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Catahoula Mountain Dog

Known as Louisiana’s “hog dog”, the Catahoula Mountain Dog is a particularly hard-working animal without a lot of fear. This breed has distinguishing options of speckled coats that may be a range of various colors, haunting “cracked” eyes, and a hard-working disposition.

Catahoula Mountain Dog profile

While it’s unknown the precise origin of the Catahoula, it’s believed that the breed was initially found in Northern Louisiana by settlers who wanted to drive wild hogs off the land.

Considering these dogs have been bred to drive wild hogs and cattle to the slaughterhouse, it’s no shock that they’re wiry and fearless. However, it might be stunning to see their “clownish” and good-natured aspects.

The Catahoula Mountain Dog is a great family dog, very loyal and protecting of their family. Yet, there are some issues that ought to be famous about their personality.

Because these dogs are bred to tackle wild creatures, it ought to come as no shock that they have an inclination to have an aggressive personality in the direction of issues they aren’t aware of.

For instance, Catahoula’s are barely cautious of strangers and make fairly a deal of time before they trust anybody new.

It is essential to keep in mind that this breed could be aggressive in the direction of unknown dogs, so by no means stroll one without a leash. Catahoula Leopard Dogs need a robust, and agency leader who will practice them with a decision, but sort hand.

While these dogs are thought-about more work animals than pets, they nonetheless make a great addition to the family if you’re on the lookout for an intelligent companion.

Catahoula Mountain Dog


The Catahoula originated in Louisiana someplace close to Catahoula Lake. The name Catahoula Mountain Dogis assumed to have been taken from the Choctaw Indian phrase for “lake”.

Regardless of what the name means and the place it got here from, the Catahoula Mountain Dog actually lives as much as the “leopard” a part of his name. With a coat that is speckled throughout in a number of totally different colors, it isn’t obscure why this breed took on that individual name.

Sometimes generally known as the Catahoula Cur, Catahoula Leopard Cur, and the Catahoula Hound, this breed’s name was formally modified to the Louisiana Catahoula Mountain Dog when it turned the state dog for Louisiana in 1979. In 1976, the Louisiana Catahoula Cur Association was fashioned.

This organization, and some others, work collectively to point out the breed’s distinctive skills via reveals, clinics, trials, and testing together with occasions reminiscent of Treeing, Hog Bay, Cow Bay, and Cow Trials.

The excessive intelligence and independence of this breed make them wondrous work dogs and excellent for jobs reminiscent of herding livestock.


The look of the Catahoula is simply as placing as their personality. These medium-sized dogs sometimes have a medium-length double-layer coat that is available in quite a few colors. From black to a yellow merle, the Mountain Dog has a leopard pattern that has a base of 1 coloration with spots of 1 or more colors.

They can have detailed factors above the eyes, chest, cheeks, legs, tail, and underbody. A Catahoula Mountain Dog’s eyes are additionally extraordinarily distinctive.

The colors can fluctuate in quite a few other ways and it isn’t unusual to discover a Catahoula Leopard Dog that has two totally different colored eyes; there’s even one thing known as “cracked” eyes that happens on this breed, the place one single eye could be a number of totally different colors.

Catahoula Mountain Dog Temperament

While this breed shouldn’t be aggressive to his family and different people, he could be in the direction of different animals that he may even see as a risk.

The Catahoula was bred to drive out wild hogs and herd wild cows; due to this, he has a really robust work ethic and isn’t about to back right down to something.

Providing correct socialization and ready time to your dog to adapt to any new scenario or particular person is one of the simplest ways to make sure that no aggression will kind.

The Catahoula Mountain Dog ought to be an alert, but light breed when around different people and pets. One of probably the most high-quality traits this breed has is the loyalty and safety it supplies for the family.

This is a wonderful dog to have around youngsters and isn’t solely a companion however a great working dog at heart. The Catahoula Mountain Dog shouldn’t be for the faint of heart and requires a firm and powerful leader to guide him.

If you might be on the lookout for your first dog, whereas the Catahoula Mountain Dog is a tremendous breed, he might not be the best choice to study on. Careful coaching and a firm, but sort hand can be required to boost this dog.

The Catahoula Mountain Dog’s impartial, hardworking spirit is what makes him such a fascinating breed as we speak. Activity Level Low Medium High Rec. Walk Mileage Per Week 14 miles Minutes of Activity Per Day 90 minutes Catahoula Leopard Do.

Catahoula Mountain Dog

Catahoula Mountain Dog Care

The upkeep level for the Catahoula Mountain Dog is comparatively low. A fast brushing as soon as per week is sufficient to maintain this breed’s coat shiny and clear.

While they might need a shower if particularly soiled, sometimes you’ll solely need to wash a Catahoula Mountain Dog may be a few occasions a year.

Just like all dogs, this breed will shed frivolously to reasonably all year round and due to this fact isn’t thought-about hypoallergenic. The shedding shouldn’t be an issue nonetheless if regular brushing happens.

Besides brushing and bathing, you’ll want to clean your dog’s teeth a pair of times per week to take away any tartar buildup, because the Catahoula Mountain Dogis vulnerable to dental illness. Trim nails a few occasions a month as wanted and verify the ears weekly to take away any particles which may be inside.

Because the Catahoula Mountain Dog has floppy ears, it’s simpler for micro organism, moisture, and mites to create irritation and an infection contained in the ear. So regular cleaning and checkups will assist to lower the possibility of ear issues later down the street.

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