why does my dog want to sleep with me

Why does my dog want to sleep with me? If your dog is constantly forcing you out of bed, you should start asking yourself why your dog sleeps on your bed so often. Many pet parents find themselves torn between the desire to embrace their pets while they snooze and the need to keep them from jumping on the bed and sleeping. In this article, we will share answers on why does my dog want to sleep with me as well as how you can make your dog sleep on his own bed.

It is not the only reason why your pet loves sleeping in your bed if you are supporting the behavior and pampering your pet to sleep on your bed.

Our dogs’ wolf predecessors were pack animals in the past. To keep each other safe, they hunt, eat, and sleep close together. When puppies sleep, they also snuggle close to keep warm.

Even in the current era, dogs still have a pack mentality and like to sleep near their family members. When they sleep close to you, it signifies love, trust, and will protect you because you are a member of their pack.

Even if you are not around, these dogs may want to lie in your bed since it contains your fragrance and makes them feel comfortable because you are the pack leader.

On the other hand, dogs sleep alongside their owners for a variety of reasons. Even in modern times, their wolf instinct remains, and they feel compelled to protect the pack members, particularly the alpha’s child, who happens to be the pet owner. Because you’re the pack leader, your dog may want to be close to you.

Why does my dog want to sleep with me?

When a new member of the group is introduced, a dog’s protective instinct kicks in. As a result, dogs are frequently extremely protective of infants and youngsters. Similarly, seeing your dog resting in your bed indicates that they are on high alert.

The Most Common Reasons Your Dog Will Sleep on Your Bed

It’s a problem that many dog owners face nowadays. They enjoy sleeping with their pet owners even if you don’t do anything to encourage it. It also entails sleeping in your own bed. Despite the fact that you purchased an expensive dog bed for your pet, they take one smell and run to the bed they prefer — your bed.

Here are some possible reasons why your dog prefers to sleep in your bed rather than the one you bought for them. Understanding them will aid us in persuading them to sleep in their own bed instead of yours:

1. Dogs Become Chilly Sometimes, a warm duvet and a human-sized heater make your bed far more comfortable than your dog’s bed. Sleeping on your bed is more appealing to a dog than shivering in its own body heat. Hoping to warm their nose and toes under the sheets by sleeping in their dog owner’s bed.

2. Your Bed Smells Great – Freshly laundered sheets have a wonderful aroma, which your dog will enjoy if you do. As much as we love to keep our beds smelling fresh, it also attracts our dogs.

3. Dogs prefer large bed spaces – while most dogs sleep in a donut-like pattern, they don’t stay that way all night. Your pet’s bed has plenty of room for them to stretch out their large bodies and get a good night’s sleep.

4. Dog Smells and Feels Appreciate Them – another reason your dog might like your bed is that it smells and feels like them. When they begin sleeping in your bed, it will quickly begin to smell like theirs.

5. The dog feels lonely — most dogs don’t like sleeping alone, and if you let them sleep with you once, they’ll attempt to sleep with you every night after that. When you tell them to get off your bed, they will moan and gaze at you with sorrowful eyes.

6. Your Dog Is Feeling Left Out — Dogs have only one type of affection, and they don’t realize that they can still be loved even if they don’t get nighttime cuddles from their human best friend.

7. Dogs Love You – Your dog sleeps on your bed because he or she loves you and suffers from separation anxiety when they are separated from their owners.

They are well aware that it is inappropriate, that it is not their place, and that it will irritate you. Even when you’re not around, they want to be near you and smell your aroma. They’ll be able to do this best if they sleep in your bed.

8. Your Dog Is Feeling Royal – When a dog starts acting like royalty, it can be entertaining. They may introduce this sense of entitlement by claiming your bed in some circumstances.

9. Your Bedsheets Feel Good — Unlike other dog beds, yours is designed for comfort and luxury, and your doggie is aware that yours is created with high-quality linens. They know they belong on your bed the moment they step on it.

Now, we have got our answers on why does my dog want to sleep with me?

What Are Your Dogs’ Favorite Spots In Your Bed?

Dogs will sleep anyplace as long as you are nearby. They can sleep on the couch next to you or at your feet as you watch TV on the sofa.

They may take the spot as their own if you open your bed to them and start sleeping with them. Here are some of the most typical places in your bed or room where dogs like to sleep.

On top of you

It feels like a weighted blanket when a dog lays on top of its people. Sleeping with your dog is quite relaxing for both you and your pet.

If your pet sleeps with you in this manner, it shows they don’t want to be separated from you even when you’re sleeping. It’s possible that your dog is overly reliant on you and that you spend too much time together during the day.


People spooning is a popular sleeping posture, but do you spoon with your dog? They are frequently the tiny spoon unless you have a really large and dexterous dog.

When your pet enables you to hug them close as you co-sleep, it implies they have complete faith in you as their pet dog owner and feel safe in your company.

At the end of the Bed

If your pet prefers to sleep at the foot of the bed, it is most likely because it has plenty of room there. Most dogs prefer to sleep in this position. It could indicate that your pet wants to be near to you, but they also respect your privacy. They may perceive you as their alpha if you sleep at the end of the bed.

Next to your bed

Not all dogs can leap onto your bed, and some pet owners refuse to let their canines sleep in their own beds. As a result, some dogs sleep on the side or on the floor next to your bed.

They are demonstrating their love for you when they do this. It also means that they are aware of your and their personal space, but they still want to be near you.

In the middle of the bed

When your dog sleeps in the middle of the bed, no matter how small they are, they can claim the entire bed as their own. They may believe that their need for space is more essential than yours; as a result, begin educating them to be more space-conscious, especially if you plan to let them sleep in your bed.

On your face

Some pets are particularly irritating, attempting to sleep on their owners. Please don’t be offended; they’re just trying to be as near to you as possible.

However, this can be too near for comfort, and attempting to separate them is not enjoyable for either of you. Establish some limits for yourself and your dog by claiming your alpha status throughout your waking hours.

In their bed

Some dogs ignore the beds, while others value their own space and territory. It also demonstrates their trust in your relationship and their devotion to you as their master.

Under Your Bed

Some dogs believe that the place beneath your bed is comfier than it is for humans. Because their wolf ancestors used to sleep in dens, some dogs prefer small, gloomy environments. It’s possible that your dog prefers the place under the bed since it’s his natural habitat, and he’s at ease there.

Under the Covers

It’s also tied to their ancestor’s tendency to sleep in small areas if your dog likes to sleep beneath the covers. Sleeping in this manner makes them feel more connected to you and as if they have a special link with you.

Next To You on Your Bed

If your dog sleeps close to you, they certainly appreciate the finer things in life, including the pleasure of resting on the bed. Because they are safe in their attachment to you, they have no desire to smother you while you sleep.

why does my dog want to sleep with me

How to Get Your Dog to Sleep on His or Her Own Bed

It’s difficult enough to get your pets to obey your directions. So, if you want to train your dogs to sleep in their beds, here are some helpful hints.

In their new bed, give your pet the feeling of being close.

Dogs adore their favorite person’s aroma in the house. You can place something on their bed that reminds them of their favorite person, even if they don’t have a favorite object. Toss an item of clothes from the person to whom they are linked into your pet’s new bed. This will assist them in acclimating to their new bed.

1. Get Your Dog A Cozy Bed

Make sure your pet’s bed is pleasant for them if you want him to stay in it. Consider how they would react if they were thrown out of their plush and comfortable bed and forced to sleep on the hard floor.

As a result, get them something that is also comfortable for them to sleep in so they don’t sneak back into your bed.

Dog mattresses with memory foam bases, water-resistant covers, and non-skid bottoms are some qualities to consider. Some products will provide your dog the same cozy sensation as your mattress. It will also give your dog’s muscles and joints plenty of support.

2. Fundamental Obedience Training

Teaching your pet basic obedience commands can go a long way toward making them appreciate their bed. Begin by taking a short walk towards your dog’s bed until they enter it.

Place them in the “down” position and give them a treat. It will give them the notion that staying in their bed is a good idea, and it will reward them.

3. Positive reinforcement, reward

Most dogs are motivated by dog food, but rewards do not have to be limited to food. They also enjoy hearing positive reinforcement training, particularly “good boy.” You don’t have to give them a food treat every time they get on their bed because their toys might be a reward for them.

It will only be necessary at first to ensure that your dog enjoys the bed. Giving them a treat every time they get on their bed, whether on your instruction or on their own, is all it takes. They will want to get on their bed more regularly if they are proud of themselves.

Take away

The dog can grow to appreciate and sleep in its own bed. Even if they continue to hop on your bed and demonstrate that they enjoy sleeping on it, you can begin to teach them to stay out and respect your personal space.

There will be nights when they are particularly obstinate and display signs of separation anxiety, but you must be constant with your training.

If you take your time and let them in once, they’ll think it’s fine to sleep on your bed again. Dog owners should be the pack leader, and if your dog learns to enjoy and sleep in their bed, your stress levels will decrease.

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