Bulldog Types – Which is you Most Favorite Bulldog Breed?

bulldog types

There are several bulldog breed types, ranging from their heritage predators to bulls and dogs of unknown origin to the Mastiff type. This article will discuss a glimpse of bulldog types, check out which breed fits as your best pet.

The word Bulldog was first introduced to Mr. P. from San Sebasti ।n, Spain. Eaton’s first letter to Wellingham, living in London, was first published in 1632, where he was asked to “send a good joke dog, a case of liquor and send” I urge you to bring some good bulldogs for me, “for the first time the Bulldogs were apparently Separated from Mastiff.

Bulldog types

The modern bulldog breeds from these dogs are bred and reproduced through the breeding program: Alapaha Blue Bulldog, American Bulldog, Assy Bulldog, Banter Bulldog, Bulldog Campeiro, CA De Beau, Catahoula Bulldog, Dorset Bulldog, Dorset Owl, Bulldog, Old English Bulldog, Old Boston Bulldog, Victorian Bulldog, Valley Bulldog. This local breed kept close to the original type and characteristics of the ancient Bulldogs even after adjusting to local habitats.

Bully dog ​​breeds are a must for any dog ​​lovers who want a favorite dog as a pet. If you do not know the different features and characteristics of a Bully Dog, it is difficult to choose which Bully Breed Dog.

When choosing which puppy dog ​​to adopt as a pet, ideally based on your personal preference as a pet for a puppy breed, consider the characteristics of a puppy dog ​​such as physical appearance and personality.

Also, consider the dog’s health and how it reacts to a specific environment. If you know which type of bullie dog fits your choice, you can now choose the most difficult type of pet dog as a pet. Some canine associations recognize dog breeds as separate breeds of dog.

Below is a list of bulldog types:

American Staffordshire Terrier

This bully dog ​​breed is almost identical to the American Pit Bull Terrier but some disagree with the two. This dog used to play bull’s blood with another bulldog. American Staffordshire Terrier is one of the popular bulldog types.

Nowadays, it is more of a companion to the family. American Staffordshire Terrier is Personally dedicated, strong, determined, determined, and intelligent.

Puppies have socialized well with kids if they are trained to blend in as a puppy. American Staffordshire Terriers with other pets are sometimes not well socialized.

Like other Bullie Breed dogs, the American Staffordshire Terrier can be trained and peak fast. However, due to nature, training has to be strong in nature. This bullie breed is an indoor or outdoor dog that requires daily practice.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Banter Bulldogge

Physically this bully breed is a medium-sized, muscular, robustly built, and athletic working dog. The dog came as a result of an attempt to recreate another dog breed known as Brabanter’s Bulenbijar.

Bravanter is a small family in Bulanbeija, and a dog work found in The Province of Brabant of Belgium in the late 1700s and 1800s. Banter Bulldogge is one of the popular bulldog types.

Today it is simply known as the Banter Bulldog. Because of the dog’s temperament training, it is easy and it breeds loyalty to its owner. In turn, the Banter Bulldog shows great loyalty to its family.

This Bully Dog breed possesses the qualities of a good watchdog and will prune the intruder to intimidate or alarm. The dog is an outgoing type of dog so it must be a good workout or practice outside of it.

The dog likes to play a lot and can be rough and tough during their play. With proper socialization training, the Banter Bulldog will team up with other dogs.

Temperament of Banter Bulldogge

Boston Terrier

This breed of dog, originally known as the Boston Bull, is the result of mixing with the (now extinct) English Bulldog of an English White Terrier in Boston, Massachusetts in the 19th century. Boston Terrier is one of the popular bulldog types.

In appearance, the Boston Terrier is a compact dog that has a well-balanced frame and short-tailed body with short but firm limbs that give the dog a well-proportioned appearance.

The Boston Terrier has a friendly personality and is a happy dog. This bullie dog is a good companion thanks to his excellent disposition and wit.

An observer can get the impression that this bull breed has strength and determination. The dog is more suited to the indoor environment but it still requires practice and plays. Just make sure not to expose the dog to hot weather as it cannot withstand humidity and excess heat.

Boston Terrier


A dog that is essentially the ideal companion for gamekeepers. This breed of dog breed may seem like sandfish to strangers and is not a deterrent to fighting, despite being bred to be a hunter tracked and pursued by a dog that likes its master. Bullmastiff is one of the popular bulldog types.

The dog is spirited, gentle, and quiet for the breed of the bullie dog, which protects his owner’s home. The dog originated in the nineteenth century, and as a guardian, it was the breed of the guard dog that had strong endurance, keen sense, strong energy, and speed.

Due to its nature, the bullmastiff is more comfortable in the outside environment and is very loyal to its owner. By training the dog to socialize at an early age, the Bull Mastiff can mate with other animals. The ideal practice for this bullie dog breed is to run or run it daily.

Meet the Bullmastiff

Bull Terrier

Back in the days when animal-based blood was the rule of the sport, many bred dogs to fight. Breeders were able to fight lightly and swiftly over the White English Terrier (now extinct) and the English Bulldog. This dog is the bull terrier we know today. Bull Terrier is one of the popular bulldog types.

The dog’s most recognizable physical feature is its head, which has an egg shape in front. Then gently tilt its profile from head to top. Since dog fighting dog violence was part of its nature, thanks to animal-based blood sports, no such traits were needed.

This Bully Dog breed today is modest, loyal, affectionate, as well as loyal to a fun feeling. Dogs are great pets in indoor or outdoor environments, but they are more suitable for owners with families studying in racing, horseplay, and Frisbee games. In the right hands, Bull Terrier can be a first-class dog companion.

A dog’s compatibility with other pets can range from appropriate to questionable. Through training, it can be combined with the kids and prevent the dog from being dominant over personality.

Bull terrier | breed of dog

Bette Corso Italiano

No dogs can be found whose ancestors used to be big animals, as well as wild animals, and act as “helper warriors”. The Roman was known as the Molossian dog, and this breed is more commonly seen throughout Italy in the past. Bette Corso Italiano is one of the popular bulldog types.

It is a medium-sized dog with a firmly built body and long strong muscles. Also, it has endurance, strength, and agility. The population of Italy values ​​the bull breed as a companion because of its cattle ranching and great hunting skills.

It is also effective as a private watchdog and its name “Corso” derives from the Latin “cohorts” which means “guard” or “guardian” which is most appropriate for the dog.

Unlike other bird watchers in nature, the dog is as unique as the breed for viewing and protection. If the owner and the home, as well as its owner, were threatened, the dog would become a brave and fearful guardian.

Yet the dog is gentle, affectionate, and polite to its owner and children despite its protective instincts. The dog is unfamiliar and aggressive to other dogs which may be an attribute of responsibility but with proper training, it goes from a liability.

The cane’s Corso is not looking forward to the fight, but it will not hold back from “challenges of domination” from other dogs or even humans. Socialization training is the best way to rein in its dominant nature. These outgoing bullies dogs require a lot of practice. They can accompany their owners while jogging daily or taking long walks.

Valley Bulldog

This dog, received from the English Bulldog and Boxer, has facial itching, a full chest, and a loose heel. The skin has a muscular body head It has a good muscle tone and definition. Careful cleaning also involves bathing with their nature and their owners. Valley bulldog is one of the popular bulldog types.

These bully dog ​​breeds originally appeared in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada in the early sixties. It is unknown whether such an existence existed in the Annapolis Valley before 1950. The dog loves the human touch and when it comes to protecting children with their loving and protective personality, they are normal.

Non-offensive types of Valley Bulldogs adapt well to outdoor or indoor environments. They are delighted to be in the presence of their human family so the owner has to give a lot of love and care to the dog. Deprived of human contact is a surefire way to frustrate this.

Valley Bulldog


German breeders can trace the origin of the dog during the nineteenth century in Germany when various types of bulldogs, as well as mastiffs and terriers, began cross-breeding.

The result is a dog that is protective, alert, smart, and active while having a friendly mood. This bullie breed is a great companion pet, but it is also useful as a working dog.

Boxers served as guides to the blind, and during World War I, some acted as couriers. After World War I, some of Bullie’s dogs found their way to the United States. Boxer is one of the popular bulldog types.

Trivia: These dogs can stand on their backs while playing or engaging opponents, and bat with their front paws on a target like a name given to them by the “boxers”.

Depending on your personal preference, you now have an easy time choosing which breed dog breed is best suited for you. Be sure to give it plenty of care, love, and attention, regardless of breed.


Alapaha Blue Blood

The origins of this bullie dog breed were used in the 1800s as guards of cattle and shrubs. Today Alapaha Blue Blood is no longer used as surveillance but is now a family pet. As a watchdog, these Bully Dogs are physically strong, muscular, and strong. Additionally, it is very athletic and agile.

The dog is intelligent, protective, and alert making it an ideal companion for a dog owner who wants a loyal dog that has good maintenance skills. It has to be a daily walk and playtime to maintain physical fitness and health. This bulli breed is more suitable for the outdoor environment.

Alapaha Blue Blood

American Bulldog

The American Bulldog is deliberately born as a fearless family colleague who is fearless and determined. As a result, this bullie dog is an all-purpose working dog that is athletic and tough.

Also known as a working dog, the American Bulldog is skilled in hunting, cattle running, and maintenance, as well as being able to protect its owner from threats.

In England, the bulldog was born as a cattle and property guardian, but unfortunately, this bull breed was produced for use in a bloody and painful sport known as the “bull top”. As a result, the bulldog was bred for another bloodless purpose.

This bull breed is an outdoor or indoor dog. Dogs are loving as well as gentle family pets that children and other pets can get with. As a puppy, the American Bulldog must train to be fluent. The American Bulldog is fearless to face them against human intruders or criminals.

American Bulldog

American Pit Bull Terrier

These Bullie Dog Breeders brought Boston-Irish immigrants to America in the mid-1800s. Its sires come from a variety of terriers and bulldogs. This dog was originally born as a fighting dog, but thanks to the bull-hating game for England, it was born as a family companion red

Canine companies are having a hard time registering bine varieties. For example, the American Pit Bull Terrier is often double-registered in the dog registry as an American Staffordshire Terrier.

If considered American Pit Bull Terriers, the USC-registered American Pit Bull Terriers are not allowed to be recorded in the ACK’s registry.

Regardless of the problem of registering these bullies dog breeds, they are loyal to their owners and the training dogs possess to be social with their children and other animals, although it does mix with dogs.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is not only a family companion dog, it is also a working dog. Used by police / armed services, search and rescue operations, livestock personnel, and therapy animals, these dogs are useful to canine companions. The American Pit Bull Terrier prefers an indoor or outdoor environment. Check out our review on dog food for affordable dog food for Pitbulls and the American Bulldog.

American Pit Bull Terrier

English Bulldog

The physical appearance of this bullie breed is a reflection of the icon that only very sophisticated people do not know what kind of dog they are looking for. The dog has a small cat with a broad lower jaw and a classy nose that gives the impression of stubbornness with the English Bulldog.

These Bully Dogs love the indoor environment and are often available along with the smell. Dogs do not like exercise and may suffer from overheating. Despite the intense fury, the English Bulldog can be affectionate, gentle, and friendly to its owners and family.

This is a dog that is great with children. As a show dog, this is a favorite entry into dog shows around the world. The ancient mastiffs who were transported from Asia to Europe were the originators of this bulldog breed.

Reputed to be aggressive, violent, and capable of bringing down prey. They were also produced for animal sports. Eventually, the original Bulldog Pug joined up with Pug Dog to create the English Bulldog we know and love.

English Bulldog

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog or “Frenchy” is born as an indoor companion pet who is good-natured, affectionate, and playful. The dog is easy to train because of their intelligence and feels happy when close to their human family.

As companion pets, they have the desire to get a lot of attention from the human family and have a good balance with the children as well as other pets. Despite their gentle disposition, this Bully Dog breed is a great watchman

The source of this bully dog ​​breed is the most urgent. There is a lot of speculation about the origin of this dog. This is something to imagine:

Its ancestors brought the workers of England to the French Revolution and Nottingham to France during the economic crisis

The dog originated from Peru’s Chincha Bulldog.

Regardless of its origin, the French Bulldog appeared in the United States during 1896, and the American Kennel Club registered the dog in 1896. Britain would later recognize this breed in 1912.

French Bulldog

American Bully

This dog is the child of American Pitt Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier. As a result, she is loyal to the stable dog as well and has a matching and sweet disposition. Despite her gorgeous appearance, American Bully is a great family pet.

Some of its characteristics are courteous, loving, very loyal, knowledgeable, courageous, and eagerness to please its owners. Physically this dog breed is a great guardian. It is bold because it gives a protective instinct to protect its loved ones and their property.

The dog’s body has a well-defined muscular shape with an athletic build that has strength and agility. Also, this Bully Dog breed has a high pain tolerance.

American Bullies love the environment with a warm climate. They will do just fine in an indoor environment such as an apartment with good pets and adequate exercise. If you are outdoors practicing with this dog, take a long walk to give it physical and mental comfort.

American Bully

Old English Bulldog

These Bully Dog breeds are the ancestors of today’s English and American Bulldogs. At one time in the Bull or 10000, these bullies were bred to participate in blood sports such as bull bites. Breeding results in a dog being of moderate height and a large-headed muscle.

Courage and agility are some of the traits that can be found in any of these dogs (no wonder when you consider that their opponent’s bull is bull) that breed good breeders in this bull breed.

The announcement of the bull-baiting caused the breeds of dogs to almost disappear as their motives were non-existent, but some dog show fans who wanted to reconstruct this bully dog ​​breed (in aggressive mood) managed to avoid the death of the Old English Bulldog.

Today’s Old English Bulldog is no longer an aggressive dog. Its nature is trustworthy, stable, loyal, and courageous for a dog who likes an indoor environment. They are also great guard dogs.

Olde English Bulldog

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This Bully Dog Breed features great strength (for dogs of its size), muscular, stocky body, and agility is one of the two Bully breeds recognized by the UK Kennel Club to be suitable for kids. It also has the feature of identifying the lineage standard as “completely reliable”.

Like many bullies dog breeds, this dog was fought in the blood game. In the nineteenth century, breeders needed a fighting dog that had the agility, energy, and a long punishing head like a bulldog.

They also wanted dogs that were strong, aggressive, and brave. Surprisingly, the dog is a great companion and can get along with the kids, despite its features.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Once known as “Bull and Terrier” or “Pitt Dog”, everyone owned the bull, regardless of its class. With blood sport banned, some breeders tried to save the breeds by turning them into dogs.

They named the dog Staffordshire Bull Terrier to distinguish the dog from the English Bull Terrier. Today the English Bull Terrier is the perfect dog inside the house. Its popularity is worldwide, and in many places like Spain, France, and the United States, it is a serious, successful competitor in dog shows.

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