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With their noticed pink skin, spiky “crested” hairdo, furry socks, and feathery tail, you can’t mistake the candy and slender Chinese Crested Powder puff puppies for every other breed. This frolicsome, ultra-affectionate companion dog is actually a breed aside.


Chinese Crested Powder puff puppies origins go to this point back in time, we will make solely educated assumptions about how the breed was created.

It is believed that in historical instances giant hairless dogs from Africa have been dropped at China, the place after generations of breeding they have been decreased in size. (The Chinese have been the grasp miniaturized of the traditional world; the Shi Tzu and Pekingese are two additional examples of breeds born of Chinese mini-mania.)

Chinese buying and selling vessels traveled the high seas with Cresteds onboard. The dogs grew to become well-known as shipboard exterminators, knowledgeable at catching disease-bearing rats. They have been traded amongst sailors in seaports around the globe and, alongside the way in which, acquired the name Chinese Ship Dog.

Their far-flung travels introduced Cresteds to unique ports of call—Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, amongst them—the place native variations of the breed have been cultivated.

So completely was the small hairless ratter disseminated around the globe that, through the Age of Discovery, European explorers recorded sightings of Crested-type dogs in port cities of Central and South America, Asia, and Africa.

The Crested took root within the United States by means of the efforts of two women, journalist Ida Garrett and breeder Debra Woods.

For a number of many years starting within the 1880s, they promoted the Crested in America—Garrett by means of her prolific writing and talking, and Woods by means of her breeding program and scrupulously stored studbooks.

The American Chinese Crested Powder puff puppies Club was shaped in 1979, and in 1991 the breed entered the AKC Stud Book.

Among the numerous nicknames, this uncommon breed has acquired over time is the “Dr. Seuss Dog,” a reference to the hairless Crested’s resemblance to fanciful creatures who populate the books of the beloved author-illustrator.

Chinese Crested Powder Puff Puppies Overview

The Chinese Crested Powder puff puppies, an energetic and alert toy breed standing between 11 and 13 inches high, might be hairless or coated. The hairless selection has clean, gentle pores and skin and tufts of hair on the pinnacle, tail, and ankles.

The coated selection, referred to as the “powderpuff,” is roofed by a gentle, silky coat. Besides the coat, there’s little or no distinction between the powderpuff and his undressed brother. Both varieties are characterized by fine-boned class and sleek motion.

Cresteds are as enjoyable as they appear: playful, loving, and dedicated to their people. The hairless has its benefits: there isn’t a doggy odor, and for apparent reasons shedding isn’t a lot of an issue. Both varieties are attentive housemates, completely in tune with their family.


The Chinese Crested Powder puff puppies are 11 to 13 inches tall (to shoulders) and weigh 5 to 12 kilos. He has a medium-length gentle and silky double coat. His coat might be any coloration.

A toy dog, fine-boned, elegant, and graceful. The distinct varieties are born in identical litter. The Hairless with hair solely on the pinnacle, tail, and feet and the Powderpuff, fully coated with hair. The breed serves as a loving companion, playful and entertaining.

Chinese Crested Powder Puff Puppies Temperament

The Chinese Crested Powder puff puppies is a well mannered, mild, loyal, completely satisfied, energetic, and loving companion. He loves snuggles, cuddles, and to get hugs, and is extraordinarily dedicated to his proprietor.

He will observe you all over the place, even to the tub! He could be very people-oriented and must be along with his family. Learn more about Siberian Husky Temperament.

He’s a well-mannered, smart, and regular dog who is good and pretty sociable, however might be suspicious of strangers.

Since he is typically quiet and never a barker, he is not a superb watchdog, though he’s alert and should let you already know if he sees somebody new. He’s not simple to coach or to housebreak. He is a delicate dog who wants mild coaching and patience.

He’s typically good with different pets and dogs, and is exceptionally good and affectionate with kids, as long as they keep in mind his naked pores and skin means they need to watch out with him.

He likes to play on the carpet and do tips, and howls when he’s having an enjoyable time. He additionally likes to climb and dig! The indoor train is nice for him and in addition occasional walks and supervised romps exterior.

He will need a sweater within the winter to maintain heat, and a t-shirt in the summertime to keep away from sunburn. He nearly does not shed, and so could be a superb pet if you happen to don’t love dog hair within the dwelling.

Chinese Crested Powder Puff Puppies Behavior

Chinese Crested Powder puff puppies (each hairless and Powderpuff) are playful little dogs who love human consideration and companionship. They do very properly inside a family and are good with kids, different dogs, and pets.

They might be cautious of strangers, however, that is more to do with their timid nature than aggression. They like to be around people and might play all day. Cuddling as much as you is certainly one of their favorite issues and they actually do dislike being left alone.

They are finest suited to somebody who’s at dwelling for a lot of the day. They make great remedy dogs. For such small dogs, they are not yappy and infrequently bark. They can howl and be taught to ‘sing’. Like another small breed, they’ll shiver when they’re excited or nervous.

They aren’t tough to coach and a few do properly in agility and obedience courses. The key to this breed is companionship; if they’re with you, in a position to kiss you, then they’re completely satisfied.

Chinese Crested Powder Puff Puppies

Chinese Crested Powder puff puppies have minimal train wants, however do get pleasure from a brief stroll and sport of fetch. The hairless selection will need a coat/jumper in winter and solar safety in summer to stop solar burn (particularly the lighter colors).

The pores and skin may also dry out, so you’ll need to use a moisturizer just a few instances every week.

Powderpuff grooming must be performed little and infrequently to maintain the coat in the top situation. They do not actually shed and are classed as non-shedding, hypoallergenic dogs.

Hairless dogs coats require related upkeep to human pores and skin. They can endure zits, solar burn, and dryness. Non-lanolin lotions are best as some dogs can react to it and might have pores and skin allergy symptoms.

Health sensible, like many toy breeds, patellar luxation generally is a downside. Breeders often have their dogs checked/licensed. Hairless Crested can have issues with their tooth, the place because the Powderpuff doesn’t.

Chinese Crested Powder Puff Puppies Nutrition

A high-quality dog meal acceptable to the dog’s age (pet, grownup, or senior) and ideally formulated for small or toy breeds could have all of the vitamins the Chinese Crested Powder puff puppies want.

Some dogs are vulnerable to getting obese, so watch your dog’s calorie consumption and weight level. Treats might be an important assist in coaching, however, giving too many could cause weight problems.

Give desk scraps sparingly, if in any respect, particularly avoiding cooked bones and meals with high fats content. Learn about which human meals are protected for dogs, and which aren’t. Check together with your vet you probably have any issues about your dog’s weight or diet.

Chinese Crested Powder Puff Puppies Grooming

You may suppose that the hairless variation of the Chinese Crested Powder puff puppies would require virtually no grooming. After all, he has no hair. However, as a result of his pores and skin is uncovered, the hairless Crested is vulnerable to pores and skin irritations, allergy symptoms, and sunburn.

Careful grooming, together with pores and skin therapies particularly to your dog’s pores and skin sort, sunscreen, and zits lotions are necessary to take care of a wholesome pet. The Powderpuff model must be brushed day by day to take care of his fluffy coat.

The Powderpuff’s coat is completely different from that of most different dogs. The undercoat is shorter than the longer overlay, which is the alternative of most haired breeds. This makes them simpler to brush, however, the coat can mat rapidly.


The train wants the Chinese Crested Powder puff puppies can often be happy with day by day brief walks with his proprietor and play-sessions in his yard.

It is nice for the Crested to train outdoors, however, care has to be taken to make use of both sunscreen or place protecting clothes on him. These are powerful little dogs who might be very competitive in canine sports.


The Chinese Crested Powder puff puppies like to spend time with their owner. This makes him a great candidate for competitive sports activities resembling agility, flyball, and obedience, they usually make great remedy dogs.

They additionally get pleasure from and do properly at lure coursing. They have a really delicate nature and have to be educated with mild patience. Harsh phrases and damaging actions in your half can injure your relationship to the purpose that he is not going to be taken with studying farther from you.


Responsible breeders persistently display their breeding inventory for inherited eye issues which can be identified to happen within the Chinese Crested Powder puff puppies, together with progressive retinal atrophy, glaucoma, and first lens luxation. Epilepsy happens within the breed sometimes.

Patellar luxation (slipped stifles) impacts Cresteds because it does most small breeds. Legg-Calve-Perthes illness has no DNA taken to display screen parents, but it does generally present up on X-ray.

Recommended Health Tests from the National Breed Club:

Ophthalmologist Evaluation
Patella Evaluation
Cardiac Exam

Chinese Crested Powder Puff Puppies At a Glance

Body Type:
A small, dainty dog with a gentle veil of long silky hair
Height: 9-13 inches (at the shoulder)
Weight: 5-12 kilos
Long tail, held low, is just not altered
Heavily fringed ears could also be both erect or dropped
The feet of the Chinese Crested Powder puff puppies are terribly long. They are so exaggerated in form that it may well seem that they have an additional joint
Affectionate with family however suspicious of strangers
Does not prefer to be dealt with
Active and alert
Rather delicate and never advised for kids
The Powderpuff selection has a long silky coat. It might be any coloration or mixture of colors
Moderate grooming. The hair tangles simply
Health Concerns:
Generally wholesome
Tooth issues and dangerous breath

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