Is an Australian Shepherd a good house dog

Is an Australian Shepherd a good house dog? Have you ever wondered if an Australian Shepherd is a good house dog or even a good dog for an apartment? If you have, then you are among many other canine lovers who want to know whether this dog breed is right for them. To cut the long story short – Australian Shepherds are good house dogs. 

Overall, they have a lively and playful character. They are well-known for having a lot of energy. With that in mind, they are the best for houses with gardens, because it provides them with enough space to explore. 

However, due to their cuddly nature, living indoors is not an issue, as long as you play with them and take them for regular walks. If you want to make living with them a super-exciting activity, include them in your daily activities, and give them a lot of attention. 

Doing chores while they are on your side and playing games while doing so will strengthen your bond and make them happy to be around you. The last is especially important if you live in an apartment, with no garden or backyard. If you provide your Australian Shepherd with a sufficient amount of physical and mental stimulation, they will be happy even in a condo. 

In order to ensure a sufficient amount of physical activity and at the same time protect other people, it is necessary to use suitable collars with a leash because Australian Shepherds are large dogs with a lot of energy, as we said before.

What is bad about the Australian Shepherd? 

It is important to say that there are no bad dogs or even bad characteristics for them. There are, however, certain canine behaviors that fall out of line with what some individuals like. When it comes to an Australian Shepherd, it is important to provide them with a lot of exercise and physical activity. 

Playing games is an excellent choice for giving them mental stimulation, while dog walks are great for their overall health. With that being said, they are known for destroying furniture and their toys if they don’t get enough exercise. 

Another vital component is their socialization. Because they are companion dogs, they need human affection. If you want to avoid problems with shyness or aggressive barking, you need to socialize them. They also require a lot of training, especially males who are known to be stubborn or to love showing dominance. 

If you leave near the hiking trail or the countryside, expect them to chase squirrels, cats, joggers, or generally anything that moves at a certain speed that can trigger their chasing instincts. Last, but not least, Australian Shepherds shed a lot. 

Getting one means that you will have to master the technique of grooming to keep their fur clean and healthy. 

What is the rarest color of the Australian Shepherd? 

Answering this question requires some knowledge in the field of genetics. Same as humans, dogs have recessive genes that are masked by more dominant genes. If a gene is a dominant one, it means it is likely to pass itself on to the next generation. 

Likewise, if a gene is a recessive one, the chance is slimmer. However, sometimes, recessive genes do get passed on. They are rare and often pack unique DNA information. 

With that being said, animal specialists concluded that the red merle is the rarest color of an Australian Shepherd. Although they can have blue eyes or Complete heterochromia, similar to other color patterns, they have unique sets of red noses and paw pads. That is the most notable difference if you compare different coat patterns. 

Now, if you want to have a red merle Australian Shepherd, you need to find one whose both parents have red merle coats. That is because it is recessive and you can’t find too many examples in nature (or the breeding market). So, only if both parents have red merle coats, their offspring can inherit the red merle coloring.  

Despite the red merle being the rarest color in Australian Shepherd dogs, red is the most prominent fur color for the breed. If you are curious about coloring, you will probably be surprised to hear that black is the second rarest coat color in Australian Shepherds. 

What is the best breed to mix with an Australian Shepherd?

Unless you are a professional dog breeder, you probably wonder how to mix your Australian Shepherd to achieve the best results. Genetic inheritance is important, that is why one should pay attention to how they breed their canines. 

The best recommendation is to breed them with Labrador retrievers because this genetic combination yields the best offspring. Australian Shepherds are quite intelligent and energetic, while Labrador retrievers are known for their kind and nurturing nature. 

By mixing these two breeds, you will get a loving companion that is both fluffy and intelligent. Moreover, this is a great way to reduce certain health issues that Shepherds generally have. It is also a great way to control somewhat aggressive behavior some Australian Shepherd male dogs can show. 

Next, by breeding these dogs you will get an unmatched companion who can both protect your family and provide it with unconditional love. Lastly, both breeds have a playful nature and they love to play catch games. 

If you have children, getting the “Sheprador” is your best bet in the long run. 

Final thought

An Australian Shepherd can be a phenomenal pet if you provide them with enough care, support, and love. Although they require a higher level of maintenance in terms of physical stimulation and grooming, they are adorable.

Their personality makes them a suitable choice for families who want affectionate pets. On the other hand, they are also great for solitary souls who are physically active and have a lot of spare time to give to their dogs. I hope this article on Is an Australian Shepherd a good house dog was worth reading.

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