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Highly unbiased and candy, the Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel was initially bred by Buddhist monks in Tibet. The breed resembles a lion which was thought of as an essential image in Buddhism.

Overview of Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel

While its look resembles a Pekingese, the Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel has a barely longer face without the additional pores and skin. Its body is longer than its toll on the top and the domed head is small when in proportion to its body.

The muzzle of this breed is of medium size and without wrinkles. The eyes are darkish and set nicely aside and this enticing dog has a double-coat that’s silky and flat.

With a feathered tail that’s set high and carried over its back, the Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel has a neck that’s coated with a longish mane. The unique objective of this loyal dog was to function as a watchdog and as a companion.

Due to the character of its bark, it made for an efficient watchdog and alerted its house owners to any risks. Regular grooming is really useful for coat repairs, corresponding to everyday brushing and brushing to take away mats.

This breed is taken into account to have average energy and you will need to keep its psychological and bodily stimulation to forestall boredom.


The Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel is a local Tibetan dog breed that may have shared ancestry with the Japanese Chin and Pekingese. It is one of all three native Tibetan breeds within the non-sporting group.

The historical breed traces its roots to Buddhist monasteries where monks stored the so-called Tibbies as companions and watchdogs more than 3,000 years ago.

Pekingese Tibetan Spaniels could possibly be discovered sitting atop temple partitions and scanning the encompassing countryside. Local lore says the canines even turned prayer wheels for the monks. In addition to being a wonderful watchdog, the Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel was additionally a favorite companion.

In Tibet, the place lions are thought of sacred, the Pekingese Tibetan Spaniels lion-like look made the breed extremely regarded; these canines have been usually given as presents to palaces in Buddhist international locations.

Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel General Appearance

Pekingese Tibetan Spaniels are small, lively, alert canines with well-balanced appearances, and quick-moving gaits.

The Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel is longer than it’s tall. It has a small head and a brief muzzle with ears containing long tufts of hair. The eyes of this spunky breed are set aside which can create an odd look, however to some that is an endearing characteristic.

Its tail is long and feathery. Its paws comprise hair rising between the toes. Adorned with a double coat with a silky texture of skinny density, it isn’t thought of water repellent however could be stunning, coming in a mixture of black, black, and tan, cream, gold, red, sable, silver-sable, and white with parti-color or white markings. The head of the Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel is small in proportion to its body.

Its eyes are darkish brown in coloration and oval-shaped giving this dog expressions that are impressionable. This affectionate dog has ears that are medium-sized and pendant, with a cranium that’s barely domed and of average size and width.

Its teeth are evenly positioned. This Spaniel is constructed with a reasonably quick neck, sturdy, and well-set. The shoulders are well-placed and agency; the hindquarters are sturdy and well-developed. These options permit for an agile gait that’s quick-moving and positive.

Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel Temperament

Pekingese Tibetan Spaniels are assertive, clever, and self-confident. They have unbiased spirits and worth their roles as watchdogs but also kind shut bonds with their house owners and make pleasant, playful companions. Pekingese Tibetan Spaniels could be aloof with strangers.

Thanks to centuries of working as watchdogs, Pekingese Tibetan Spaniels have eager senses of listening to and sight. They bark as a warning {that a} stranger is approaching however don’t bark without purpose and are quite sufficient for condominium residing.

The breed is adaptable to most existence, together with houses with different pets.

The Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel is taken into account as a pleasant and affectionate companion. This spirited dog can also be fiercely unbiased within the area and loves to have the ability to watch over its family whereas additionally working around its setting.

The Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel will welcome family members and benefit from the presence of youngsters.

The Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel could need to be educated to just accept pleasant strangers as it might bark at intruders it deems a hazard. Very charming and trusting with acquainted people, this breed additionally makes an efficient watchdog and can inform its family of any incoming strangers.

The Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel would need coaching to have the ability to settle for different animals and to tolerate unfamiliar pets.

The Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel is taken into account to be of medium energy and is perhaps cussed for coaching. An intelligent animal, this Spaniel requires patience and time to be able to excel at obedience.

Pekingese Tibetan Spaniels are delicate companion animals that wish to be with their house owners and will probably be sad when left alone for too long.


Tibetan Spaniels a high-quality dog food that’s acceptable for his or her life stage (pet, grownup, senior) and thinks about a diet formulated for small breeds. Portion out their meals with an ordinary measuring cup and restrict treats to no more than 10% of their daily energy to forestall overfeeding.

Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel Breed Maintenance

The Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel just isn’t hypoallergenic and does shed reasonably. In order to assist with shedding repairs, you will need to brush your dog every day in addition to comb via the coat.

This will assist stop knots and mats. Bathing your dog ought to be restricted to each 6 to eight weeks as necessary, as more frequent baths will result in the overproduction of oils within the pores and skin.

Ears ought to be wiped and cleaned weekly to forestall the buildup of earwax. The Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel doesn’t have any important smells. Its exercise level is taken into account of average energy so you will need to present a proper train corresponding to walks or playtime in a yard.

Apartment residing is appropriate as long as it’s accompanied by sufficient psychological and bodily stimulation to maintain this energetic canine comfortable. The Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel is understood for barking ceaselessly if coaching just isn’t launched.

The Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel would be capable of dwelling in both an urban or rural setting and may thrive in each cold and warm climate as a result of its double coat. There isn’t any particular diet for the Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel.

Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel


Pekingese Tibetan Spaniels don’t need quite a lot of train. A daily stroll or time to discover a fenced yard will suffice for these canines however, given the possibility, Pekingese Tibetan Spaniels will even participate in more lively pursuits corresponding to agility, scent work, rally, and obedience. Once their exercise is finished, their favorite factor is a perch that enables them to look out over their territories and take within the environment.

Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel Training

Pekingese Tibetan Spaniels are alert, good, and wanting to please but in addition, have stubborn unbiased streaks. While they are often straightforward to coach, these canines could not wish to observe directions.

Since Pekingese Tibetan Spaniels could be delicate, they reply greatest to positive reinforcement and rewards-based coaching, not harsh instructions. Regular socialization is essential to assist Pekingese Tibetan Spaniels really feel assured around strangers.


Pekingese Tibetan Spaniels have minimal grooming necessities. Regular brushing (with particular consideration to the longest hair behind their ears and on their rear fringes) can hold painful mats from forming.

Groomers should be suggested to not lower the hair on their bellies or between their legs—known as a sanitary lower—as a result of it might probably trigger extreme itchiness. Occasional baths will decrease shedding and hold them wanting and smelling great.

Nail trims, ear cleaning, and dental care, together with at-home teeth-brushing and professional cleanings, are additionally important for good grooming.

Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel Coat and Colouring

These double-coated canines have moderate-length, silky hair masking their bodies; it’s clean on the face and entrance legs, the place it lies flat.

The hair is feathered on the ears and back of the forelegs, whereas longer and well-furnished on the tail and buttocks. The neck is roofed with a mane of longer hair that’s more pronounced on males than females.

When displaying a Pekingese Tibetan Spaniel, the hair should be unaltered; the coat ought to lie naturally with no teasing, parting, or styling; the feathering on the toes should not be trimmed however hair rising between the pads on the underside of the feet could be trimmed.

All colors and mixtures of colors are allowed with the commonest being black, black and tan, cream, gold, red, sable, white, and silver sable with parti-color or white markings.

Distinctive Physical Traits

Pekingese Tibetan Spaniels are more long than tall (however shouldn’t be too long-bodied or low to the ground). The breed has a small head with darkish brown, oval-shaped, expressive eyes set far aside.

Its medium-sized, pendant-shaped ears are set high and well-feathered. Its medium-length, blunt muzzle is free from wrinkles. The tail can also be set high, richly plumed, and makes a homosexual curl over their backs.

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