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Lemon English Pointer

The lemon English Pointer combines athletic grace and energy with a lean, muscular body, noble head, alert expression, and noble carriage. The gait is easy and highly effective, with head held high and nostrils extensive, enabling them to cover loads of ground while trying to find airborne scent. The tail lashes back and forth when the dog gaits.

Lemon English Pointer profile

The lemon English Pointer’s shut coat is brief and dense, giving a clear streamlined look. Field kind lemon English Pointers have a tendency to carry their tails upright when on the level.

At a glance


45-75 lb


Gundog, Pointer

Area of Origin

Date of Origin


The earliest lemon English Pointers have been used within the seventeenth century to not level birds, however to level hare, which coursing Greyhounds have been then unleashed to pursue.

When wing-shooting turned standard within the eighteenth century, the lemon English Pointer discovered their place as an adept bird locator.

The splendid dog would discover recreation, point out its location, and stay nonetheless till the hunter might get able to shoot—a process that was considerably gradual with the old flintlock weapons.

The early lemon English Pointer in all probability included in its genetic make-up a few of the most proficient breeds in existence:

Greyhounds, Foxhounds, and Bloodhounds, in addition to an old kind of setting spaniel. Different international locations developed completely different lemon English Pointer breeds. After the struggle of Spanish Succession (1713), British military officers returned residence with heavy boned Spanish lemon English Pointers.

These have been later crossed with Italian lemon English Pointers to supply the modern lemon English Pointer. lemon English Pointers turned standard for leisure searching on massive estates.

Ideally, two lemon English Pointers have been used in order that the hunter might find the bird exactly by cross-referencing the canine’ factors.

When dog exhibits got here in vogue within the late nineteenth century, lemon English Pointers have been among the many most distinguished of the breeds proven; actually, the Westminster Kennel Club was organized primarily for lemon English Pointers.

Lemon English Pointer Description

The noble lemon English Pointer is the final word expression of canine energy and beauty. Unquestioned aristocrats of the sporting world, lemon English Pointers carry themselves proudly and are able to great velocity and agility.

The coat is available in a number of colors, strong or in patterns—however because the breed’s devotees prefer to say, a superb lemon English Pointer can’t be a nasty coloration.

A big male can stand 28 inches on the shoulder and weigh as much as 75 kilos; a small feminine would possibly weigh as little as 45 kilos and stand 23 inches.

Lemon English Pointer Temperament

The lemon English Pointer wants a lot of exercises or it will possibly turn out to be annoyed and damaging. Because they’re ever looking out for birds, they’re simply distracted from on regular basis issues—

however, they’re almost not possible to distract as soon as on level. They are light and candy however could also be too energetic and boisterous on occasions for very babies.


The lemon English Pointer wants to train and plenty of it. They need at least an hour of exertion each day. They take pleasure in operating and mountaineering.

At home, they need an area to train open air and shouldn’t be anticipated to take a seat inside all day. They require solely an occasional brushing to take away lifeless hair.

Lemon English Pointer

Lemon English Pointer Health

Lemon English Pointers are typically very wholesome dogs, and accountable breeders will display their inventory for health situations resembling hip dysplasia and eye issues.

Like different massive and deep-chested dogs, lemon English Pointers can experience bloat, a sudden, life-threatening abdomen situation. Owners ought to study what indicators to look out for, and what to do ought to they happen.

The lemon English Pointer’s ears need to be checked frequently for indicators of an infection, and the tooth needs to be brushed typically, utilizing a toothpaste designed for dogs.

Major considerations: none
Minor considerations: CHD, hypothyroidism, entropion
Occasionally seen: cataract, deafness
Suggested exams: hip, eye, thyroid
Life span: 12–15 years
Note: vulnerable to tail-tip accidents

Recommended Health Tests from the National Breed Club:

Hip Evaluation
Ophthalmologist Evaluation
Thyroid Evaluation


The lemon English Pointer ought to do effectively on high-quality dog meals, whether or not commercially manufactured or home-prepared along with your veterinarian’s supervision and approval.

Any diet needs to be acceptable to the dog’s age (pet, grownup, or senior). Some dogs are vulnerable to getting obese, so watch your dog’s calorie consumption and weight level.

Treats may be an essential help in coaching, however, giving too many may cause weight problems. Learn about which human meals are protected for canine, and which aren’t.

Check along with your vet when you have any considerations about your dog’s weight or diet. Clean, contemporary water needs to be accessible always.

Lemon English Pointer Exercise

The athletic, exuberant lemon English Pointer is a really lively sporting breed and requires a lot of trains each day to maintain him wholesome and glad. This can come within the type of long each day walks and vigorous play classes along with his proprietor.

Providing a securely fenced yard the place the lemon English Pointer can run full out and burn off a few of his famed “hunt all day” endurance is useful and can make for a calmer, more contented companion inside the house.

The breed additionally workout routines thoughts and body by taking part in canine sports activities resembling area occasions, obedience, monitoring, agility, rally, and different activities that may be loved by dog and proprietor.


The lemon English Pointer’s amiable, even temperament, and alert good sense make him a congenial and trainable companion each within the area and within the residence. lemon English Pointers are versatile!

Many have a number of titles before and after their names, indicating their capability to good their inherent skills and fortunately study new ones. lemon English Pointers have additionally been identified to excel at service and remedy work, in addition to in search-and-rescue.

Lemon English Pointer Grooming

The lemon English Pointer’s quick, dense, glossy coat requires minimal upkeep. Weekly brushing with a soft-bristle brush or a hound glove will assist to take away dust and unfastened hair and maintain the dog wanting his finest.

The ears need to be frequently inspected and cleaned if wanted with smooth gauze and an ear-cleaning answer—your veterinarian can advocate a superb brand to make use of.

The nails need to be trimmed typically if not worn down naturally, as overly long nails may cause the dog discomfort and issues strolling and operating.

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