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Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog

Speed, agility, and energy mixed with unyielding braveness and loyalty – the Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog has efficiently protected flocks of sheep within the open harsh wild central tablelands of Turkey towards jackals, wolves, and bears for hundreds of years.

With the ever-growing wild dog downside in Australia, Kangals are shortly proving to be probably the most dependable, value-efficient, and environmentally pleasant resolution. Similarly, they’re additionally turning into more and more popular as mild affectionate guardians in family houses.


The Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog has been documented in its grandeur in Anatolia (now referred to as Central Turkey) for a minimum of six thousand years.

A robust and impartial warden, the Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog has solely not too long ago gained esteem within the western world. Combining its natural instincts with coaching, a Kangal Shepherd Dog might be left to defend its flock from predators without human instruction.

Depending on its location, the breed is used to guard sheep, goats, and even fowl from predators. In Turkey, these embrace wolves and bears, and in Australia the breed is simply as efficient towards foxes and wild dogs.

Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog

Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog Temperament

Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dogs are headstrong, impartial, and intelligent, however, they’re additionally calm and measured of their exercise and shouldn’t be hyperactive or vulnerable to extra energy.

The Kangal Shepherd Dog is usually not a breed for the present ring, nevertheless to see one in its full glory, defending its prices, is inspiring.

Deceptively aloof involves thoughts when describing a Kangal Shepherd Dog’s mannerisms, with its notorious crossed paws and closed eyes; however one can be imprudent to take this at face worth.


An Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog has to be giant, prevailing, with a deep chest and general muscularity. It is powerfully constructed, with a broad, deep head, blunt profile, and a thick neck.

The breed is understood for its coiled tail. The commonest color within the western world is fawn, with black masks and ears; nevertheless, all color variations are acceptable and are seen descending from the various landraces of Turkey.

Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog Structure

Large, muscular, and rectangular from the facet profile, the Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog possesses pace like a cheetah, agility like a leopard, and energy like a lion.

The tail is characterized by a curl that turns tighter and held above the backline when absolutely alert.

The most essential and distinguishing characteristic of the Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog is its head form. From the facet, the Kangal dog shows a relatively flat skull and a powerful muzzle.

Combined with almond-formed eyes which might be positioned barely to the sides, a powerful neck, and a thick double-layered coat in winter, the Kangal dog manifests a regal look like a wolf.

Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog

Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog Character

Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog is intelligent, impartial, and brave. Calm and vigilant, the Kangal dog can shortly swap to high alert by the slightest sounds and smells. With a powerful instinct, he’s knowledgeable at precisely figuring out threats.

They are affectionate, loyal, and delicate. Their gentleness with young children, the delicate and aged, in addition to their gentleness in the direction of all creatures giant and small, is resulting in its recognition as guardians.

Regarding their human family as “flock”, they guard them in addition to their animals with excessive devotion and loyalty.

Note: Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog doesn’t need coaching to guard. Just letting the pet-free amongst the herd of sheep is all one must do. Even a full-grown Kangal that has by no means seen livestock can naturally bond and start working as a livestock guardian in a short time.

Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog Coat & Colour

3-7cm long, in winter Kangal possesses a double coat construction – a thick and harsh guard coat with a dense undercoat. The coat is barely longer across the neck, shoulder, and thighs.

Shedding happens as soon as a year in Springtime. This coat construction makes Kangal adaptable and resilient to cold and warm climates.

Body-color ranges from fawn to wolf sable. White socks are widespread and white on the chest is appropriate. White on the neck is just not the most popular.

The head is characterized by black masks and ears darker than the common coat color. All puppies are born with a powerful black mask, which might turn much less pronounced as they mature.

Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog Diet

As they’re a big breed, a quickly rising Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog can develop hip dysplasia. Thus, it’s paramount that whereas they’re rising they’re placed on a low protein diet to maintain a gradual and regular growth. In their homeland Turkey, the shepherds feed them completely with barley combined in water.

On the odd event, they’re handled with meat from livestock. Kangals have been feeding on this fashion for hundreds of years and will proceed to take action even within the western world.

They usually are not large eaters and so a cup of oats and a handful of low protein kibble combined in water makes an excellent feed.

On average they dwell between 12-15 years.

Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog

Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog Care & Suitability

A Kangal Shepherd Dog is just not for the novice owner, and ideally shouldn’t be contained in suburban environments. It makes a beautiful family companion when built-in appropriately and will have entry to a self-regulated train.

Being a Giant Breed that grows quickly, the Kangal Shepherd Dog general joint care with reference to weight, diet, and train is crucial.

The Kangal Shepherd Dog is perceived to be a big eater, however, in reality, is just not. This is as a result of the breed conserves its energy in watching meticulously, getting ready for a ‘kill chase’.

A Kangal Shepherd Dog has a thick, dense double coat; that’s, long guard hairs which might be shed all year round, and a luxurious undercoat that’s shed seasonally twice a year.

Although it doesn’t matt, regular brushing throughout sheds keeps up appearances. The breed’s coat can fluctuate in size, usually indicative of local weather; it doesn’t require clipping and solely a few baths.

Overall, Kangal Shepherd Dog is a loyal, devoted protector of its pack.


An Anatolian Shepherd Kangal Dog, true to its heritage and origins, is usually a hardy, long-living dog, comparatively freed from endemic health points.

However, there have been incidences of hip dysplasia, entropion, and hypothyroidism within the breed, so consumers need to pay attention to these and search for proof of acceptable health screening.

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