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The most superb truth about Old Family Red Nose Pitbull is that they’ve 150 years of history behind them. The old family red nose originated from Ireland in the 19th century. It’s a direct result of inbreeding between the Pitbull breed that was known as the “Old family”.

Old Family Red Nose Pitbull profile

The Red Nose Pitbull is common not solely due to its red coat and nose but additionally for its gameness and amiable nature. They are great family canines as they get together with children of all ages.

The old family red nose line was initially introduced up in Ireland from privately and intently bred traces. The selective and shut breeding resulted within the trademark red coat and body options.

They are distinctive in look and gameness of the breed resulted in being among the smartest, and greatest constructed of all of the dog breeds.

True old family reds have virtually ceased to exist from outcrossing and careless breeding. Some of probably the most identified Pitbull breeders have helped to enhance this breed like Menefee, Wallace, Mcclintock and, lighter are a number of.

Their trademark body colors and coat is among the most acknowledged and talked about within the pitbull business.

History of the Red Nose Pitbull

The Red Nose Pitbull traces its origins to mid-19th century Ireland. Prior to this, the British have been very keen on bloodsports that featured bears and bulls. It’s believed to be a carryover from the favored Roman pastime of gladiator games in coliseums.

Of course, nobody would dare pit a man in opposition to a man in a no-holds-barred contest anymore so people, out of the extreme want to hold on with custom, opted for utilizing animals as an alternative.

Bloodsport fanatics required a robust, athletic, agile, and recreation dog that may sink its enamel into the flesh of bears or bulls till the beast is felled within the middle of the sector.

For this, 18th to 19th-century people bred the Old English Terrier with the Old English Bulldog to create the Bull-and-Terrier dog. This is undoubtedly the direct ancestor of the modern-day APBT.

At about the identical time, one particular pressure or bloodline of Bull-and-Terrier canines was developed in Ireland. This bloodline was known as the Old Family.

What separated them from different Bull-and-Terrier breeders was that the Irish breeders noticed very strict inbreeding practices in order that the distinctive traits – particularly the dog’s shade – are preserved and maintained.

These canines have been ultimately known as the Irish Old Family Reds, owing to the recessive nature of the color red. The Irish Old Family Reds are the direct ancestors of the modern Red Nose Pitbull.

Sometime within the final quarter of the 19th century, these Old Family Reds discovered their option to the US courtesy of Irish immigrants. It was then that they have been known as the Red Nose Pitbulls.

Does take to be aware that regardless of its name, it’s not solely the nose of the dog that has a reddish hue? The eyes, coat, lips, and toenails are additionally colored red or have a reddish hue in both copper or amber.

Not all canines with reddish bodily attributes could be thought of to be Red Nose Pitbulls, nonetheless. For it to be categorized as such, a thorough family tree ought to present that it has an in-depth network of ancestors which can be purebred Irish Old Family Reds.

This implies that 90 to 95 p.c of its bloodline ought to come from an Irish Old Family Red.

This is to counter the extremely prevalent crossbreeding of the Old Family Red Nose (OFRN) with different Pitbulls, leading to a big discount within the dog’s gameness and distinctive reddish colorings.

Just as a result of it has a red nose doesn’t imply it’s a true Red Nose Pitbull. As such, when getting an RNP it’s crucial to have a look at its family tree.

Old Family Red Nose Pitbull Physical Appearance

The Red Nose Pitbull breed has a peculiar red, copper, or brown hue to its fur, nails, and lips. They even have lovely amber eyes that you should have a tough time ignoring, listed below are different bodily elements:

Build: They have a stocky construct and are very athletic. Their body is a bit bigger and bulkier than different Pitbull breeds

Head: The most distinguishing characteristic is their chiseled head that’s as arduous as a brick with broad and highly effective jaws

Average peak: a male could be as much as 22 inches, a feminine could be 17 to 20 inches

Weight lies within the following range: male weighs around 29 kg, feminine from 14 to 23 kg.

The old family red nose was produced by line breeding The function of line breeding is to display the sure trait. instance; health, construction, temperament, eye or coat shade.

If you breed canines to intently on a line, you are likely to have issues. This downside is named inbreeding. Linebreeding is whenever you back cross a bitch to a great grandsire.

It helps deliver back old traits and refresh the gene pool. By breeding a male that shows the recessive trait with a feminine that additionally shows the recessive red shade trait all of the offspring will display the trademark red shade.

The old family excelled at this kind of breeding and helped develop the great breed we all know immediately.

There are tons of old family red noses (OFRN) immediately. Many have improved the breed. While many have continued to outcross and water down the purity of the road. The more it will get watered down.

The tougher it will likely be to maintain true OFRN traces alive. With every era the OFRN modifications in some instances for the higher and a few for the more severe.

Old Family Red Nose Pitbull Training

All canines need to be educated. Period. We couldn’t make ourselves clearer than that. But for the Red Nose Pitbull, it requires a particular type of particular person to coach it.

No, we’re not speaking in regards to the strict, rod-wielding, punishment-oriented disciplinarian-slash-dog owner-slash-trainer. We’re speaking about somebody who has the heart to tame the bear-baiting and bull-baiting dog contained in the Red Nose Pitbull.

We’re additionally speaking about somebody who’s a real believer of the position of the pack chief, the Alpha who takes excellent care of its brood; the identical one who can train restraint and firmness when wanted and absolute gentleness and compassion in each facet of the coaching.

We’re speaking about coaching a dog that has been bred, right from the beginning, to combat. We’re on the lookout for a possible dog proprietor who has all of the qualities of a dependable particular person who can flip this preventing beast right into a tame, inspiring, lovely, lovable, obedient, and affectionate hound for everybody without having to resort to harsh ways, use prong and shock collars, or some other aversive strategies of dog coaching.

The Red Nose Pitbull, like all APBTs, has endured a variety of negativity and criticisms are thrown its method. The final thing it wants is somebody who will solely additional cement such unhealthy repute into the consciousness of others.

So, before we proceed with the opposite belongings you need to learn about this dog, you’ve obtained to ask yourself now whether or not you’ve obtained what it takes to coach the Red Nose Pitbull the proper method. If you reply within the affirmative, then congratulations.

If not, then nonetheless congratulate yourself for recognizing your limitations and for permitting the Red Nose Pitbull to be educated by somebody who has what it takes to be the grasp of this canine.

APBTs are clever and the Red Nose Pitbull isn’t any totally different. They are very straightforward to coach, however, provided that you understand how to correctly encourage them. It wants somebody to look as much as without getting harm or punished within the process.

Old Family Red Nose Pitbull Temperament

The Red Nose Pitbull shares its temperament with the American Pit Bull Terrier, being the bloodline or pressure of the APBT.

As such, like some other APBT, the Red Nose Pitbull additionally has a really mild and mild-mannered temperament.

Sadly, it’s all the time depicted within the media as a blood-lusting aggressor, totally able to latching its enamel onto hapless victims.

We can all the time thank the media and self-serving information reporting in regards to the unhealthy repute of the APBT and its bloodlines just like the Red Nose Pitbull.

And whereas we really admire the efforts of celebrities in raising the level of consciousness of the general public relating to the candy and mild nature of the American Pit Bull Terrier, it isn’t actually sufficient to vary public notion in regards to the breed.

We can solely hope that by means of this useful resource you’d be taught more in regards to the APBT and the Red Nose Pitbull and assist unfold the proper data about this dog.

The Red Nose Pitbull, like all well-trained APBTs, is thought for its ardor for all times. It’s an assured breed that may by no means back down from combat if its family is threatened. It is a protector, a guardian, and a really loyal companion for the entire family.

It embodies the virtues of a great warrior – mild and affectionate to these it considers as belonging to its pack and brave, courageous, and fearsome to those that dare disrupt the concord and peace of its family.

It has the playfulness and gameness of terriers that make them glorious playmates for youngsters. They are very eager on pleasing their homeowners, whether or not it’s the adults or the youngsters. Given a process, they’d readily give their all.

Old Family Red Nose Pitbull

Contrary to what information organizations and media outfits need you to consider, Red Nose Pitbulls and APBTs usually don’t assault.

Sure, they could be aggressive, however, that is sole as a result of their homeowners by no means actually tried coaching and socializing them. An excellent dog can flip unhealthy within the fingers of a foul particular person. Remember this.

The American Temperament Test Society rated the APBT at 87.4%, which means they’re more even-tempered than the German Shepherd (85.3%), the Golden Retriever (85.6%), and the Beagle (79.7%).

It has virtually an identical temperament because of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever (87.8%) and the Newfoundland (87.5%). It’s additionally probably not far behind the temperament of the Labrador Retriever at 92.2% and the Belgian Malinois at 94.1%.

We’re by no means actually a fan of Cesar Millan, however, we can’t assist however admire the temperament of his APBTs particularly Daddy, now Junior. Whenever a hapless dog proprietor requires some type of doggie behavior help, Daddy and Junior are all the time there to information.

We have by no means seen them present any type of aggression in the direction of any of the canines they’ve met. As a matter of truth, it was all the time the opposite method round.

It was different canines that have been fairly aggressive in the direction of the APBTs of Millan. We have to essentially spotlight this as a result of it simply reveals what we have now firmly believed to date – the APBT is a mild-mannered, even-tempered dog within the fingers of a successful, agency but trusting dog owner.

The Red Nose Pitbull is a lovely dog that’s desperately attempting to shed its unfavorable picture as an aggressor. Only dedicated people who perceive the way it feels prefer to be typecast and who’s keen to do every little thing to vary the notion of others about this dog can develop into the true proprietor of a Red Nose Pitbull.

Quick Facts

While Red Nose Pitbulls are a particular type of American Pit Bull Terrier, they do possess some very distinctive traits that make them what they are sure of. As such, whenever you’re entertaining on getting a Red Nose Pitbull to ensure you verify these facts.

The nose ought to have a copper-red shade.

The eyes must be both amber or red in shade.

The lips, tail, and toenails must be reddish.

The coat must also be reddish, though cream or white patches could also be discovered on its toes and chest. However, a better proportion of its body ought to have a definite reddish shade.

It is often bigger than your standard American Pit Bull Terrier. APBTs can weigh about 30 to 60 lbs. The Red Nose Pitbull, then again, can tip the dimensions at 35 to 65 lbs.

There is additional paperwork that presents the Red Nose Pitbull could be as heavy as 80 lbs.
The Red Nose Pitbull can have a peak of 18 to 22 inches whereas the common APBT is available at 17 to 21 inches.

Old Family Red Nose Pitbull Exercise

The Red Nose Pitbull, like its APBT brethren, requires a number of trains. Those muscle mass on its body needs to be strengthened and toned in order that they don’t shrink or atrophy and trigger varied issues. It additionally wants loads of houses to run about and play along with your children which the dog adores.

It can keep in your condo, why not? However, it’s a should that you simply take it for its each day stroll for no less than 60 minutes twice each day. You also can deliver it to the dog park or another open house the place you possibly can play Frisbee, fetch, or some other playtime exercise.

It loves puzzles, too. Using puzzle feeders also can assist mood its tendency to develop into chubby. It’s a type of psychological stimulation as properly.

You don’t desire a Red Nose Pitbull to ever really feel bored in your home. You’ll immediately realize it’s bored in the event you arrive residence sooner or later solely to discover your home is in full disarray like a Cat 5 twister simply roared by means of.

Old Family Red Nose Pitbull Socialization

Just as coaching is necessary within the lifetime of a Red Nose Pitbull, so is socialization. The purpose why most people suppose the APBT is an aggressive dog is that the homeowners of those canines by no means socialized them early sufficient.

Keep in thoughts that the APBT was particularly bred for bull-baiting and bear-baiting on bloodsport occasions. Even although it’s confronted with a fellow dog, its instincts can nonetheless kick in.

But if you’re on the lookout for some inspiration on how this may be finished, simply have a look at Cesar Millan’s Junior. It’s an APBT, but its demeanor is nothing just like the aggressive dog painted by the media.

It’s so mild and pleasant that problematic canines within the present are those which can be being aggressive in the direction of Junior. We’re not advertising the present; we simply suppose it’s the right instance of how a well-socialized APBT could be such a darling even within the face of adversity.

Known as ‘nanny dogs’, the Red Nose Pitbull is superb with children. They have a look at these ‘little people’ as very fragile and, as such, will do something to guard them against the hazard.

They’re very patient with children. They don’t snap or chew. However, it’s crucial that you simply supervise since your child may additionally harm the dog.


This is a space you’ll by no means have to worry about. Its brief hair means much less frequent combing and brushing.

However, as soon as weekly grooming is required it takes away dust from its coat, distributes the oils on its pores and skin, and enhance total circulation. You don’t even have to wash the Red Nose Pitbull fairly often; a couple of times a year must be okay.

Cleaning its ears is required on a more frequent foundation, nonetheless. Once or twice weekly is sufficient. Daily dental care is good, though twice per week is simply wonderful. Clipping or trimming the nails must be finished on a month-to-month foundation.

Old Family Red Nose Pitbull Feeding

Don’t ever skimp on high-quality, high-protein dog meals for the Red Nose Pitbull. If you need it to retain its well-chiseled muscle mass, then you’ve obtained to get solely the very best by way of animal proteins. Skip so-called plant proteins.

As long as you give high-quality, novel, easily-digestible, and named animal proteins, you’re doing the Red Nose Pittie some good.

It’s okay to present carbs, however, follow low glycemic meals, high-fiber elements, and antioxidant-rich veggies and fruits. Be conscious of allergenic cereals since Pitbulls are fairly infamous for meal sensitivities.

The Red Nose Pitbull can even profit from a diet that’s wealthy in chondroitin, glucosamine, phosphorus, and calcium as it might be a bit more susceptible to joint issues. It can be greatest to present dog meals that comprise the omega-Three fatty acids DHA and EPA to assist enhance cardiac operation and eye and mind well being.

As all the time, we don’t advise you to stay with ‘cup’ measurements. Instead, attempt to discover ways to compute for the dog’s each day caloric wants.

Simply get its weight in kilograms after which elevate this to the facility of 0.75. Multiply the outcome by 70 and you have already got a thought in regards to the dog’s baseline or resting energy requirement.

Of course, you’ve obtained to issue within the dog’s exercise level and life stage. As such, a 60-lb unneutered male would require about 1,500 to 1,600 energy, divided into 2-3 meals.

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Old Family Red Nose Pitbull Health

While the Red Nose Pitbull has a strong look, it’s by no means actually secure from ailments. Hip dysplasia is quite a common prevalence, as are different joint issues. There may additionally be points with the eyes and the guts. Allergies are additionally fairly frequent.

The Red Nose Pitbull is good for…

Folks with extensive experience caring for ‘challenging’ dogs
Individuals who have an Alpha personality, but with gentleness and compassion to supervise the proper coaching and socialization of the Red Nose Pitbull
Families with younger children supplied sufficient supervision and youngsters’ training on correct pet dealing with is noticed
Those with entry to massive open areas for train and playtime wants
Individuals who perceive the distinctive wants of the APBT usually and the Red Nose Pitbull particularly

Forget the Red Nose Pitbull in the event you…

Will use punishment and different harsh strategies to coach your dog
Are intent on creating an aggressive dog
Cannot decide to correct and early socialization. Learn more about Borzoi Dog.

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