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What White Cavalier King Charles spaniel lacks in stature, they make up for in outsized appeal. These sprightly dogs have irresistible faces with shiny, spherical eyes.

White Cavalier King Charles Spaniel profile

Their long, silky coats mixed with their clean gait give this toy breed a sleek high quality. white cavalier King Charles spaniels are playful, agreeable, affected people, and extremely affectionate.

They take pleasure in spending time with their house owners, different dogs, and are not intimidated by a lot of bigger dogs. As spaniels, they have a looking intuition and can chase after balls, birds, and automobiles.

White cavalier King Charles spaniel Mixes

White cavalier King Charles spaniel mixes can be found at shelters, although they aren’t an extremely frequent rescue combine.

White cavalier King Charles spaniel mixes could have personality and bodily traits of the opposite breeds of their ancestry, in addition to a number of the Cavalier’s disposition and refined seams.

Most shelters don’t carry out DNA testing on their blended breeds, so heritage is often decided by bodily and temperament traits, together with any info shared when the dog is surrendered.

In case you have involved in a white cavalier king Charles spaniel or a Cavalier combine, find a shelter that does genetic testing on blended breeds, or let native shelters know you have an interest in AKC-registered Cavalier surrenders.

Bear in mind, even with proof of Cavalier ancestry, every dog’s persona could differ from the breed commonplace attributable to life expertise, coaching, and socialization.

Widespread white cavalier king Charles spaniel mixes embrace many small-statured breeds, equivalent to Chihuahua, Papillon, Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, and Pomeranian.

Bodily Description/Breed Normal

Coat – The silky coat of the Cavalier is of medium size with further lengthy, feathered fur on the ears, chest, tail, and legs. Additionally, they have feathered toes, which supplies them a gentle, slipper-like tread.

Coat colors embrace Blenheim, a mixture of chestnut and white; tricolor, a mixture of black and white with tan markings over the eyes, on the cheeks, contained in the ears and the underside of the tail; ruby, a strong deep red; and black and tan, black with spots of tan over the eyes and on the cheeks, chest, legs, and underside of tail.

Blenheim Cavaliers could have a chestnut marking on their brow often known as the ‘Blenheim Spot.’

Breed Normal and History

The white cavalier king Charles spaniel is an energetic and sleek dog, with a courageous, playful, and joyful persona.

He has a noble profile and chic actions. His coat must be silky and move in gentle waves without the necessity for any trimming or alteration.

A comparatively younger breed, the Cavalier King Charles was modeled on toy spaniels beloved and pampered by British royalty, together with England’s King Charles II within the late 1600s.

The Blenheim coloration was named for Blenheim Palace, the place the first Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill, raised precursors to the Cavalier within the chestnut/white mixture.

It was an American toy spaniel fanatic named Roswell Eldridge, nevertheless, who promoted the event of right this moment’s standard Cavalier.

Eldridge traveled to England within the 1920s to purchase two toy spaniels, however he was unable to search out any that resembled what he referred to as the “outdated sort.”

As a substitute for giving up, he supplied prizes for the perfect female and male spaniels with the “outdated” traits.

This generated a revival of curiosity in breeding these toy spaniels. The primary Cavaliers got here to America in 1952 and the breed was acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership in 1995.

AKC Breed Class

Toy Group


Normal Temperament

white cavalier king charles spaniels are pleasant and playful and all the time excited to spend time with their people.

They’re mild of spirit, delicate to reprimands, and reply finest to constructive reinforcement. Additionally, they have a cussed streak that makes endurance throughout coaching a should.

With their soulful eyes on you, it could possibly really feel as if they by no means need to be aside—even for brief durations of time.

You would not be imagining issues. Cavaliers are extraordinarily hooked up to their house owners and Cavaliers would spend each waking second with them if they had the selection. Additionally, they have a cussed streak that makes endurance throughout coaching a should.

Household Life

Are Cavaliers Good with Children? Pleasant, exuberant, and mild, Cavaliers are typically fantastic playmates for youths.

They love the eye youngsters bathe on them, and particularly welcome children keen to play countless video games of fetch.

When the kids are little, all the time they hold a detailed eye as a result of younger children may be unintentionally tough or fall on the toy spaniel.

Each dog has a noble persona and distinct life experiences that have an effect on his disposition. As a rule, adults ought to all the time supervise playdates between children and their four-legged associates.

Are white cavalier king Charles spaniels Good with Different Pets? Cavaliers take pleasure in different dogs as playmates.

They aren’t threatened by dogs larger than themselves and can play properly with dogs of any dimension, making them splendid for households that welcome a wide range of dogs into the household.

Due to their looking intuition, Cavaliers will generally chase small family pets, equivalent to hamsters, cats, and birds.

Normally Cavaliers settle for cats they grew up with, whom they contemplate family members fairly than prey. All the time supervise your Cavalier when introducing them to unfamiliar pets.


Due to their open, trusting natures, Cavaliers are usually not overly protecting.

Are white cavalier king Charles spaniels a Good Guard dog? Everyone seems to be a good friend and potential playmate to a Cavalier, so they often don’t make good guard dogs.

Power Rangers

Cavaliers have average vitality ranges. They like to play and are energized when somebody engages with them. However, they’re additionally completely happy to whereas away the hours warming somebody’s lap.

Particular Issues

Low tolerance for being alone.

With their looking intuition, they might chase birds, cats, and different small animals.

They need to all the time be walked on a leash due to the chance of dashing off after prey.

Delicate to warmth attributable to their lush coats.

They’re cussed and may be gradual to housetrain.



Indoor white cavalier King Charles spaniels are indoor dogs who do not do properly left alone exterior. They make good condominium dogs, so long as they’ve firm more often than not.

They will bark at a knock on the door or a fowl within the yard, however general they’re thoughtful housemates.

Out of doors

Out of doors Cavaliers are usually not meant to spend prolonged durations of time exterior, particularly alone.

They do love the outside, nevertheless, and admire a sport of fetch within the again yard or lengthy walks. It is essential the yard is fenced as a result of their looking instincts that will encourage them to chase after birds, squirrels, and butterflies.


Train Leisurely walks are usually not fairly sufficient for this breed. It is essential to incorporate a number of high-intensity video games of catch or chase in your everyday routine to maintain Cavaliers in glorious form.


Endurance These looking dogs have loads of stamina. They’ll sustain with you in your walks and nonetheless have vitality leftover for playtime indoors.

Exercise distance score

Working Miles: Wholesome Cavaliers will take pleasure in a mellow run for a mile or so. Largely, they take pleasure in working in spurts throughout the game of fetch.

Climbing Miles: A wholesome Cavalier will happily hike with you for 2 to a few miles.


Meals Cavaliers typically eat between ½ to 1 cup of high-quality dry pet food every day over two meals. Watch your Cavalier for indicators of weight achieved.

Alone time

Alone Time Cavaliers are usually not comfy spending time alone. They do best when a member of the family is dwelling by way of the day to maintain their firm or once they can go to work with you.

Without a firm, Cavaliers are liable to separation anxiety and should have interaction in harmful behaviors.

Crate coaching Cavaliers when they’re younger can help hold them out of mischief and set up a den in the place they’re comfortable spending quick occasions alone.

Health and Grooming

Life Expectancy
12 – 15 years

white cavalier king charles spaniel


Cavaliers require common brushing to maintain their medium-length coat shiny and wholesome.

They require occasional baths, particularly in the event you play open-air with them incessantly.

Conserving their hair at its pure size is most well-liked, however the hair between their paw pads will want occasional trimming.

Cavaliers are average, seasonal shedders. Brush their enamel a number of days per week and trim their nails just a few occasions a month.


White cavalier King Charles spaniels could also be liable to breed-specific health considerations—some severe—together with:

Elevated danger of coronary heart illness (mitral valve illness (MVD)) at an early age

Episodic falling brought on by muscle rigidity

Syringomyelia (SM) – a situation brought on by a malformation of the cranium

Hip Dysplasia

Patellar luxation – a situation wherein the knee joint strikes in and misplaced
Dry eye (keratoconjunctivitis sicca)

Ear problems

You possibly can decrease severe health considerations in a white cavalier King Charles spaniel by buying from a good breeder who engages in accountable breeding practices, and through screening for frequent ailments and situations.



Cavaliers are an intelligent breed and wanting to be taught, so long as coaching is just like playtime and the rewards are plentiful.

They are often cussed and tough to housebreak, however persistence, endurance, and an everyday schedule repay.

Superior Training

Cavaliers are athletic and quick-witted, making them good candidates for agility coaching. They’ll work exhausting to please, however will also be cussed. Supply loads of treats and rewards as encouragement, and hold coaching classes short.

Sporting dog Training

Cavaliers will hunt squirrels, chipmunks, and birds in your yard, however they’re largely companion animals and never sturdy candidates for sporting dog coaching.

Breed FAQs

Are white cavalier king Charles spaniels hypoallergenic?

No. white cavalier king Charles spaniels shed and, consequently, launched pet dander into your house. Dander is the reason for most pet-related allergy symptoms.

Are white cavalier king Charles spaniels hyperactive?

Cavaliers are usually not hyperactive. They usually match the vitality ranges of their closest companions.

If their people are feeling frisky, they may elevate their vitality ranges to hitch in on the enjoyable. But when their human is studying on the sofa, they will gladly chill out alongside for some time.

What are ‘Blenheim Spots’ on Cavaliers?

Blenheim Cavaliers generally have a chestnut marking in the course of their brow often known as a ‘Blenheim Spot.’

Lore has it the spots appeared when the Duchess of Marlborough repeatedly pressed her thumb on the brow of a spaniel about to provide a start.

The Duchess was making an attempt to calm herself and the dog whereas the Duke of Marlborough was prevented within the Battle of Blenheim.

When the dog gave a start, the pups all had the distinct chestnut marking the place the Duchess pressed.

Are Cavalier’s good swimmers?

Cavaliers can be taught to swim, however, they don’t seem to be always. Some Cavaliers will love the water, some shall be detached, and a few will dislike being in the water.

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