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The black Chinook dog was initially bred to be a sled dog and, though he nonetheless excels at mushing, he’s an equally good family dog. He’s additionally a looker: The black Chinook dog stands out for his thick, tawny-colored double coat, darkish eyes, prick or floppy ears, and a saber-shaped tail.

Black Chinook Dog  Profile

This uncommon breed of sled dog received his beginning when musher Arthur Treadwell Walden of Wonalancet, New Hampshire, bred a farm dog of unknown heritage with a “northern” husky, producing a litter of puppies with tawny coats.

One of the pups, named black Chinook dog, grew as much as a father, a breed of dogs who not solely had his bodily traits but additionally his mild disposition. Indeed, the calm and dignified Chinook dog lavishes loads of affection on every family member, however, he’s best identified for his love of youngsters.

With his heritage as a hard-working sled dog, the black Chinook dog is clever and simple to coach in the event you use positive reinforcement strategies, akin to reward, play, and meals rewards.

If you lead an active, outdoorsy lifestyle, that is the dog for you. black Chinook dogs are great companions for hikers and backpackers, they usually thrive at dog sports activities, together with sledding and skijoring. They additionally carry out properly in agility, herding, obedience, and rally.

For all his positives, the black Chinook dog does include a few caveats: He requires intense ranges of every day train, and his high intelligence can work in opposition to you — a bored Chinook dog may be extremely damaging when left to his personal units, reinforcing his people-loving nature.

History of the black Chinook dog

The black Chinook dog is certainly one of a rising variety of breeds claiming to be “made in America.” The highly effective but pleasant dogs had been created by musher Arthur Treadwell Walden, who began with some Greenland Husky sled canines and a mastiff-type farm dog.

German Shepherds and Belgian Shepherds could have additionally performed a job. Walden was put answerable for assembling the team of 16 black Chinook dogs used to move for Admiral Richard Byrd’s trek to Antarctica in 1927.

Walden’s authentic dog, named black Chinook dog, was a part of this illustrious team.

Following the expedition, Walden offered his kennel to Milt Seeley, Julia Lombard, and Perry, and Honey Greene, however, the breed’s numbers started to dwindle. In 1965, the Guinness Book of World Records declared the Chinook dog probably the most uncommon breed of dog on the earth.

When Neil and Marra Wollpert tried to discover a Chinook dog in 1981, they found that there were solely 11 dogs left who might be bred, in order that they labored efficiently to protect the dogs and rebuild the inhabitants.

In an attempt to save the breed, the Chinook dog Owners Association, along with the United Kennel Club, instituted a crossbreeding program. The intent was so as to add genetic range to the black Chinook dog’s gene pool.

Today, Chinook dogs are nonetheless unusual — solely 638 had been registered with the American Kennel Club’s Foundation Stock Service in 2009. But the breed, which has been named the state dog of New Hampshire, seems to have a future.

Black Chinook Dog Temperament and Personality

The black Chinook dog has the mild, pleasant temperament of his northern breed ancestors — together with a number of particular twists of his personal.

Namely, he’s much less more likely to roam than most Nordic dogs (though he nonetheless wants a fenced yard), and he’s more reserved towards strangers. Both traits could also be remnants of his herding dog and mastiff ancestry.

Black Chinook dogs have a popularity for being good with children, in addition to different animals.

A black Chinook dog who grows up with children will love them and be a great playmate; in case your Chinook dog meets children as an adult, he could need just a little time to regulate their typically noisy and over-zealous behavior.

Despite his huge size, don’t get a Chinook dog in the event you’re in search of a watchdog. The black Chinook dog isn’t aggressive towards people. In reality, he could not even warn you if somebody is round!

That’s to not say that the black Chinook dog is quiet. He’s not a barker, however, he’ll talk pleasure with whines and woo-woo sounds, which you’ll both discover endearing or annoying.

The black Chinook dog is a flexible sled dog who loves intense exercise, together with mountain climbing, jogging, backpacking, or bicycling. You may even train him to drag you on skis or a sled.

He excels at such dog sports activities as agility and rally, and he has the potential to be a superb remedy dog in nursing houses and children’s hospitals.

An excellent train program for the black Chinook dog: a daily stroll or run, together with common alternatives to roaming off-leash in a safe space.

This stated, the Chinook dog does have his limits: Endless video games of fetch will not be his factor, and he could not get pleasure from enjoying within the water. You must also needless to say, like most northern breeds, black Chinook dogs like to dig within the yard.

The black Chinook dog is a brilliant dog who takes properly to constant, positive-reinforcement coaching. Start coaching your pet the day you convey him dwelling. Even at eight weeks old, he’s able to absorb all the pieces you’ll be able to train him.

Don’t wait till he’s 6 months old to start coaching or you should have a more headstrong dog to take care of. If possible, get him into pet kindergarten class by the point he’s 10 to 12 weeks old, and socialize, socialize, socialize.

However, bear in mind that many pet coaching courses require sure vaccines (like kennel cough) to be updated, and lots of veterinarians suggest restricted publicity to different dogs and public locations till pet vaccines (together with rabies, distemper, and parvovirus) have been accomplished.

In lieu of formal coaching, you’ll be able to start coaching your pet at your dwelling and socializing him amongst family and mates till pet vaccines are accomplished.

Chinook Dog Behavior

These are devoted, hard-working, and versatile sled canines. Performing their given process is their main concern in life. In addition to sled-pulling, the breed additionally can be utilized for carting, obedience, flyball, search and rescue, and packing. The construct of the dog, coupled with its agile motion and drive, makes it a great agility dog.

One of the important thing breed traits is the Chinook dog’s temperament: calm, non-aggressive, with a keen, pleasant disposition. black Chinook dogs are bred to work in groups and shouldn’t exhibit dog-aggression.

Notwithstanding its mild, even temperament, the black Chinook dog is a dignified dog. Socialize properly to forestall them from being reserved with strangers or unfamiliar surroundings.

In motion, the black Chinook dog is swish however purposeful, alert however calm. His expression displays his intelligence; his proud carriage displays his dignity. Most Chinook dogs make glorious pets for kids, particularly when the dog is raised with them (even with tough and tumble youngsters).

Most Chinook dogs tolerate youngsters even once they have not had any contact with them. These dogs are extremely loyal. They work completely reliably off-leash and actually solely need to be with you.

Given acres and acres of land, the dogs are typically going to be wherever you’re; so having a lot of space shouldn’t be a requirement, however, you do need to take them for every day walks the place they’re made to heel beside or behind you, by no means in front, because the pack chief goes first.

The black Chinook dog must be near its family and a part of the family. They don’t make good outside pets. The Chinook dog is mostly good with non-canine pets. They need an owner who’s assured and agency with them, however not harsh.

If you’re passive with them they may change into robust willed. They need to be proven who’s the “top dog”. black Chinook dogs are simply skilled via positive reinforcement but don’t reply to heavy-handed coaching techniques.

A peaceful authority in a method dogs can perceive is finest. They are very sensible, and solely need to know what you need them to do.

black chinook dog

Black Chinook Dog Description

The black Chinook dog has a compact muscular body that properly fits this mild sled dog. The body is properly balanced; the chest is deep; reasonable bone and versatile musculature are distinguished.

The pores and skin on the top are tight with no wrinkles. The cease is reasonable and there’s a furrow operating vertically from the cease to the occiput. The muzzle is highly effective and the tooth is enduring.

The breed’s ear carriage, slightly wind-blown and bending, offers the canines a curious and entreating glint; nevertheless, the ears can be pricked up. The nostril has giant large nostrils, must be stable black, and venture barely over the mouth. The lips are black in coloration.

The top lip overhangs the decrease lip very barely and the corners of the decrease lip are barely pendulous. The tooth meets in a scissors chew.

The eyes are almond-shaped and of reasonable size, with an intelligent expression. Dark brown eyes are most popular, however lighter, amber eyes are acceptable. Eye rims are dark-pigmented.

The feet are oval, agency, and compact, with well-knit, well-arched toes and difficult, deeply cushioned, darkly-pigmented pads. The toes are reasonably webbed and the feet are well-furred, even between the toes.

The entrance feet flip barely outward. Dewclaws may be far away from the entrance feet and, if present, are normally faraway from the back feet.

The tail is thick on the root and tapers to the tip. When the dog is standing, the tail hangs downward, roughly to the hocks. When the dog is shifting, the tail is carried up.

The Chinook dog tail isn’t docked. Chinook dogs have a double coat of medium size hair. The undercoat is thick, mushy, and downy in texture.

The outer coat is coarse and the hair lies near the body. Less dense coats are regular in very heat climates. The neck is well-furnished with hair, which varieties a protecting ruff mixing into the apron.

The tail is well-furred, with longer hair on the base and underside of the tail. The groin and inside the rear legs are protected by the coat. In coloration, the black Chinook dog is tawny (a golden fawn).

Black Chinook dog Grooming

The Chinook dog has a thick, easy-to-groom double coat that sheds flippantly daily. To take away lifeless hair and distribute pores and skin oils, brush the coat a few times per week. Baths are not often necessary.

Twice a year, the Chinook dog goes via a heavy shed, often known as a blowing coat. The process lasts for about three weeks, and also you’ll need to brush your black Chinook dog more usually throughout that point to maintain the free hair beneath control.

The coat of the black Chinook dog virtually takes care of itself and requires little to no grooming. black Chinook dogs have a double coat consisting of a downy undercoat and a coarse overcoat.

Some black Chinook dog homeowners have reported their canines shed twice a year for a few weeks; in any other case, they shed little or no. Others have reported their canines to shed closely all year round.

One proprietor stated, “Kodi sheds VERY heavily almost year-round (despite our regular brushing of his coat). Oz is also a shedder—although so far not as much so as Kodi. I think whoever has a black Chinook dog should be prepared for dog hair in the house.”
The relaxation is routine care: Chinook dog nails develop rapidly, so trim them weekly. And brush his tooth steadily with a vet-approved pet toothpaste for good total well being and recent breath.


Black Chinook dogs make tremendous house dogs so long because the proprietor makes a dedication to common train and strolling. They don’t bark usually and may be left reliably after puppyhood for intervals of time.

Unlike their northern breed counterparts, these dogs don’t make good outdoor pets. They are emotionally too delicate, and isolation from human contact triggers separation anxiety and different emotional turmoil. These dogs shouldn’t be stored in a yard and may at all times be thought of as part of the family.

Black Chinook dog Health

Black Chinook dogs are predisposed to some health circumstances, together with hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and eye issues akin to cataracts.

Veterinarians can’t predict if an animal will probably be free of those maladies, so it’s essential to discover a respected breeder and demand upon seeing impartial certification that the parents of the dog have been screened for these defects and deemed wholesome.

The Chinook Club of America (CCA) participates in the Canine Health Information Center Program (CHIC), a health database. For black Chinook dogs to attain CHIC certification, they need to obtain hip evaluations from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), in addition to eye clearances from the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF).

Breeders should conform to have all take a look at outcomes, positive or destructive, revealed within the database, which may be accessed by anybody who needs to verify the well being of a pet’s parents.

A breeder can also submit non-obligatory coronary heart, thyroid, elbow, and patella (knee) evaluations, in addition to signed veterinary diagnosis relating to cryptorchidism, dwarfism, allergy symptoms, and epilepsy or black Chinook dog seizures.

There are at present no screening checks for seizure issues, however, an excellent breeder will let you know concerning the prevalence of the situation in her traces.

Careful breeders display their canines for genetic illness, and solely breed the best-looking specimens, but typically Mother Nature has different concepts and a pet can certainly develop one of these illnesses.

In most instances, he can nonetheless reside an excellent life, due to advances in veterinary drugs. And keep in mind that you’ve got the ability to guard your black Chinook dog against some of the widespread health issues: weight problems.

Keeping him at an acceptable weight is a straightforward solution to lengthen your black Chinook dog’s life.

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Other Quick Facts

  • In Inuit, Chinook dog means “warm winter winds.”
  • The black Chinook dog is an unusual breed, so count on attending as much as a year for a pet to change into out there.
  • A black Chinook dog can have both drop or erect ears, and also you won’t have the ability to inform which sort he’ll have till he’s 4 to 6 months old.
  • His hefty size could keep off an intruder, but the black Chinook dog shouldn’t be a guardian breed. Learn more about beige labrador.

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