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The French Brittany spaniel is an agile, energetic gun dog that was initially bred as a trendy bird-hunting dog on each side of the Atlantic. A flexible sporting dog, Brittanys make a clever, affectionate, and playful pet for households, whereas additionally keen and tireless out within the area.

French Brittany Spaniel profile

As such, it’s a breed that requires quite a lot of training, however one that may get pleasure from each energetic second with its family.

Hen dog lovers and households alike recognize the “softness” of Brittany’s face and its high-set ears, in addition to its excessive power degree and eagerness to please.

French Brittany spaniel dog history

Though Brittanys resemble spaniels, the dog really has more of the working traits of a pointer or setter.

Due to this fact, the American Kennel Membership dropped the phrase “spaniel” from this pointing breed’s identity in 1982.

French Brittany spaniel earned their identity as a result of they had been developed within the French Brittany spaniel province of France between the 17th and 19th centuries. They had been formally acknowledged as a breed in 1907.

A pointing breed that was designed to turn into a flexible gundog, the French Brittany spaniel was adept at each pointing and retrieving, which made these dogs well-suited to working in an array of nation environments.

Although the information had been saved on this breed, it’s believed that the dogs that contributed to Brittany’s growth had been the English Setter, Welsh Springer Spaniel, and presumably other French spaniel breeds.

Brittany’s expertise as a chicken dog quickly made the breed in-demand with hunters in different international locations.

The French Brittany spaniel dog got here to the USA in 1931 and, since then, they’ve additionally turned into well-liked household dogs due to their medium dimension and affectionate, pleasant persona.

Dog Breed Traits

As already mentioned, the French Brittany Spaniel is a medium-sized, compact dog standing 17.5-20.5 inches (44-52 cm) on the shoulder. The dog weighs between 30 and 40 kilos (13–18 kg).

Brittany Spaniels have a barely rounded, wedge-shaped head, medium in size muzzle, triangular floppy ears which can be set excessive.

The tail can also be set excessive and will be naturally quick or docked. These dogs are leggy and thus actually quick and agile.


Their coat is brief and clean, both flat or wavy (by no means curly). The coat doesn’t require a whole lot of grooming to look good. Weekly brushing of the coat shall be sufficient to maintain it clean, wholesome, and exquisite.

Additionally, Brittany Spaniels shed reasonably all year long. The coat is available in quite a lot of colors, together with orange and white, liver and white, black and white, liver tricolor, and black tricolor.

Some ticking (small remote areas of black hairs on a white background) is often seen and fascinating. The coat doesn’t take up or maintain water or grime.

FUN FACT: In America and Canada black coats are just not acceptable. In all places else the FCI customary of the breed is revered and that customary accepts black as one of many colors the French Brittany Spaniel dog’s coat is available in.

The remaining is fundamental care. Trim the dog’s nails when wanted, brush the dog’s enamel, examine (and clear) the dog’s ears repeatedly to stop infections.

Energy level

The French Brittany Spaniel is a highly energetic and fun-loving dog. They’re usually mentioned to be hyperactive.

Due to this, Brittany is just not for everybody. They excel in virtually any dog sport – obedience, agility, flyball, dock diving, and so forth.

Earlier than getting yourself a French Brittany Spaniel thinks whether or not you may present him sufficient loads of train every single day, regardless of the climate outdoors.

If the dog doesn’t get sufficient bodily and psychological train he could turn out to be neurotic and damaging.

Additionally, this dog requires fixed consideration and infrequently exhibits separation nervousness. Some Brittany Spaniels are inclined to whine persistently.

These dogs should not be fitted to condominium dwelling and so they do best if they have a big, fenced yard, the place they will run freely wherever they need. They like to run in open areas.

The French Brittany Spaniel is a pleasant, affectionate, people-oriented dog, desperate to please his household.

The dog loves youngsters and is protecting them. Additionally, the French Brittany Spaniel is often peaceable with different animals (when socialized correctly).

Pet birds or different small critters should not really be useful to share a dwelling area with this dog that has a powerful prey drive.


After all, early socialization and coaching are a should. Fortunately, the Brittany Spaniels are desperate to please, very clever and thus extremely trainable. They don’t reply properly to harsh remedy as they’re very delicate.

Be mild and constant, however agency. Early socialization should advertise an assured temperament as a result of a whole lot of Brittany Spaniels being excessively submissive so they might urinate when changing into intimidated or over-excited.

French Brittany spaniel dog Care

A cheerful and alert dog, the French Brittany spaniel is a rugged, high-energy breed that may require day by day train, together with frequent outside adventures, or further lengthy walks on a daily basis.

The dogs’ handy dimension and athletic construct assist them to thrive in properties of individuals with energetic life, whether or not it is going for hikes or taking part in vigorous video games of fetch.

If the French Brittany spaniel dog doesn’t obtain ample training, they’re more likely to develop behavioral points, equivalent to barking and hyperactivity to damaging chewing.

French Brittany spaniel dog’s wash-and-wear coat will want only a weekly brushing to manage to shed.

A delicate dog with a softer temperament, the French Brittany spaniel responds greatest to light, calm coaching.

They aren’t more likely to do nicely in intense, tense dwelling environments or conditions. Luckily, the breed is sensible and desirous to please, in order that they aren’t notably troublesome to coach.

French Brittany spaniel dogs crave companionship, so they’re vulnerable to separation anxiety when left alone for various hours.

Some French Brittany spaniel dogs turn into anxious, which they are going to specific by chewing and barking.

Like most breeds, the French Brittany spaniel additionally wants correct coaching and socialization; when well-socialized, most of those dogs will turn into light and peaceable with each individual and different animals.

Some French Brittany spaniel dogs could also be timid, submissive, and tend to whine, so early socialization will assist them develop an assured, easy-going temperament.

Adolescents might be notably submissive, so they could urinate when turning into over-excited or intimidated, equivalent to when a grownup is standing over them or reaching over to pet them. This concern may also be corrected with time and coaching.

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Health Issues

French Brittany Spaniels have a life expectancy of 12-14 years and often lives a protracted wholesome life. The breed is usually wholesome; there are only some genetic health points they’re liable to.

These well being points are hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and hypothyroidism, which is brought on by an abnormally low degree of the hormone produced by the thyroid gland.

The indicators of hypothyroidism are weight problems, psychological dullness, low power ranges, irregular warmth cycles, coarse fur, and so forth. Hypothyroidism will be handled with each day’s remedy.

The French Brittany spaniel is mostly a wholesome breed however susceptible to some genetic health points, together with:

Hip dysplasia: A malformation of the hip joint

Epilepsy: A seizure dysfunction

Hypothyroidism: A situation that happens when not sufficient of the thyroid hormone is being secreted

Grownup cataracts: The results of an eye fixed lens rising thick and opaque, blocking imaginative and prescient

Cleft palate: A situation that happens at the beginning during which there’s a gap between the mouth and nostril due to improper development

As a consequence of their excessive ranges of exercise, French Brittany spaniel house owners can also have their dogs handled for bodily accidents that may occur whereas taking part in or working outdoors, equivalent to lacerations, damaged bones, or ligament tears.

French Brittany Spaniel breeders

The Brittany Spaniels are fairly pricey. Relying on the breeder their worth ranges from $1200 – USD 3800.

Breed Overview

Group: Sporting Group
Weight: 30 to 40 pounds
Height 17.5 to 20.5 inches
Coat: Dense, flat, or wavy
Colors: Combinations of white and orange or reddish-brown; clear or roan patterns

Life Expectancy: 12 to 14 years

Characteristics of the Brittany Dog

Affection Level: High
Friendliness: Medium
Kid-Friendly: High
Pet-Friendly: High
Exercise Needs: High
Playfulness: High
Energy Level: High
Trainability: High
Intelligence: High
The tendency to Bark: Medium
Amount of Shedding: Medium

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