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The energetic liver and white Brittany Spaniel is speculated to return from 18th century France. Bred from French Spaniels and possibly English Pointers, liver and white Spaniels have been prized for his or her versatility within the area, with the ability to do the work of as many as 4 types of hunting dog in one.

Liver and White Brittany Spaniel profile

Muscular and agile, the medium-sized liver and white Brittany Spaniel is each sleek and fast. Often white and orange in shade, the breed’s quick, simple to take care of coat makes it a dream to groom.

Liver and white Brittany Spaniel is a tireless and agile hunter, and a candy and dependable household companion, able to play, protect, or simply run all day long.

Liver and white Brittany Spaniel Breed History

Some declare that the liver and white Spaniel was first developed around 150 AD, though tapestries and work depicting a liver and white Brittany Spaniel-like dog solely appeared within the 17th century.

In 1850, Reverend Davies wrote of the small hunting dog with a bobtail who might level and retrieve.

The breed was initially bred for searching within the small city of Pontou within the liver and white Brittany province.

These French dogs have been valued for their versatility and talent to work in different sorts of nations.

It has been speculated that additional crossbreeding occurred around 1900, although there are various tales.

Whereas there are some who declare that an orange and white setter was bred with a French breed, others consider that the native spaniels have been bred with English pointers owned by vacationing Englanders, presumably setters or Welsh springer spaniels.

The ensuing breed was initially known as the liver and white Spaniel,s named after the province of their origin.

Because of the liver and white Brittany Spaniel’s wide range of hunting expertise, which included pointing, setting, flushing, and retrieving, the breed has gained recognition in lots of international locations throughout the final century.

In 1907, the liver and white Brittany was first acknowledged in France as a definite breed, throughout which period a breed normal was set.

By 1931, liver and white Spaniel had come to the USA the place its average dimension and pleasant disposition gained the breed recognition as a household dog.

In 1934, the American Kennel Membership acknowledged the liver and white Brittany, but the identity was shortened to the liver and white in 1982 to mirror the attribute hunting style that resembles a Setter greater than a Spaniel.

Liver and white Brittany Spaniel Breed Look

liver and white Brittany Spaniel is a leggy, square-proportioned dog of medium dimension. Muscular, sloping shoulders gracefully meet a medium size neck, then result in a brief, straight again on this breed.

Graceful entrance legs and broad, muscular thighs give liver and white Brittany Spaniel a clean and energetic gait. The shoulders are barely increased than the rump.

This can be a rugged and fast hunter. Amber to hazel eyes overshadowed by an expressive forehead peer out of a keen and alert face.

The triangular ears are overly set and have quick, dense hair. The medium lengthy muzzle tapers to well-open nostrils in shades of tans to pinks.

The enamel meets in an ideal scissor chew. Thick pads and arched toes are featured within the strong feet of this breed.

The tail might be naturally bobbed, or is usually docked to about 4 inches. A dense coat of wavy to flat medium size hair has been described as neither silky nor wiry, and sometimes options fringe close to the ears, and feathering on the legs.

The liver and white Brittany Spaniel is usually a bicolor dog, both in orange and white or liver (reddish-brown) and white.

Tricolor coats might be discovered, which entails a liver and white dog with an orange face and tail markings.

Colors might be clear or roan, with streaks of shade showing by way of the white markings.

Liver and white Brittany Spaniel Breed Maintenance

The quick liver and white Spaniel coat are straightforward to take care of.

The breed can frivolously shed, so brushing your liver and white Brittany weekly with a pin or mushy slicker brush will preserve free hair from spreading around the home.

Bathe from time to time when soiled. Clear the ears usually, particularly after journeys to the sphere, and be sure you preserve the nails trimmed.

Liver and white Spaniels can develop dental points, so be sure you brush the teeth regularly.

This searching breed has an excessive power degree and can want plenty of every day train. Day by day walks also need to be supplemented with time to run and play for at least an hour day by day.

Liver and white Brittany Spaniels don’t do very well in flats and thrive in a house with a fenced-in yard.

Without proper exercise, liver and white Brittany can develop harmful habits and nervous habits.

The energetic liver and white Brittany Spaniel is properly-suited to efficiency sports, comparable to agility, flyball, area trials, and dock diving.

If puppies develop too shortly, they will develop joint conditions comparable to osteochondritis dissecans.

Usually, these dogs want monitored diets throughout puppyhood, and might have dietary supplements to make sure correct progress.

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Liver and white Brittany Spaniel Temperament

A liver and white Brittany is an ideal match as a searching associate, as its excessive power does the most effective when it has a job to do.

This candy, good-natured, and dependable breed can also be a beautiful household dog. liver and white Brittany Spaniels love their families and might be keen to play or observe them anyplace.

They’re wonderful round children, and can shield them, however, the breed should be monitored lest they unintentionally hurt their enthusiasm.

Liver and white Brittany Spaniel might be cautious of recent individuals and may profit from correct socialization. The breed can get together with different dogs and will view them as a part of the staff.

Smaller animals, comparable to cats and birds, could suffer from liver and white Brittany’s prey drive.

They may, nevertheless, be taught to like cats as a part of the family if they’ve been raised collectively.

A keen and clever nature makes the liver and white Brittany simple to coach, although remember that this candy dog will want a delicate contact.

Something apart from cautious and delicate coaching could cause liver and white Brittany Spaniel to grow to be timid and withdrawn.

This breed needs training, and plenty of it, and may profit from sporting alternatives, comparable to area trials, lure coursing, and monitoring.

Be sure to tire your liver and white Brittany out day by day to keep away from nervous habits from forming.

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