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Belgian Tervuren

Belgian Tervuren breed combines magnificence and energy. Belgian Tervurens are square-proportioned and of medium bone. They are noteworthy for his or her exceedingly proud carriage.

Belgian Tervuren profile

Their motion is full of life, swish, and seemingly tireless, exhibiting a straightforward, easy gait reasonably than a hard-driving motion. These dogs have a natural tendency to maneuver in a circle reasonably than a straight line.

They mix a dense undercoat with an outer coat consisting of ample guard hairs which can be long, well-fitting, straight, and of medium harshness. Their expression is intelligent and questioning.

This Belgian Tervuren dog breed combines magnificence and energy. It is square-proportioned and of medium bone.

It is noteworthy for its exceedingly proud carriage. Its motion is full of life, swish and seemingly tireless, exhibiting a straightforward, easy gait reasonably than a hard-driving motion.

It has a natural tendency to maneuver in a circle reasonably than a straight line. It combines a dense undercoat with an outer coat consisting of ample guard hairs which can be long, well-fitting, straight, and of medium harshness. Its expression is intelligent and questioning.

Alert, watchful and energetic, the Tervuren is a lively and reliable companion that features finest when given everyday psychological and bodily train.

It enjoys enjoying and working outside and is usually a well-mannered companion inside as long as it’s given enough train. It is wise and obedient, however unbiased.

It is aloof with strangers and will be aggressive towards different dogs and animals. It might nip on the heels of kids in an try and herd them.

The Terv is demanding consideration. He has an intense need to be together with his people and can comply with them around. He is alert and watchful, however, he additionally has a humorousness.

He ought to by no means be fearful, shy, or aggressive. He is a superb watchdog and has the size and talent to be protecting when necessary.

The ultimate Belgian Tervuren dog has parents with approachable temperaments and has been socialized from an early age to be accepting. Those parts — mixed with companion dog coaching — make him a discriminating dog who could make acceptable selections when it comes to when to be protecting.

When the Belgian Tervuren is raised with kids, he will be effectively built-in. He is finest suited to a house with older kids who perceive how you can deal with him with respect.

Don’t overlook that he’s a herding breed and should have the tendency to chase or nip at kids. This ought to by no means be permitted! The Terv might or might not get together with cats.

He has a robust prey drive and can usually chase cats or different small furry animals in the open air. Still, some Tervs get alongside effectively with indoor cats if they’ve been raised collectively.

The Belgian Tervuren has high energy ranges and desires a lot more exercise than a stroll across the block. Choose this breed solely if you’re a high-energy one who enjoys lively everyday workout routines akin to working, bicycling, and climbing.

He’s effectively suited to simply about any dog sport or exercise you possibly can educate, together with agility, flyball, herding, obedience, rally, search and rescue, and monitoring.

Begin socialization and coaching early to profit from the Belgian Tervuren’s intelligence, fast studying potential, and drive. He is delicate to harsh corrections. Be agency, truthful, and constant, utilizing positive reinforcement strategies akin to reward, play, and meal rewards.

If your house has a yard, it needs to be securely fenced to forestall the dog from leaving the premises as well as forestall unusual dogs and different animals from getting into.

That doesn’t imply putting in an underground digital fence! If the Belgian Tervuren desires to go away the yard, a shock isn’t going to cease him.

This is an indoor/outside dog. While the Belgian Tervuren ought to have entry to a securely fenced yard the place he can run, he needs to be together with his family when they’re dwelling. He enjoys the company of people he is aware of.


There are 4 carefully associated breeds of Belgian Shepherd collectively known as ‘Chien de Berger Belge’, which had been labeled as unbiased breeds in 1891.

All are herding and guard dogs, and are primarily distinguished by their appearances: the Malinois has brief hair, the Laekenois (not at the moment acknowledged by the American Kennel Club) has wiry hair, the Groenendael (additionally recognized merely because of the ‘Belgian Shepherd’) has long, black hair, and the Tervuren has a long hair of some other color.

The Tervuren has named after the Belgian city of Tervuren the place it was developed.

It was acknowledged by the American Kennel Club in 1918, however, practically went extinct before World War II. Recently, it has loved reasonable recognition as a flexible breed and glorious herder.

Belgian Tervuren

Belgian Tervuren Temperament and Personality

Alert, watchful, and energetic, the Tervuren is a lively and reliable companion that features finest when given everyday psychological and bodily train.

Tervurens take pleasure in enjoying and working outside and will be well-mannered companions inside as long as they’re given enough train. They are good and obedient, however unbiased.

They are aloof with strangers and will be protecting their families. They might nip on the heels of kids in and try and herd them.

The Belgian Tervuren is understood for its intelligence and biddability, in addition to clever humorousness. As a herding breed, the Tervuren was bred to work across the farm.

Although the average Tervuren at the moment doesn’t dwell on a farm, his heritage makes him a really lively dog that requires everyday train and psychological stimulation.

The Tervuren is a dog that wants a job, whether or not that’s biking, jogging, or kayaking together with his owner or coaching in any variety of dog sports activities.

A bored Tervuren that doesn’t get sufficient train is prone to take issues into his personal paws, and, as a medium-size dog, he can do a variety of damage.

The Tervuren learns in a short time, making him a great candidate for dog sports activities akin to agility, obedience, herding, monitoring, or musical freestyle.

You will discover that your Tervuren enjoys attempting new issues and is raring to please. Be conscious that this pace of studying may also be utilized to undesirable behaviors – the Tervuren is typically too good for his personal good!

When coaching your Tervuren, use a delicate contact and positive reinforcement akin to reward, toys, and meal rewards. If you might be truthful and constant, you can see that he absorbs classes in a short time.

Start coaching your pet the day you carry him dwelling. Even at eight weeks old, he’s able to soak up all the pieces you possibly can educate him. Don’t wait till he’s 6 months old to start coaching or you should have a more headstrong dog to take care of.

If possible, get him into pet kindergarten class by the point he’s 10 to 12 weeks old, and socialize, socialize, socialize. However, remember that many pet coaching lessons require sure vaccines (like kennel cough) to be updated, and lots of veterinarians suggest restricted publicity to different dogs and public locations till pet vaccines (together with rabies, distemper, and parvovirus) have been accomplished.

In lieu of formal coaching, you possibly can start coaching your pet at dwelling and socializing him amongst family and pals till pet vaccines are accomplished.

The socialization process by no means ends with a Tervuren, however the more that he’s uncovered to securely at a younger age, the much less likely it that he’ll present worry or skittishness as an older dog. These experiences as a younger pup will assist him to grow into a peaceful, smart adult.

Around the home, you may discover that your Tervuren tends to comply with you from room to room, all the time retaining observe of the place people are and what they’re doing.

He likes to be concerned and can attempt to “help” no matter what you are doing. While he ought to all the time be tolerant of strangers, the Tervuren often bonds carefully with just a few people and is more aloof with people he doesn’t know.

The Tervuren will be good with kids and small animals akin to cats if they’re raised collectively, however you will need to keep in mind that he’s a high-energy herding dog.

Nips and roughhousing shouldn’t be tolerated. It is vital to coach kids about how you can correctly behave around your dog — he’s prone to nip if his tail or ears are pulled.

The Tervuren is finest with older kids that perceive dogs and deal with them with respect. The Tervuren is mostly wonderful with cats in a managed setting, but when the cat takes off work, all bets are off.

Start coaching your pet the day you carry him dwelling. Even at eight weeks old, he’s able to absorb all the pieces you possibly can educate him. Do not wait till he’s six months old to start coaching, or you should have a headstrong dog in your arms.

When searching for a Tervuren pet, you’ll want to speak together with your breeder and, if possible, meet each parent of the litter. Breeders have a wealth of data in regards to the breed and their explicit dogs and can do their finest to match you with the pet that most closely fits your lifestyle.

The breeder must also let you meet the parents of your pet and any close relations she might need in her family. This is vital for getting a really feel for what your pet can be like as an adult and likewise for gauging temperament. The parents need to be pleasant and have been correctly socialized from puppyhood.

Belgian Tervuren Care

The Terv wants strenuous exercise, both a long stroll or jog or an invigorating play or work session every single day. This breed particularly enjoys herding, which is the best train. The double coat wants brushing and brushing twice weekly, more usually when shedding.

Belgian Tervurens have a variety of energy (they’re described by the AKC as “always moving”), so whereas they will completely make unbelievable family dogs, it’s vital that they get enough bodily and psychological stimulation they require.

Even pampered family Tervs love onerous work, so difficult activities like agility and coursework are a favorite.

Because they also love spending time with their people, getting a Belgian Tervuren engaged with sports activities is a superb method to each fulfill their train wants and strengthen their relationship with their caregivers.

This isn’t to say {that a} Terv won’t happily loosen up on the sofa at the end of the day, however they do require caretakers who prioritize train and can be sure they get sufficient of it.

Belgian Tervuren

Training a Tervuren isn’t simply simple—it’s additionally just about a requirement for a contented dog. Tervs excel in obedience training and do require socialization coaching at a younger age to make sure they will behave around different dogs (these steadfast personalities don’t all the time translate effectively to dog friendships without correct socialization). Use coaching as a manner to offer Belgian Tervurens with an extra train outlet, and stick with positive reinforcement strategies for best outcomes.

As for grooming, all that fur in a Terv’s double layer coat has to go someplace, which implies frequent brushings could also be required, notably throughout their once-or-more-a-year shedding seasons.

Brushings will be pared right down to as soon as per week or so throughout the remainder of the year, although it’s endorsed that they keep a regular incidence.

In addition to brushings, Tervs require the same different grooming duties as different dogs, together with nail trims, ear cleaning, and regular dental care.

Belgian Tervuren Health

Major considerations: seizures
Minor considerations: CHD, elbow dysplasia, allergy symptoms, hypothyroidism, PRA
Occasionally seen: PPM, pannus, cataract, hemangiosarcoma
Suggested checks: hip, eye, elbow
Life span: 10–12 years

Belgian Tervuren Grooming

The Belgian Tervuren’s harsh double coat sheds dust, however, he’ll need a radical brushing a few times per week to take away lifeless hair. This will take about 15 to 20 minutes.

Have grooming instruments akin to a medium-size pin brush, slicker brush, undercoat rake, and a mat comb available. He sheds closely a few times a year and can need more frequent brushing throughout these instances to control the quantity of unfastened hair floating around. There can be a lot of it!

He shouldn’t need a shower fairly often (except he rolls in one thing smelly), however, heat baths throughout the shedding season might help take away lifeless hair.

Trim his nails as wanted — weekly for puppies and month-to-month typically for adults — and preserve the ears clear and dry to forestall infections. Proper dental hygiene can be vital. Brush the teeth steadily for general health and recent breath.

Belgian Tervuren Diet and Nutrition

Belgian Tervurens, like most dogs, do their finest on a high-quality, high-protein diet. Be positive to tailor your dog’s diet to suit their particular wants, for instance, their age, exercise level, and any related health traits.

Tervs needs to be getting sufficient train to offset weight achieve, however for those who discover your Tervuren gaining weight you’ll both wish to reduce back on their everyday energy or speak to your vet—a wholesome weight is necessary for long and wholesome life.

Belgian Tervuren


When you have a look at a Belgian Tervuren, your first impression is considered one of magnificence. This is a medium-sized dog with a square construct, a wedge-shaped head carried proudly, dark-brown eyes which can be barely almond-shaped, prick ears, and an intelligent, questioning expression that signifies he is all the time prepared for motion.

The Belgian Tervuren has a double coat that’s brief on the top and the front of the legs. The opening of the ear is protected by tufts of hair. A collarette of longer hair surrounds the neck and is very ample on males. In other areas the place the hair is longer in the back of the legs and the tail.

A Belgian Tervuren’s coat is a lovely wealthy fawn-to-russet mahogany with a black overlay, which means the tip of every fawn hair is black. A Terv’s coat sometimes darkens with age.

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