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The white Ibizan Hound, pronounced ee-BEE-than, is a spansh breed, bears an uncanny resemblance to the Egyptian god Anubis.

White Ibizan Hound profile

One of the sighthound family, the breed is constructed on basic greyhound strains, with long slender legs, a comparatively slender physique, a barely arched loin, slender waist, and lengthy tail.

With the exception of its massive ears, the white Ibizan hound is a considerably understated model of the greyhound.

Besides its trademark ears, the Ibizan has a number of considerably uncommon traits for a sighthound: the chest just isn’t extraordinarily deep, and the angles of the shoulder meet should not notably acute.

The gait is rather an excessive stepping, and the tail is usually carried pretty excessive when the dog is trotting.


As their identify displays, the white Ibizan hound hails from the Mediterranean isle of Ibiza the place the breed was historically used to hunt rabbits. There its recorded historical past ends, and the thriller begins.

How did a breed that regarded as if it stepped out of an Egyptian tomb find yourself being found 1000’s years later and 1000’s of miles away?

It is feasible that Phoenician merchants introduced these dogs to Ibiza and neighboring islands as early as 800 BC.

Here they remained in seclusion, particularly saved and bred for his or her capability to hunt small mammals by sight, scent, and even listening to.

The harsh situations left little room for sentimentality, and people much less match weren’t saved or bred —circumstances that little doubt contributed to the breed’s hardiness at the moment. In its place of birth, the breed known as Ca Eibisenc.


Ibizans are lithe and leggy guests from the daybreak of civilization. Art history college students will acknowledge the elongated head, with its massive erect ears, as a well-recognized motif of historic Egypt.

The elegant, racy physique stands 22.5 to 27.5 inches on the shoulder, with coat colors of stable purple or white, or purple and white patterns.

The rosy-colored leathers of the nostril, eye rims, and lips—together with amber or caramel eyes—completely complement the coat. The breed’s quiet grace is usually described as deer-like.

White Ibizan Hound Description

Although quick, the Ibizan’s true power is its agility and jumping capability. These dogs possess a deer-like magnificence that’s most evident when they’re operating and leaping over tough terrain.

The Ibizan is a medium to the tall dog, starting from 22 half to 27 half inches in top, and weighing from 45 to 55 kilos.

The coat is normally brief and shut; the breed additionally is available in a wide selection, by which the coat is harsh and about one to 3 inches long.

The colors are variations of purple or fawn with our without white. In reality, some dogs are virtually completely white with just a few purple spots.

White Ibizan Hound Personality

White Ibizan Hounds are a combination of noble royalty and wild hunter. They get pleasure from being pampered however would immediately commerce a delicate mattress for an opportunity to run and hunt. They are quiet inside the home.

An uncommon trait exterior is that they have an inclination to offer tongue (bark) when chasing.

white Ibizan Hounds are among the many gentlest and most straightforward going of dogs, getting alongside properly with different dogs and kids. They are reserved with strangers, and even considerably reserved with their household.

Like all sighthounds, obedience just isn’t their center name and they’re apt to run off and never return till they’re good and prepared.

White Ibizan Hound breeds haven’t any road smarts and no concept that they need to protect you or your own home from dangerous individuals.

White Ibizan Hound Nutrition

The white Ibizan Hound must be fed a high-quality pet food acceptable to the dog’s age (pet, adult, or senior). Learn about which human meals are protected for dogs, and which aren’t.

Check together with your vet or the dog’s breeder when you’ve got any questions or considerations about your dog’s weight or diet.

white ibizan hound


Ibizan coats are available in easy and wire varieties, with a variety in how profuse the wire coat could be.

Both varieties must be groomed upright ears should be checked weekly to keep away from a buildup of wax and particles, which might end in an infection.

The tooth must be brushed typically, every day if potential, utilizing a toothpaste formulated for dogs.

White Ibizan Hound Exercise

Beezers are very athletic and require plenty of trains. It just isn’t unusual for an Ibizan to have the ability to leap 5 or 6 feet from a standing place, so a tall, safe fence is the order of the day for house owners of this breed.

The Beezer will get pleasure from vigorous every day play-sessions along with his proprietor or with different dogs, or he can go for long walks a few occasions a day.

The Ibizan has a really sturdy prey drive and shouldn’t be allowed off-leash in an uncontrolled setting, as he’s apt to take off on a chase after perceived prey at seconds discover. The breed makes a beautiful companion for an everyday jogger.


Versatile and trainable, Ibizans make wonderful household pets. The breed is even-tempered, affectionate, and constant.

The white Ibizan Hound is a bit aloof however a sweet-natured, family-oriented housemate.

Alert and watchful of strangers, they’re however pleasant and outgoing dogs. Puppies must be cheerful, playful, and wholesome.

Early socialization and pet coaching courses are really helpful. Ibizans excel in a variety of canine sports, together with lure coursing, obedience, agility, rally, and monitoring.

Living With

The Ibizan hounds are sad if they don’t get an opportunity to run day by day.

White Ibizan Hounds particularly prefer to play hunter and can chase any small animal that strikes, even over the horizon, so that you should be cautious about the place you select to let one off the leash. In many areas, no place is protected sufficient to unleash a white Ibizan hound.

At dwelling, they get pleasure from a delicate mattress and heat rays of sunshine. They spend a substantial amount of their time enjoyable and, so long as they get ample trains, are nice and quiet inside.

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White Ibizan Hound Health

Ibizan Hounds are usually wholesome dogs, although there are some situations the breed could be liable to.

These embrace hip dysplasia, eye illness, autoimmune thyroiditis, and congenital deafness.

Responsible breeders will display screen their inventory for situations that may have an effect on the breed. The web site of the breed’s nationwide guardian membership

The white Ibizan Hound Club of the United States provides detailed info on breed health.

Regular visits to the vet for checkups and parasite management assist to make sure the canine an extended, wholesome life.

Recommended Health Tests from the National Breed Club for white Ibizan Hound:

  • Hip Evaluation
  • BAER Testing
  • Ophthalmologist Evaluation
  • Thyroid Evaluation

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