Common Behaviors of A Female Dog In Heat – How To Handle

common behaviors of a female dog in heat

It is confusing to many of us: common behaviors of a female dog in heat. In fact, the common behaviors of a female dog in heat are quite natural and every pet lover should know about it properly. This article will discuss in detail about common behaviors of a female dog in heat and how to handle this situation.

The heat cycle, also known as estrus, is the period when a female dog’s body is ready to procreate, by demonstrating some common behaviors of a female dog in heat. Most dogs reach sexual maturity between the ages of 6 and 12 months (earlier for small breeds, later for bigger breeds) and experience a heat cycle twice a year.

Common behaviors of a female dog in heat

Do you have a male or female dog that hasn’t been neutered or spayed? Knowing the signals of a dog in heat is critical for both male and female dog owners in this situation.

You may experience the following symptoms during the proestrus stage: A shift in personality: Changes might range in severity from minor to severe. A female dog may become more friendly and clinging with her owner at times, and cranky at other times.

Signs Considering My Dog Is In Heat?

  • Vulva swollen.
  • The vulva produces a bloody or straw-colored discharge.
  • Male dogs are welcomed.
  • The vaginal region is licked excessively.
  • Agitation, nervousness, or aggression are all signs of agitation.
  • Urinating more regularly is a good thing.
  • The location of the tail has changed.

Estrus is the period during which a dog may get pregnant. Although this varies for every dog, on average, a dog will be in heat for 12 to 2 weeks, however, this might be shorter or longer depending on the individual among common behaviors of a female dog in heat.

The first thing to understand is that all animals have a period that is comparable to that of a female human. Female dogs, on the other hand, have a different period than humans. Once a female dog reaches adolescence, she will have her first period.

Most dogs achieve puberty at the age of six months on average, however, this varies. The regularity of the female dog’s menstruation is the same. The first two years of a female dog’s life will be marked by irregular periods, but the cycle will eventually stabilize.

Female dogs are in heat twice a year, lasting two to three weeks each time.

Lower energy levels, more aggressive behavior, changes in leg-raising when peeing, urinating more frequently than normal, and even running away from home are all indicators of a female dog going into heat. Male dogs, on the other hand, do not go through heat cycles.

Another reason your female dog humps might be due to arousal. Look for signals of sexual desire, such as lifting her tail, pawing, or bowing playfully, which are characteristic actions of a female dog in heat. Another reason your female dog humps is that she is not receiving enough attention, exercise, or affection.

There are four phases to the canine estrous (reproductive) cycle when you find some common behaviors of a female dog in heat. Proestrus, estrus, diestrus, and anestrus are the four stages of the menstrual cycle. Each stage has its own set of symptoms, including behavioral, physical, or clinical shifts, hormonal, physiologic, and cytologic (vaginal smear) abnormalities.

During heat, your dog will bleed, but she will not be in discomfort. When your dog is in heat, he may become agitated and fidgety. Consult a veterinarian if her symptoms appear to be causing her pain.

The amount of time they are in season depends on their breed, size, and age. When the bleeding and discharge have ended, you’ll know they’ve concluded their season. You’ll also notice that the size and color of your dog’s vulva will return to normal.

In addition to the medical benefits described above, spaying a female dog can result in a substantial change in her behavior. The hormones in a dog’s body alter as she goes into heat. This fluctuation can make some dogs angry or agitated, and they may behave out as a result.

While your dog is in heat, avoid introducing her to other dogs. There will be bloody discharge, and your dog will most likely groom herself by licking at this period. Many dog owners choose to use doggy panties or dog diapers to avoid stains in the house and to make clean-up a bit easier as a part of common behaviors of a female dog in heat.

How to tell if Your Dog is Pregnant

The signs and symptoms of a dog in heat are listed below. It’s possible that your female dog…

  • urinate more frequently,
  • elevate her leg differently when urinating – or when she sees a male dog,
  • pay more attention to male dogs,
  • become more friendly,
  • grow lazier or stimulated handle her heat cycle well on her own, or not know how to react
  • run away, here and there to practice hiding from male counterparts

Because his drive is so concentrated on mating, your male dog may even overlook possibilities for food or water. Learn how to get your dog to drink water so that he doesn’t become dehydrated.

The four phases of the dog heat cycle are as follows:

1. Proestrus stage

Proestrus is the initial stage of the dog heat cycle. Proestrus can last anywhere from 3 to 17 days, although most dogs only stay in it for approximately 9 days.

The enlargement of the vulva is the first symptom of this stage. This is one of the most reliable techniques to detect the start of a dog’s heat cycle. You may experience the following symptoms during the proestrus stage:

A personality shift: Personality shifts can range from minor to major. A female dog may become more friendly and clinging with her owner at times, and cranky at other times.

Changes in appetite: It’s not uncommon for a dog to go off her food or become hungrier over the first week. Taking notice of the change, whatever it is, might be a strong indicator that the heat cycle has begun.

Vulva swelling: Vulva swelling varies in severity from dog to dog. Some dogs swell little, while others swell significantly. The amount of bleeding varies, but it usually starts off mild and then gets a little heavier by the middle of the week.

Tail tucking: When another dog approaches, this is a reflex to protect the vulva, either by tucking the tail between the legs or by squatting down.

2. Estrus Cycle

Estrus can last anywhere from 3 to 21 days, with an average of 9 days. This is when your dog is fertile (in her heat) and the ovaries start releasing eggs for fertilization. The female dog will be prepared to accept male company at this period with common behaviors of a female dog in heat.

She’ll swivel her tail to the side and want to spend more time outside than usual. She is acting on her instinct to reproduce. Symptoms during this time include:

Lightened discharge: The discharge, which was formerly brilliant red, has lightened to a pinkish hue.

Vulva softening: The vulva softens just enough for entry after the initial swelling passes.

Flirting: Whereas she used to tuck her tail to keep the male company at bay, she now acts flirtatiously. For example, she may invite the male by turning her back to him and holding her tail up and out of the way.

3. Diestrus

The fruitful stage of the heat cycle comes to an end when diestrus takes hold. This period can continue anywhere from 60 to 90 days, and the dog is no longer fertile at this time with common behaviors of a female dog in heat.

The diestrus stage lasts from the conclusion of the estrus through the delivery of the puppies if the dog has been pregnant (around 60 days). The following are symptoms of the diestrus stage:

Swelling of the vulva gradually disappears:

The majority of the swelling subsides within a week, however, the vulva may remain slightly swollen.

Less flirting: Whether or whether the dog is pregnant, it no longer has the circumstances to mate and is not interested in flirting.

4. Anestrus

Anestrus, commonly known as the resting stage, is the last stage of the dog heat cycle. This is the longest part of a dog’s heat cycle, lasting 100-150 days until the heat cycle begins all over again.

How long does it take for a dog to come into heat?

In the estrus phase of the heat cycle, female dogs in heat normally show indications of heat for 3 – 21 days or 9 days on average. See the complete explanation above for additional details.

Dogs normally experience two heats each year, although the length of each heat, the amount of discharge, and the hormonal changes vary from dog to dog.

common behaviors of a female dog in heat

How to deal with a female dog who is in heat

The presence of blood is the first sign that your dog is in heat. Perhaps there will be a stain on the bed, or perhaps you have a breed that scatters joyous crimson splatters across new carpets.

Never leave your dog alone in the yard: Protect your dog from unwanted pregnancy and male dogs. When your dog is in heat, take her out into the yard. You may even want to use a leash.

Walking off-leash is a no-no while your dog is in heat, even if you think your dog to be highly well-trained. Natural instincts are stronger than any obedience teaching.

Balance between exertion and rest: Dogs react to heat in different ways. Some people may be fatigued throughout the day, while others may grow agitated. It’s crucial to pay attention to your dog’s behavior and give him the correct amount of rest and exercise to keep him happy.

Consult a veterinarian: While being in heat is not a disease, having a conversation with your veterinarian about what to do when you’re in heat can assist you if something goes wrong.

Invest in a high-quality dog diaper: Suspenders or a comfortable bodysuit will keep them from slipping off certain dogs. On Amazon or at typical pet retailers, you can purchase disposable or reusable solutions with liners. The American Kennel Club (AKC) provides instructions on how to utilize doggie diapers.

Designate a particular blankie for her to use at this time and arrange it wherever she will be cuddling up—on the bed at night, on the sofa, etc. Only one blanket will need to be washed at the end of the cycle (hopefully).

It’s best to tidy up quickly. Keep a supply of disposable wipes on hand to quickly wipe off furniture or hard floors. If your carpets do become stained, the PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner is a budget-friendly wonder worker that fits in a coat closet.

Menthol on the tip of her tail: If you’re strolling outside, this might be a nice way to mask your scent. It may come in helpful if a male dog approaches unexpectedly nearby, preventing him from detecting your female in heat.

Use a GPS tracker: If your dog is in heat and runs away to find a mate, a GPS tracker will show you exactly where your dog is going.

You’ll be able to locate your female buddy quickly and effortlessly, and you’ll be able to safeguard her from an unplanned pregnancy.

The procedure of dog mating

The act of sex or mating between two dogs is depicted in the infographic below. The following are the phases and duration of the dog mating process:

  • Coitus in the First Stage (approximately 2 minutes)
  • The Shift (approx. 5 seconds)
  • Coitus in the Second Stage (5-45 minutes)

The male dog will initially sit on the female dog (first state coitus). They would have terrible cramps if they stayed in this posture. In the sexual act between dogs, the uterus, vagina, bulb, vulva, and penis are all involved.

When Your Dog Is In Heat, What Should You Do?

  • DO: Take your dog for a walk.
  • DO: Find a happy medium between rest and play.
  • DO: Increase the level of oversight.
  • DO: Extend your love and care to your dog.
  • DO: Invest in dog diapers.
  • Allowing her to be around other dogs is a no-no.
  • DON’T: Leave your dog alone outside.

Keeping Your dog at ease when she’s in Heat

For your girl, being in heat for the first time might be a bewildering experience. She’ll require more love and care.

Set aside some additional slots for lots of cuddling because puppies tend to get pretty cozy at this period. Consider getting a lap desk so you can work and cuddle at the same time.

Provide a safe, chew-resistant toy for her to nudge against. This, too, will give you a sense of safety.

If your dog makes a bloody mess, never criticize her; instead, quietly comfort her as you clean it up.

Make sure she’s getting lots of food and water.

Allow for longer toilet breaks because there is a lot going on down there and she may need to relieve herself more frequently.

Keeping your Dog from Getting Pregnant while she’s in Heat

When your dog is in heat, you need to take extra precautions. Simple precautions can help to limit the possibility of pregnancy or aggressive encounters. Keep these crucial points in mind.

Male dogs will be on the prowl, and the scent of hormones emitted by your dog may be caught by instinctive noses from a long distance. If you don’t want any pups on your hands, keep your own male dogs away from her during outside bathroom breaks.

When they detect a nearby female in heat, male dogs can get rather aggressive. As a result, expect to be extremely attentive in avoiding mistakes, especially on walks, dog parks, and other such activities.

Her period isn’t done just because she’s stopped bleeding. She then enters a new phase, during which she becomes overly fertile and may generate an undetectable discharge.

Keep an eye on your dog’s health for any changes, since large events like these might lead to health problems. Consult your veterinarian if you feel something is wrong with the common behaviors of a female dog in heat.

Spaying your dog will help you avoid problems down the line, such as uterine infections, which can be fatal. Plus, neither you nor your girl will have to cope with the annoyance of being “in heat.”

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