Surprising Facts about Pet Insurance

What are some of the surprising facts about pet insurance every pet lover should know about? We love our pets like family, so it’s only natural to want the best care for them if they become ill or injured. But pet insurance is often overlooked, and many people don’t even realize that pet insurance exists.

Did you know that pet insurance was first introduced in Sweden in the early 1990s? Since then, the use of pet insurance has exploded around the world. In 2021, the pet insurance industry was estimated to be worth over $2 billion.

Similar to human health insurance, pet insurance has a number of limitations not present in human insurance. In fact, within six months after adoption, the majority of consumers get pet insurance. A pre-existing ailment is not covered by any pet insurance provider. 1.8 million responsible pet owners have chosen to insure their animals.

10 Surprising Facts about Pet Insurance

But how much do you really know about pet insurance and how it works? Read on for 10 must-know facts about pet insurance.

1. You can purchase pet insurance at any age

There are no age restrictions when it comes to buying pet insurance, so you can start as soon as your furry friend joins the family. It’s important to note that depending on the insurer, pre-existing conditions may not be covered if the pet is over 8 years old.

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2. Pet insurance covers more than just vet bills

Pet insurance covers more than just medical expenses. While most people think of pet insurance as a way to cover vet bills when their pets get sick or injured, many policies also cover other costs such as lost and stolen pets, boarding fees if you have to leave your pet while traveling, and even alternative therapies like acupuncture or physiotherapy.

Most standard policies will cover accidents and illnesses, but some go even further and offer additional coverage such as routine check-ups, vaccinations, flea & tick control, teeth cleaning, and more.

For instance, Trupanion reviews, it offers a range of pet health insurance plans that can help offset the cost of veterinary care. Plans include coverage for hospital stays, emergency visits, surgeries, and prescription medications. Additionally, Trupanion offers 24/7 support from knowledgeable staff members via phone or chat who can answer questions and provide guidance.

3. Coverage varies widely

Make sure to read through all of the fine print before you buy a policy so that you know what is and isn’t covered by your plan. Some policies may include coverage for alternative treatments like acupuncture or hydrotherapy, while others may not. Also, be aware that deductibles and co-pays are usually associated with each claim.

You can get coverage for cats and dogs and some exotic animals. Most pet insurers offer coverage for both cats and dogs, but some will also cover birds, reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and potbellied pigs.

4. Reimbursement levels vary

Pet insurance policies usually provide reimbursements at either an 80/20 split (where 80% of eligible expenses are covered) or a 70/30 split (where 70% of eligible expenses are covered). If you decide to purchase a policy with an 80/20 split, make sure to factor in the 20% out-of-pocket cost when budgeting for your pet’s medical care costs. 

5. Pets can be enrolled in multiple plans

If you have multiple pets in your household, they can each be enrolled in their own individual plan or they can all share one policy together (depending on what type of policy you choose). This gives you greater flexibility when it comes to finding the right coverage for each of your furry friends! 

6. Pre-existing conditions aren’t always excluded

Pre-existing conditions are generally not covered by pet insurance policies. If your pet has a pre-existing condition before signing up for an insurance policy, it likely won’t be covered under that policy—so it’s important to look into this ahead of time if your pet has any existing health issues or risks for developing them in the future.

While most insurers won’t cover pre-existing conditions under their standard policies, some do offer riders that will cover certain types of pre-existing conditions for an additional cost (usually at a lower reimbursement level than accidents and illnesses).  Check with your insurer before signing up to find out if this is an option for you. 

7. Some policies offer discounts

Many pet insurers offer discounts based on the age or breed of your pet, so make sure to ask about any available discounts before signing up for a policy! Additionally, some companies also offer multi-pet discounts if you have multiple pets enrolled in one policy together.

Some insurers offer discounts if payment is made via direct debit or electronic funds transfer; this helps keep costs down since there is no need to wait for payments to clear through banks or credit card companies etc.

8. Pet insurance premiums vary by breed

Just like human health insurance premiums vary depending on age and location, so too do pet health insurance premiums—they’re typically higher for certain breeds due to their increased risk factors and the likelihood of needing medical care over other breeds. So make sure to shop around before deciding which insurer is right for you. 

Pet insurance premiums tend to increase with age since older pets typically require more medical care than younger ones; however, some insurers offer discounts if multiple pets are insured under one policy or if they have been spayed/neutered, which helps keep costs down.

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9. Policies are customizable

You can choose from different levels of coverage. Most insurers give you the ability to customize your plan by selecting different levels of coverage depending on what types of services you need to be insured (accidents vs illnesses) or how much reimbursement level you’d like (80/20 vs 70/30).

Some plans may cover only accidents and illnesses, while others provide comprehensive coverage, including preventive care such as vaccinations and checkups. This allows you to tailor your plan based on your particular needs without having to pay extra for things that don’t apply to your situation.

10 . Pet owners save money with preventative care

The best way to keep veterinary costs down is prevention—by making sure that regular checkups and vaccinations are taken care of regularly, owners can save themselves hundreds if not thousands in potential future medical bills down the line. Plus, many insurers now cover preventative care services such as annual exams, blood tests, dental cleanings, etc.


Pet Insurance is becoming increasingly popular amongst owners looking to protect their beloved animal companions from unexpected medical bills or other costly issues that may arise throughout their lives together.

With so many different plans available, though, it’s important to research the options thoroughly to find one that meets both your and your furry friend’s needs – understanding things like deductibles, limitations on benefits and exclusions ahead of time will help ensure that everything runs smoothly when it comes time to file claims, etc.

Investing in good quality Pet Insurance is an invaluable decision that could potentially save both heartache (and money) down the line – so why not start researching today?

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