5 Fun Facts About Saint Bernard Dogs – Breed of the Swiss Alps

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Saint Bernard dogs are often depicted as the massive canine breed dog of the Swiss Alps used for delivering the brandy to stranded or lost hikers. They are also seen associated with rescuing people by delivering them brandy in the Alps. There are some fun and interesting facts about Saint Bernard Dogs.

Along with the rescuing utility, these dogs are peaceful and lovable breeds and now becoming popular as pets as well. Despite their large size, they are one of the lovable dog breeds with a peaceful and happy-going nature.

No doubt that the Saint Bernard puppy dog is one of the popular and most lovable dog breeds but there are much more facts related to this cute canine buddy that most people are not aware of. In this article, we are going to discuss these amazing fun facts about the Saint Bernard dogs that you might do not know:

Top 5 Best fun Facts About Saint Bernard Dogs

Learn more about the interesting facts related to the Saint Bernard dog breed:

Fun Fact 1 about Saint Bernard Dogs:

Saint Bernard Dogs are inherited from Molossers

Saint Bernard is also having a mysterious history like other breeds of Alps dogs which includes Entlebuch cattle dogs and Bernese mountain dogs.

Many people believe in the fact that the Saint Bernard dog breed has a somewhat history associated with the Molossers: mastiff-like dogs which were brought by the Romans to Switzerland roughly around 2000 years ago, one of the fun facts about Saint Bernard dog.

People believe that the molasses large dog breed was made with the local mountain dog which lead to the emerging of the Saint Bernard dog breed line.

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Fun Fact 2 about Saint Bernard Dogs:

Monks used these Dogs for work in the Swiss Alps

When there were no airplanes at that time the only method to travel from the Entremont valley to Italy was via the extremely treacherous path only. These snowy Mont- Jouz pass was used to be very cold and their temperature could drop down up to -22 degree Fahrenheit.

This path was used to be covered with several feet of snow throughout the year, And, also the path being along with the snowy one was also not safe because of the looters and robbers who used to wait to prey on the hikers and thus enhance the danger.

A monk namely Bernard De Menthon in 1050 CE when came to pass from this path, decided to clean it. He later helps in evicting the criminals from this path and establishes a hospice in this area to help the hikers in recovering from their few days of travel.

Since Bernard helps people in making this path safe and easy, he later canonized as a saint and the pass was named after him as Saint Bernard pass.

The canine buddy namely Saint Bernard was brought to this hospice on the above-mentioned pass and there the breed was used in guarding and rescuing people.

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Fun Fact 3 about Saint Bernard Dogs:

The Breed is Perfect for Help Purpose

Eventually, all the monks found that the Saint Bernard dog breed has all the features helpful in helping and guiding people and is the perfect breed for the rescuing purpose.

This breed was amazing in clearing the path and they also had the property to predict the suspected avalanches. This breed because of their great olfactory senses could smell the body buried up to 20 feet below the snow.

With their amazing capabilities, these dogs in the mentioned hospice saved more than 2000 people. With the emerging of technologies like airplanes and trains, the need for these kinds of dogs reduced but still the monks there used to raise them as part of their tradition.

Fun Fact 4 about Saint Bernard Dogs:

Barry – a skilled helper

Barry was a saint Bernard dog breed who was an amazing rescue dog. He once saved a 12-year boy from dying in the snow and carry him safely on his back to the safe area. But sadly this dog was killed by Napoleon’s soldier who mis-considered this dog as the wolf.

This local furry hero was then later used as the iconic image of the Saint Bernard breed with the barrel collar and till now the same iconic picture is used to display at the Bern Natural history Museum.

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Fun Fact 5 about Saint Bernard Dogs:

A teen created the myth related to the Barrel collars

In most of the art pictures or the carton picture of saint Bernard’s, they are often displayed with the barrel collar of booze showing their intention to help travelers in the cold area to warm up.

But in actuality, they never used to wear any of this kind of miniature barrel instead they used to help people by delivering them food and water packets.

This myth related to the barrel collar with booze came from the 17-year teen painter from England who painted Alpine Mastiffs Reanimating a Distressed Travelers and there in the picture, he depicted that two saint Bernards are rescuing the injured man.

One of the dogs was depicted barking in order to alarm others for help while the other dog is carrying the booze barrel in an attempt to save the hiker.

The bottom line

So these are the top 5 amazing facts related to the Saint Bernard dog breed. I hope you enjoyed reading and learning the new facts associated with your lovely saint Bernard buddy.


– Guest article provided by Chris kyle from petadvices.com


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