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black brittany spaniel

In the present day, the black Brittany spaniel has gained a reputation not solely within the subject, however in house surroundings too because of their keen, sort, and dependable natures.

Black Brittany Spaniel profile

The Brittany Spaniel breed is also commonly known by the names Brittany Spaniel, Brittany Wiegref, Epagneul Breton, French Brittany.

The breed was lastly recognized by the Kennel Membership in 1997 with many spaniels now being exhibited in addition to at subject trials.

The black Brittany spaniel was first bred within the Callac area of France. There’s a statue of a French Cob horse that stands within the village of Callac which apparently represents how a black Brittany spaniel ought to seem, being robust and cobby identical to the robust French horse.

In the course of the 1800s, many English landed gentry hung out in France the place they attended “shoots” which primarily noticed them searching partridge and snipe.

Once they went over to France, they took their finest “gundogs” with them which have been primarily pointers and setters.

Fairly often the English hunters left their dog behind after they returned to England so they’d already been in France when the hunters returned the next year to attend upcoming shoots.

This saw many French land homeowners crossing English dogs with their very own native breeds which included a really spirited spaniel generally known as the Fougeres.

The mating with English Pointers, Gordon, and English Setters was to supply the black Brittany spaniel.

These spaniels have been so popular that by the 1900s, breeding programs have been established with an objective being to standardize the breed.

Over time, many black Brittany spaniels have been to be Champions of their native France and as such, British breeders used their prodigy to supply wholesome puppies from famend traces.

The brand new hybrid spaniels have been more expert at scenting, working that a lot better within the subject.

English Setters have been then crossed with Brittany within the 1900s with the tip goal being to supply a taller dog.

By the 1930s breeders started working in direction of producing a smaller, extra cobby-like spaniel and these dogs have been to grow to be an agency favorite in France having proved themselves to be highly expert gundogs within the subject.

Black Brittany Spaniel Appearance

Height on the withers: Males 48 – 51 cm, Females 47 – 50 cm

Average weight: Males 20 – 23 kg, Females 20 – 23 kg

The black Brittany spaniel is a really mild, but cobby looking dog that boasts an alert, vigorous and clever expression about them.

They’re among the many smallest of the gundog breeds and are famed for his or her eager sense of scent.

Their heads are barely rounded and have a barely outlined median line and occiput. Stops are reasonable and muzzles taper barely with dogs having well-shaped and open nostrils.

black Brittany spaniels have very expressive brown to darker colored eyes that match the color of their coat.

Eyes are oval and set obliquely. Ears are triangular with barely rounded ideas they usually have barely wavy hair on them.

Dogs carry their ears excessively, however, they fall in opposition to their cheeks. Brittany has a powerful jaw with an ideal scissor chew the place their higher enamel neatly overlaps their lower ones.

Their necks are reasonably lengthy, clear, and set nicely right into a dog’s shoulders which slope reasonably. Shoulders are muscular with a slight angulation and the highest of their shoulder blades are set fairly wide apart.

Front legs are nicely muscled and straight. They’ve deep chests and briskets that attain proper right down to their elbows with well-rounded rib cages.

Backs are relatively quick as are a dog’s robust loins. Their topline slopes from the withers down to the croup which slopes barely to the place the tail is about. Hindquarters are robust and muscular with the dog boasting highly effective thighs.

Their feet are spherical, compact, and tight with just a little hair rising between every toe. Again ft are barely longer than a dog’s front feet.

The black Brittany spaniel will be naturally tailless or they’ll have a “bob” tail which is about excessive and which dog carries horizontally or just a little decrease.

Relating to their coat, the black Brittany spaniel boasts having a dense, but discover coat that lies flat or will be barely wavy.

Front legs are slightly feathered with hind legs being nicely feathered proper to a dog’s mid-thigh. Accepted colors for Kennel Membership registration are as follows:

Black & White Roan
Black Tricolour
Liver & White
Liver Tricolour
Orange & White
Orange & White Roan


When a black Brittany spaniel strikes, they accomplish that taking quick, brisk strides all the time retaining their topline degree when on the transfer. They don’t overextend their legs when moving.


The Kennel Club frowns on any exaggerations or departures from the breed normal and would decide the faults on how a lot they have an effect on a dog’s general well being and wellbeing in addition to their skill to carry out.

Males ought to have each testicle totally descended into their scrotums and it’s value noting {that a} dog is usually a little lighter or heavier in addition to barely taller or shorter than set out within the Kennel Membership breed normal which is simply given as a tenet.

black Brittany spaniel Temperament

It might be true to say that the black Brittany spaniel is at the beginning a working/searching dog and one which boasts an incredible quantity of stamina, braveness, velocity, and character.

Brittany is a lively and energetic dog by nature and likes nothing greater than to be saved busy, even in house surroundings.

With this stated, they make fantastic household pets and companion dogs for individuals who lead extra energetic, outside lives.

They excel in subject trials and are an agency favorite with people who prefer to compete for each here within the UK and elsewhere on the planet.

Nevertheless, Brittany’s coaching and schooling should begin as early as attainable and puppies should be nicely socialized from a younger age for them to develop as much as to be well-rounded, obedient dogs.

If these dogs are usually not nicely educated early in their lives they have a tendency to run off in the event that they get sight of something within the distance.

It is important for a Brittany to be taught the “recall” command properly from the phrase go and to not believe them an excessive amount of off their leads anyplace close to wildlife and livestock.

With this stated, Brittany is an efficient selection for first-time owners due to their robust want to please.

Being such clever dogs, Brittany is straightforward to coach, however, they aren’t a good selection for individuals who lead extra sedentary lives as a result of these dogs should be given plenty of exercise and mental stimulation for them to be actually joyful, well-rounded, and obedient dogs.

In brief, homeowners have to have the time they want to dedicate to their dog in the event that they need to share a house with a black Brittany spaniel.

Are they a good selection for first-time homeowners?

Black Brittany spaniels are usually not your best option for first-time homeowners, as a result of they’re the form of dog that must be socialized, dealt with, and educated by people who find themselves aware of their particular wants in the case of psychological stimulation and each day bodily training.

What about prey drive?

Though black Brittany spaniels are social by nature, they’ve worked and searched for their lineage that are traits that can be deeply embedded in a dog’s body.

As such, they have an excessive prey drive which suggests care ought to all the time be taken when they’re around smaller pets and animals they do not already know.

Care must also be taken as to the place and when a dog can run off the lead extra particularly when there are livestock and wildlife shut by.

What about playfulness?

black Brittany spaniels are identified to have a playful facet to their natures they usually love being concerned in all types of interactive video games in addition to dog sports activities.

They’re particularly good at agility, flyball, and monitoring actions that are all issues they completely take pleasure in and which retains these clever dogs properly occupied each bodily and mentally.

What about adaptability?

Black Brittany spaniels are primarily working dogs and subsequently are usually not suited to condominium dwelling.

They thrive in house surroundings with individuals who lead very energetic, outside lives with a dog companion at their facet.

What about separation anxiety?

Black Brittany spaniels kind robust ties with their households and dogs are by no means very joyful after they discover themselves left on their own for long intervals of time.

They’re better suited to individuals who both make money working from home or in households; the place one individual stays at home when everybody else is out so they’re by no means alone for any size of time which may see a dog affected by separation anxiety.

This may result in them being harmful across the residence which is a dog’s means of relieving any stress they’re feeling and an option to maintain themselves entertained.

What about extreme barking?

Black Brittany spaniels are usually not identified to be “barkers” and can solely voice an opinion at meal instances or to alert a proprietor when strangers are about or when one thing they do not like is happening in their surroundings.

Do black Brittany spaniels like water?

Black Brittany spaniels are very at a residence in water and love swimming at any time of the yr, however extra particularly when the climate could be very sizzling.

Nevertheless, if anybody who owns a dog that doesn’t like water ought to by no means drive them to go in as a result of it will simply find yourself scaring them.

With this stated, care ought to all the time be taken when strolling a Brittany off the lead anyplace close to extra harmful watercourses simply in case a dog decides to leap in after which it wants rescuing as a result of they can’t get out of the water on their very own.

Are black Brittany spaniels good watchdogs?

Black Brittany spaniels are usually not pure watchdogs though this isn’t to say a dog wouldn’t be fast off the mark to let a proprietor know when there are strangers about though they’d not often do that aggressively preferring like most spaniel breeds, to maintain their distance and bark.

black brittany spaniel

Intelligence / Trainability

black Brittany spaniels are very smart and with precise fingers, they are taught new issues extraordinarily shortly.

Nevertheless, this implies they’re additionally fast to select up any unhealthy habits too. Their coaching should begin early and it should be truthful and constant to get the precise form of outcomes.

If a Brittany is allowed to dominate a scenario they are going to which is one thing to be prevented in any respect.

Like all puppies, black Brittany spaniels are extremely cute when they’re younger and as such it’s all too simple to spoil them after they first arrive of their new properties.

Nevertheless, as soon as a pet is properly settled, new homeowners should begin out as they imply to go on which suggests educating a pet the bottom guidelines, limits, and limits so that they perceive what is anticipated of them.

It additionally helps set up what is appropriate behavior and what’s not in addition to pecking order and who’s the alpha dog in a family.

The primary instructions a pet needs to be taught are as follows:

Leave it

Children and Different Pets

Black Brittany spaniels are a good selection for folks with households as a result of they’re very mild dogs when they’re around kids.

Nevertheless, like every other breed, it is best for any interplay between kids and dogs to be supervised to ensure playtime doesn’t get too boisterous.

They’re additionally identified to talk to each other with different dogs, particularly if they’ve been nicely socialized as puppies.

Nevertheless, resulting from their robust searching instincts, care should be taken when a black Brittany spaniel is around smaller pets and animals.

With this stated, if they’ve grown up with a family cat within the family, they are going to settle for sharing their residence with a feline pal, however will chase off every other cat they arrive with throughout.

Black Brittany spaniel Health

The common life expectancy of a black Brittany spaniel is between 12 and 13 years when correctly cared for and fed an acceptable good high-quality food regimen to swimsuit their ages.

Like so many different breeds, the Brittany is understood to endure from a number of hereditary well-being points that value realizing about in case you are planning to share your property with one in all these energetic and handsome dogs.

The circumstances that appear to have an effect on the breed probably the most embrace the next:

Hip dysplasia – take a look at by the BVA/KC hip scoring scheme
Hereditary deafness – BAER take a look at by the Animal Health Trust (AHT)
Elbow dysplasia – dogs need to be examined
Luxating patella
Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE)
Multifocal retinal dysplasia
Simple glaucoma
Cataracts – affecting dog of their later years
A certain form of most cancers
Allergic reactions
Spinal muscular atrophy
Ear issues

It’s value noting that the coefficient of inbreeding for black Brittany spaniels is 5.8% which suggests there’s a giant gene pool to attract from though breeders ought to all the time guarantee they breed their dog responsibly.

black Brittany spaniel Grooming

Brittany has a stunning, shiny coat with a number of high-quality feathering around their ears, on the backs of their legs, and on their abdomens.

Nevertheless, they do not have an undercoat which suggests they’re fairly low upkeep in the case of retaining their coats wanting nice and in a good situation.

Their coats should be brushed frequently to stop any mats and tangles from forming, paying explicit consideration to a dog’s feathering.

It could be essential to trim any feathering that grows too lengthy round a dog’s ears, on their legs and bellies which makes it much less seemingly for tangles to kind.

It is also vital to verify a dog’s ears frequently and to wash them when mandatory.

If an excessive amount of wax builds up in a dog’s ears, it could actually result in a painful infection which will be onerous to clear up. In brief, prevention is usually simpler than remedy when it comes to ear infections.

black Brittany spaniel Training

Black Brittany spaniels are energetic, high-energy dogs; they usually want a minimum of two hours’ training each day for them to be actually joyful, well-rounded dogs.

A brief stroll within the morning could be alright, however, these dogs want a much longer and extra attention-grabbing stroll within the afternoon which ought to embrace enjoying a number of interactive video games.

As beforehand talked about, Brittany is a very smart character and without the right form of mental stimulation, a dog can shortly develop some undesirable behavioral points which will be put right down to sheer boredom.

If left to their very own gadgets for even shorter intervals of time, the black Brittany spaniel may endure from separation anxiousness which is why they’re a good selection for households the place one individual stays at residence when everybody else is out of the home whereas they aren’t a good selection for individuals who spend more often than not away from residence.

With this stated, younger Brittany puppies shouldn’t be given an excessive amount of training as a result of their joints and bones nonetheless rising and an excessive amount of stress on them may lead to inflicting a dog a number of issues later in their lives.

Black Brittany spaniel Diet

In case you get a Brittany pet from a breeder, they’d provide you with a feeding schedule and it is vital to stay to the identical routine, feeding the identical pet meals to keep away from any tummy upsets.

You’ll be able to change a pet’s food regimen, however, this must be achieved very progressively all the time ensuring they do not develop any digestive upsets and in the event that they do, it is best to place them again on their unique food regimen and to debate issues with the vet earlier than making an attempt to alter it once more.

Older dogs are usually not identified to be fussy or finicky eaters, however, this doesn’t imply you may feed them a decreased high-quality food.

It is best to feed a mature dog twice a day, as soon as within the morning after which once more within the night, ensuring it is good high-quality meals that meet all their dietary necessities.

It is also vital that dogs be given the correct amount of training so that they burn off any extra energy or they may achieve an excessive amount of weight which may result in all types of well-being points.

Weight problems can shorten a dog’s life by a number of years so it is vital to regulate their waistline from the phrase goes.

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