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Animated, clever, and pleasant, the Finnish Spitz puppy is a historic searching dog breed within the non-sporting group and makes a wonderful addition to a lively family. Affectionately nicknamed Finkie, this enjoyable breed is exceptionally kid-friendly and protecting his pack.

Finnish Spitz Puppy- About

Their pricked-up pointy ears and alert disposition offers them a particular fox-like picture.

You could have to look twice once you spot one to make sure you’re not within the presence of a wild animal. And much like foxes, Finkies are stealthy hunters recognized to catch small sports like birds and squirrels with ease.

Finkies or Finnish Spitz Puppies have been bred to bark. Hunters bred them to do it once they noticed prey on a hunt within the countryside.

Whereas barking could also be desired in that setting, it’s not at all times beloved conduct at residence. It can take coaching to show your pup when and when to not bark.

In the event, you do resolve so as to add a Finnish Spitz puppy to the household, be ready for vocalization.

This breed additionally likes to run. Potential house owners must be lively—not sofa potatoes—and desperate to take at the least one lengthy stroll, run or hike a day.

Further play periods are at all times welcome, too. Finkies are sharp as a tack and, although they are often impartial thinkers, are conscious of optimistic reward-based coaching.

Coaching them to run agility programs could be a wonderful technique to tire out your Finnish Spitz.

Finnish Spitz Puppy Origin

The Finnish Spitz puppy dog breed has been a searching dog for hundreds of years and remains to be used at present in his native nation, the place he tracks capercaillie and black grouse and barks to alert the hunter to the birds’ whereabouts.

Previously, he has helped to hunt giant sport, together with elk and bear. His vocal and brave nature additionally made him splendid as a guard dog.

A very fashionable dog in Finland at present, this nationwide breed was virtually extinct within the latter half of the 19th century, as improved transport meant the Finnish Spitz puppy bred with different dogs. Later, devoted breeders labored to safeguard his future.


Historians consider that dogs much like the fashionable Finnish Spitz puppy have been delivered to Finland by migrating tribes from central Russia a number of thousand years in the past.

The migrants relied on them for meals because the dogs made wonderful hunters and for hundreds of years, these Spitz-like pups have been used as all-purpose hunters, finally specializing in searching birds.

With the development of transportation infrastructure within the 18th century, the dogs have been launched to new areas, and so they started mating with different dog breeds. In consequence, the distinct breed edged towards extinction.

Fortunately, the distinctive breed had two devoted admirers, Hugo Roos, and Hugo Sandberg, who introduced the Finnish Spitz puppy breed again from close to oblivion within the late 1800s.

They spent many years selectively breeding dogs to attain people reflective of at present’s Finnish Spitz puppy dogs.

The Finnish Kennel Membership acknowledged the breed by the tip of the century.

Within the 1920s, Finland started exporting Finnish Spitz puppy dogs to England, the place they first obtained their easy-to-say nickname “Finkie.”

They arrived in America around 1960 and have been acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership in 1988.

The Finnish Spitz puppy is a medium-sized dog with a pointed muzzle; brief, erect ears; and a lush, golden-red, or honey-colored coat that makes the dog look very like a fox.

Like different dogs of the spitz breeds, the Finnish Spitz puppy has an erect tail that curls over on the again, thick fur across the neck, and a sturdy, sq. stance.

The Finnish Spitz puppy is about 15 to 20 inches tall and weighs 30 to 35 kilos (14 to 16 kilograms). The breed’s life span is an estimated 12 to 15 years.

Finnish Spitz At a glance

The Finnish Spitz Dog Breed

Breed from: Finland

Weight Range:

Male: 31-36 lbs.
Female: 23-29 lbs.

Height at Withers:

Male: 17-20 in.

Female: 15-18 in.

Upright ears (naturally)

Exercise Requirements: 20-40 minutes/day
Energy Level: Average
Longevity Range: 12-14 yrs.
Tendency to Drool: Low Tendency to Snore: Low
Tendency to Bark: High
Tendency to Dig: Low Social/Attention Needs: Moderate
Bred For:

Hunting birds, small mammals

Length: Medium
Characteristics: Double coat, straight, dense
Colors: Shades of golden red
Overall Grooming Needs: Moderate
Club Recognition:

AKC Classification: Non-Sporting
UKC Classification: Northern Breeds
Prevalence: Rare

Finnish Spitz Puppy Personality

The Finnish Spitz puppy is home-loving and pleasant. The dog is loyal to his household, playful, and but affected by youngsters, and is mostly good with different pets.

The pleasant, energetic Finnish Spitz puppy is ever-alert, daring, and valiant, with an eager searching spirit.

Though fairly impartial, he’s loyal to his family members and enjoys the company of kids, making him a very good household dog. He’s naturally vocal and can have to be educated to ‘shush’ on request.

The Finnish Spitz puppy is leery of individuals he doesn’t know and can guard by barking if a stranger comes round, however, he isn’t thought-about an aggressive dog.

finnish spitz puppy

Finnish Spitz Puppy Health

Typically a wholesome dog, the Finnish Spitz puppy suffers no important breed-related issues.

A grownup Finnish Spitz puppy will want about an hour’s each day train, although he’ll, fortunately, take extra.

He revels in the chilly climate, as you’d count on, so fair-weather dog walkers needn’t apply! Be ready for this dog’s searching instincts to kick in when off-lead, so solely train is secure, non-traffic areas, and be certain that his recall is dependable.


Your dog’s food regimen must have the appropriate stability of all the primary nutrient teams together with a continuing provision of contemporary water.

It is also necessary to conduct common physique situation scores to make sure you maintain your dog in splendid form and keep in mind to feed him at the least twice each day and in accordance with the feeding tips of his specific meals.

Finnish Spitz Puppy Grooming

This Finnish Spitz’s medium-length double coat consists of a thick undercoat, which is sort of brief, lined with a rough topcoat.

The hair on the physique is medium-length, with longer feathering (on the tail and again of the legs).

The coat is shorter on the pinnacle and the entrance of the legs. The ruff (across the neck and shoulders) is extra profuse in male dogs.

A twice-weekly brush is greater than enough – although each day consideration might be wanted when the coat sheds.

Dwelling With

The Finnish Spitz puppies are cold-weather dogs and prefer cooler climates. He sheds closely and requires frequent brushing and brushing.

He’s recognized for barking; fanciers say the dogs will bark at something, notably when outside, so they don’t seem to be appropriate for households who can’t tolerate a loud dog or for anybody who has neighbors that can complain about barking.

This dog wants loads of train and doubtless, is greatest suited to residing in locations the place he can run.

A Finnish Spitz puppy will do nicely in a residence if he has a household dedicated to offering each day train both in a good-sized yard or with long walks or jogs.

Fanciers of this breed say endurance is required for obedience coaching.

Greatest dog Breeds for Kids

Whereas many dogs are historically considered being good with youngsters, all dogs and kids have to be taught to get on with and respect one another and be secure collectively.

Even so, dogs and puppies ought to by no means be left alone collectively and adults ought to supervise all interactions between them.

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