too deep and ideally ceramic relatively than steel or plastic

An excellent high-quality dog collar and lead

A dog crate that is not too small or too massive for a pet to really feel misplaced in
A well-made dog mattress taking into account that each one puppy prefer to chew on issues which incorporate their bedding
dog or child blankets to place within the dog crate and mattress
dog particular toothpaste and toothbrush

Grooming instruments

Retaining the noise down

Springer puppies are delicate to loud noises which is why it is vital to not play music too loudly or to have the tv or different units turned up too excessive which might find yourself stressing a younger dog out and it might stop them from sleeping which they should do all through the day to preserve their vitality which they should develop and develop correctly.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blenheim

Retaining vet appointments

As beforehand talked about, all puppies go away to a breeder with documentation that features details about their vaccinations and it is vital for them to have their follow-up pictures on the proper time.

A vaccination schedule for a pet is as follows:

10 -12 weeks outdated, taking into account {that a} pet wouldn’t have full safety right away, however, would solely be totally protected 2 weeks after they’ve had their second vaccination

Relating to boosters, it is best to debate these with a vet as a result of there may be quite a lot of debate about whether or not a dog actually wants them after a certain time. Nevertheless, if a Cav ever wanted to enter kennels, their vaccinations would be totally updated.

What about English Springer Spaniels once they attain their golden years?

When Springers attain their golden years, they decelerate and there are particular modifications of their seems to be and personalities that are to be anticipated.

This features a dog getting a number of gray hairs around their muzzles, faces, and through their coats. Different issues to be careful for when a Springer reaches their senior years embody the next:

An older dog is inclined to sleep extra throughout the day and typically wander across the house at night time

They generally appear a little bit disoriented at instances which frequently happens as a result of a dog’s cognitive perform shouldn’t be as sharp because it as soon as was and why it is very important to hold older dog psychological stimulated

The older dog usually endure from arthritis which is why it is very important to spend money on a cushty, well-padded dog mattress for them to sleep in and ideally it ought to be one which older dog discover simpler to get out of

An older Springer could begin to get a bit choosier about their meals which might imply taking a look at their food plan and rethinking issues to verify they’re getting all of the vitamins they should go well with their ages

With age, an older dog’s immune system may not work in addition to it did of their youthful years which places them extra liable to creating ailments, infections and different diseases which is why they need to be seen extra ceaselessly by a vet

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blenheim Grooming

Cavalier King Charles spaniel Blenheim must be groomed day by day to maintain their coats in good situations.

Like all different dogs, they shed extra throughout the Spring and Autumn which is when their coats must be brushed extra ceaselessly to maintain up to the mark.

It’s also worth trimming again the feathers and hair between the toes which might turn into very unruly if left too lengthy and the placemats can simply type making it uncomfortable for a dog to stroll.

It’s also worth taking a cavalier king Charles spaniel Blenheim to be professionally groomed every Three months or so which suggests their coats may be hand stripped which makes conserving issues tidy that are a lot simpler in-between visits to a grooming parlor.

It additionally means they get bathed and totally dried thrice a yr, taking into account that it is important {that a} Cav’s ears don’t stay damp which might result in an ear infection flaring up.

Grooming instruments needed for an English Springer Spaniel

Sharing a house with a Springer means having all the precise grooming instruments to maintain their coats and pores and skin in a nice situation even when a dog is taken to be professionally groomed a number of instances a yr.

The grooming instruments wanted to maintain a Springer’s coat in high situation embody the next:

A slicker brush
A bristle brush
A fine-toothed comb
A large-toothed comb
Nail clippers
A pair of spherical ended scissors

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blenheim Train

Relating to training, Cavaliers must be given a minimum of an hour’s stroll day-after-day in any other case they may begin to plow on the kilos.

This little dog would fairly, fortunately, curl up on a settee and switch into sofa potatoes if allowed and with weight problems being an actual health problem that is all too usually seen within the breed, it is important for a Cav to be given the correct quantity of day by day train.

Additionally, they must be given a lot of psychological stimulation within the type of interactive video games to maintain them busy as a result of like some other breed, Cavaliers can get simply bored and this may result in them creating some undesirable behaviors.

With this stated, they aren’t overly demanding though they thrive on being around individuals and hate it when they’re left on their very own.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blenheim Feeding

Some Cavaliers may be fairly choosy eaters which may be irritating, however most of them like their meals a little bit an excessive amount of.

Nevertheless, with a little bit of perseverance and discovering the precise sort of meals, they may eat what’s put down for them.

Puppies like some other breed must be fed the identical food plan they have been used to with the breeder to keep away from any upset tummies.

Nevertheless, their food plan can progressively and safely be modified over a number of weeks. Puppies must be fed a great high quality, nutritious food plan and fed at common intervals and ideally, this must be Three to four instances a day.

Older dogs additionally must be fed a nutritious food plan to go well with their ages and any health points they might be affected by.

It is vital to keep watch over a Cavalier’s weight as they grow old as a result of they’re vulnerable to placing an excessive amount of weight if they aren’t given the right amount of train to go well with their calorie consumption.

As such, it is very important to rethink their food plan to make sure they’re getting all of the vitamins wanted without the danger of a dog plowing on the kilos.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blenheim feeding

As a tough information, a Cavalier pet ought to be fed the next quantities day-after-day to make sure they’re getting sufficient vitamins of their food plan for them to develop and develop correctly:

2 months old – 96g to 127g relying on pet’s build
3 months old – 108g to 149g relying on pet’s build
4months old – 113g to 158g relying on pet’s build
5 months old – 113g to 161g relying on pet’s build
6 months old – 103g to 159g relying on pet’s build
7 months outdated – 92g to 144g relying on pet’s build
8 months old – 81g to 129g relying on pet’s build
9 months old – 81g to 115g relying on pet’s build
10 months old – 80g to 114g relying on pet’s build
As soon as a pet is 11 months outdated they are often fed grownup pet food.

Feeding information for a grownup cavalier king Charles spaniel Blenheim

dog weighing 5k g may be fed 84g to 99g relying on exercise
dog weighing 6 kg may be fed 97g to 112g relying on exercise
dog weighing 7 kg may be fed 109g to 126g relying on exercise
dog weighing 8 kg may be fed 120g to 139g relying on exercise
dog weighing 9 kg may be fed 131g to 152g relying on exercise

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blenheim price and maintaining cost

If you’re trying to purchase a cavalier king Charles spaniel Blenheim, you’d be ready to pay something from £300 to nicely over £1000 for a well-bred pedigree pet.

The price of insuring a male 3-year outdated cavalier king Charles spaniel Blenheim in the event you reside within the north of England can be £22.01 for primary over as much as £40.81 for a lifetime coverage (quote as of March 2016).

It is worth taking into account that a lot of issues are factored right into a dog’s insurance coverage premium and this contains the place you reside within the UK and their age.

Relating to meal prices, you would wish to purchase the very best quality pet food to offer them all through their lives, whether or not you go for moist or dry.

This could set you again between £30-£40 a month.

On high of all of this, you would wish to think about veterinary prices if you wish to share your own home with a Cavalier and this contains their preliminary vaccinations, neutering or spaying your dog when the time is true after which their annual health test visits, all of which rapidly provides as much as over an £800 a yr.

The whole common value to maintain and take care of a cavalier king Charles spaniel Blenheim as tough information can be within the area of £60 – £100 a month relying on the extent of pet insurance coverage you choose to purchase, however, this doesn’t embody the preliminary value of shopping for a pedigree cavalier king Charles spaniel Blenheim pet.

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