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The mini Brittany Spaniel Spaniel can be recognized merely as a mini Brittany Spaniel and as their title suggests, they originate from France the place they had been bred as a working dog.

They thrive on being stored busy and don’t do effectively if left to their very own devices for lengthy durations of time.

Mini Brittany Spaniel profile

For many years, the breed has been a preferred working dog of their native France, however at the moment are becoming widespread here in the UK because of their super capability to Hunt, Point, and Retrieve.

The mini Brittany Spaniel is kind of a frivolously constructed spaniel as in comparison with others of their sort.

They boast alert, variety natures and are all the time wanting to please that is simply a number of the reason why they make such good working dogs within the discipline.

Because of their keen personalities, mini Brittany Spaniel can be an incredible companion or family pet particularly in the right form of surroundings and residing with people who are aware of the breed or the sort of spaniel and who reside energetic, outdoor lives.


The mini Brittany Spaniel was named for the French province of mini Brittany Spaniel and could also be the results of crossing the Orange and White Setter together with some not clearly recognized French dog.

Because Brittany Spaniel seems to be so much just like the Welsh Springer Spaniel some assume the 2 could also be associated.

The breed is among the most popular pointing breeds for hen looking. In some nations the breed is known as a “mini Brittany Spaniel Spaniel,” nevertheless in the USA it’s known as simply “mini Brittany Spaniel.”

The mini Brittany Spaniel was first proven in France in 1896 and first acknowledged by the AKC in 1934.

Mini Brittany Spaniel facts


Mini Brittany Spaniel Spaniels thrive in a house surroundings
They’re good around youngsters of all ages
They’re very social by nature and usually good round different dog
They’re low maintenance on the grooming front
They’ve plenty of vitality and luxuriate in all kinds of dog actions
They shed reasonably throughout the year


Nini Brittany Spaniel Spaniels like to work and are by no means comfortable after they’ve obtained nothing to do
They have an excessive prey drive being firstly a looking breed
They thrive on human company and do not like being on their very own which might see them affected by separation anxiety
They aren’t the only option for first-time dog homeowners as a result of they have to be trained and dealt with by individuals familiar with their wants
They thrive on being stored busy being a “true” working dog

Mini Brittany Spaniel Description

The Brittany Spaniel is a hearty, medium-sized, leggy dog. The dog’s lengthy legs are the same peak on the shoulders because of the size of the physique.

The medium-sized, rounded head is wedge-shaped, however not fairly as vast as it’s long. The stop slopes mildly.

The muzzle is medium in size. The nostril has vast nostrils and is available in fawn, tan, shades of brown or deep pink, relying on the color of its coat.

Black noses should not be permitted within the present ring. The enamel meets in a scissors chew.

Eyes are available colors of darkish brown to shades of amber and hazel, relying on the coat coloration.

The triangular ears are set high, lying flat near the head. The feet are small with well-arched toes and thick pads. The tail is about high, both naturally short or docked to four inches or less (10 cm).

It’s unlawful to crop tails in most of Europe. Dewclaws are typically removed. The only coat is frivolously feathered, by no means curly, however dense, flat or wavy.

Everywhere in the world, the Brittany Spaniel or Epagneul Breton accepts 5 colors:

Orange and white, liver and white, black and white, liver tricolor, and black tricolor, in both a transparent or, roam sample, with some ticking.

The USA (AKC) and Canada (CKC) don’t acknowledge black. All different nations worldwide do settle for all colors and observe the FCI standard of the breed.


Mini Brittany Spaniel Temperament

Mini Brittany Spaniel is clever and simple to deal with and practice looking for. It’s a loving and delicate animal; obedient and all the time wanting to please. Pleased and alert, this vigorous breed is a really energetic and enthusiastic hunter.

Affectionate, but impartial; it’s a free-thinker. Good-natured and simple to look after. mini Brittany Spaniels that lack psychological and or bodily training will turn into hyperactive and unstable because the vitality builds up inside them.

When they don’t seem to be looking they have to be taken out on a day-by-day pack walks the place the dog is made to heel beside the handler.

By no means allow them to stroll out the entrance, as the pack leader goes first. In addition, they want an owner who’s firm, however calm, assured, and constant all at the same time, setting the foundations and sticking to them.

Brittany Spaniels that lack in psychological/bodily training and/or should not be safe with their place within the pack could turn into nervous and/or timid. Socialize extensively as a pet.

Due to the dog’s looking instincts, mini Brittany Spaniel likes to roam.

They’re good with youngsters if they’re raised with them from puppyhood and/or correctly socialized. It adapts to all kinds of terrain: woods, plains or hills.

It is proof of chilly and damp situations. It’s used particularly for looking at woodcock, partridge, and hare, and is all the time energetic, enthusiastic, and untiring.

It additionally has an excellent intuition for retrieving from water. The mini Brittany Spaniel has earned nice recognition amongst millions of hunters due to its reasonable size, which permits hunters to move them easily.

Due to its jolly character, additionally, it is popular as a companion dog.

Mini Brittany Spaniel Height, Weight

Height: Males 17 – 21 inches (43 – 53 cm) Females 18 – 20 inches (46 – 51 cm)
Weight: Males 35 – 40 pounds (16 – 18 kg) Females 30 – 40 pounds (14 – 18 kg)

Mini Brittany Spaniel Grooming

Regular brushing of the medium-length, flat coat is basically all that’s wanted to maintain it in a good situation. Bathe or dry shampoo when crucial.

A low-maintenance dog, however cautious trimming is important should you plan on exhibiting them.

Check the ears rigorously, particularly when the dog has been out in rough or brushy terrain. This breed is a light shedder

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